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Rev. Aaron Weaver Knight Journal - Genealogy of Lancaster County ...
Aaron Knight . . . . ..b1740/50 died 1820). Mother (Elizabeth Stanley) Horton died Feb 22 1851 (mo of Rev Knight's wf, Winifred). William Mosley and Nancy ...
Aaron W. Knight | Facebook
Aaron W. Knight is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Aaron W. Knight and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and ...
Chesterfield County, South Carolina | Learn |
1840-1920: The Diary of Aaron W. Knight: a Collection of Marriages and Deaths, 1840-1920, Chesterfield County, S.C., Indexed by Aaron W. Knight FHL ...
Aaron Weaver Knight - Pigg Genealogy
Aaron Knight died February 6, 1851. Mother Horton died February 22, 1851. William Mosley and Nancy Sowell married October 19, 1851. John Johnson died  ...
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Descendants of John Sloan - Freepages
AARON KNIGHT; b. July 17, 1813, Wayne County, Georgia; d. April 27, 1887, Lowndes. County, Georgia. Notes for NANCY ANN SLOAN: Children: John W.
board and general membership meeting - SCSPLS- South Carolina ...
Oct 1, 2013 ... Aaron W. Knight. Nickey H. Lewis, Jr. John K. Lineberger. Jesse M. Muckerman. Todd C. Phillips. John B. Smith. ELECTION RESuLTS 2013-14 ...
3. Sierra Knight. 3. W/S Halmhuber/Anderson. 3. Aaron/Kaitlyn Bauer. 3. Lindzie Gibson. 4. Nicole/Logan Boulier. 4. M/M/M Demmer. 4. B&S/M Gustafson/Dimon.
arrests 10-06-2013
Oct 6, 2013 ... 24. 10/6/2013 OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER. DULL, AARON W ... 19. 10/4/2013 OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER. KNIGHT, GREGORY A. 19.
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Find hidden profiles and photos for Aaron W Knight across MySpace, Facebook and 40+ networks.


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Fan recreates Dark Knight Rises Poster in Minecraft [w/VIDEO]
Fans literally can create whatever they want in Minecraft. The Dark Knight Rises poster is easily one of the best things created. See the video here and how close it looks!
John Aaron
On looking youthful and keeping up with technologyTags:de58w2
INTERVIEW: Aaron Eckhart of The Dark Knight
Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and luckily I was able to talk to him about the film and his work on the project.
Bane Versus Batman [w/PICS & VID]
Incredible first look at The Dark Knight squaring up against his latest adversary.
Interview w/ Pandora Radio’s Community Manager, Aaron
Handling social media inquiries is a rewarding experience if you understand how to navigate the whirlwind of information that approaches at any given moment. No one knows how to handle that whirlwind better than Aaron M., the Community Manager for Pandora Radio. I had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron after corresponding with him on Pandora’s official Twitter (and after experiencing an incredible result of his customer service — but more on that a little later). Here’s what he had to say about his job, his employer, and his favorite Pandora stations.
It’s Official: Aaron Eckhart Won’t Be In The Dark Knight Rises
Chris and I had a meeting, on the beach, just the two of us," Eckhart told MTV News at the red carpet premiere of his new film, "Rabbit Hole." "I said, 'Chris, a lot of people are asking me if I'm in the next 'Batman.' And Chris said, 'Yes?' I said, 'Am I?' He looked at me and he said, 'No.'
Aaron Eckhart On Analogy Between Batman And Bush - Movie New
"Dark Knight" star Aaron Eckhart downplays the analogy made by the Wall Street Journal and others comparing Batman to George W. Bush.
Warner Bros. to Rent Movies Digitally on Facebook, Starting w/ 'Dark Knight'
The studio, which says it is the first to offer movies directly on the social media site, aims to roll out additional titles over the coming months.
5 Childhood TV Show Favorites I'd Re-Boot (w/Videos) | I Can Has Internets
Everything from my childhood is being re-booted nowadays; Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Knight Rider... The list goes on and on. From the small screen, to the silver screen. In no particular order, here are 5 stand outs from your childhood that we'd like to see puked up again.
The Future of Social Media in Journalism
This series is supported by Gist. Gist provides a full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details. See how it works here.The future of social media in journalism will see the death of social media. That is, all media as we know it today will become social, and feature a social component to one extent or another. After all, much of the web experience, particularly in the way we consume content, is becoming social and personalized.But more importantly, these social tools are inspiring readers to become citizen journalists by enabling them to easily publish and share information on a greater scale. The future journalist will be more embedded with the community than ever, and news outlets will build their newsrooms to focus on utilizing the community and enabling its members to be enrolled as correspondents. Bloggers will no longer be just bloggers, but be relied upon as more credible sources. Here are some trends we are noticing, and we would love to hear your thoughts and observations in the comments below.Collaborative ReportingReporting has always in some ways been a collaborative process between journalists and their sources. But increasingly, theres a merger between the source and the content producer. As a result, more journalism will happen through collaborative reporting, where the witness of the news becomes the reporter, says David Clinch, editorial director for Storyful and a consultant for Skype. Journalists, Clinch says, must be able to pivot quickly between the idea of using the community as a source of news and as the audience for news, because they are both.This requires a shift in the mindset of journalists, who are used to deciding what news is and how it is covered, produced and distributed, said Alfred Hermida, professor of integrated journalism at the University of British Columbia. Social media by its very definition is a participatory medium, Hermida said. There is a potential for greater engagement and connection with the community, but only if journalists are open to ceding a degree of editorial control to the community.For those who involve the community in the reporting process, the payoff can be great. A noteworthy example is the way the newly launched, a news startup in Washington D.C., has integrated social media and enlisted a community of bloggers into the newsgathering and production process, creating a collaborative reporting environment. This has allowed them to lay claim to several local scoops, said Liz Heron, social media producer at The New York Times. Heron also says TBDs engaged community gave them an edge in reporting the Discovery Channel hostage situation.The fact is, whether to the detriment of news gathering or to its benefit, there is no longer a need for journalists to provide 90% of the daily coverage in local communities, says Susan Mernit, Founder of Oakland Local, a community news startup. A lot of this can be done by enlisting a community of intelligent contributors who are already doing their own reporting using social media.Journalists need to give up their self-adoration as the authority on the topics they write about, said Michele McLellan, a journalist and consultant who works primarily with the Knight Foundation and Knight Digital Center. Members of any community are the experts in what they are experiencing and seeing on given topics.McLellan said journalists would be better suited by developing skills to fill the information gaps, offering broader perspective and context on the information, and fostering conversation around it.Journalists as Community ManagersJournalism has often been done from the top of a mountain journalists would tell the community what they need to know. Today, much of the news has become a conversation, and journalists are being required to do as much listening to the community as they broadcast to them. The voices in the community were always there, but were often lost at neighborhood meetings and forums. Now, many of these conversations are taking place online, and journalists will more than ever need to think from the start of their reporting about what conversations need to take place as well as what platforms will foster those conversations, McLellan said. Journalists will no longer focus exclusively on gathering information and producing a story. Now theyre managing and amplifying the conversations the community is having; conversations that will happen with or without them. Of course, a recent example of this is the community sharing information on the Boulder fires in Colorado.Journalists are going to have to get the conversation ethic down if they want their work to penetrate the noisy web, McLellan said.Though journalists are taking on new skill sets like programming and multimedia production, more journalists will need to have a grasp on community engagement and developing news conversationally with readers, said C.W. Anderson, assistant professor of media culture at City University in New York (CUNY). Sure, many news organizations are hiring full-time community or social media managers to focus on just that, but in the future, it may very well be at the core of the journalism process, integrated into traditional beat work.The Social BeatA journalists future beat of coverage and rolodex of contacts will, and in many cases already does, include the social web. Its becoming the center of where readers are pointed to news and perhaps more notably where the community shares or creates their own news. Mernit from Oakland Local, said their community uses Facebook to send them information to redistribute. People dont send me e-mails, they tag me in a note, she said.Because for many people social sites have become their landing page for news, journalists have to find ways to integrate their editorial role into the streams, and not just be off to the side on another platform, said Clinch of Storyful. Powerful journalism can take place on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube, he said.Social StoriesThe social story interaction the way users engage content is entering into the consciousness of news editors and producers as they think through the outline of a story. It could very well be that well see more stories that have deep social integration, especially for in-depth and crowd-sourced pieces. Journalists have always created story packages for different platforms, says Hermida, but the difference with social platforms is that they are shared spaces and so the stories there are more open and collaborative, challenging journalists prevailing dogma of we write, you read.For now, many of the examples include using social content as part of a story, such as CNNs visualization of what World Cup fans were saying on Twitter. Taking social data and conversation and making sense of it will likely become more streamlined, and perhaps even more accessible to those besides major news organizations who have the resources to develop such packages.One of the challenges with the social stream as a means for news consumption is that it often lacks context a challenge on the web in general. Its likely that taking a fresh approach to publishing this information may help provide that context, which is something newly-launched sites like Intersect are trying to accomplish. They are enabling the community to share stories that are attached to a time and a place and showcase that information on a timeline that intersects with peoples stories.Other companies, like Context Optional, are jumping into the social market to help publishers create more compelling content on social platforms, specifically rich-media posts on Facebook. This includes wall posts that are more than just blurb text and a link with a thumbnail, but also interactive polls and interactive flash displays.Online Curation for a Time-Poor AudienceJournalists will also have social content creation more integrated into their workflow, whether that means creating content for specific platforms, or using the content from that platform for the purposes of curation. One of the challenges is giving writers and producers tools that they can use to pull disparate elements into stories from Twitter, YouTube and other sources beyond just text from wires, Clinch said. Thats why Clinch is working on Storyful, which uses professional curators to gather social and web content and produce a story out of it. Here is an example of a curated stream from Storyful that uses a combination of reports and social information available:Journalists must be able to professionally and responsibly curate events in real time, Clinch said. This is not just about curating real-time content from Twitter and other sources but also the ability to pull in context and even commentary in a way that helps the audience understand what is happening.Anderson from CUNY said the big difference between curation as it once was and what it is now, is that that it is done online, in public. And despite there being less original reporting, he thinks, or maybe just hopes, that the decrease in original fact gathering can be made up through smart curation. This enables journalists to play the role of a trusted guide, says Hermida, which means applying journalistic skill to help the audience negotiate the wealth of information now available.In a world of news and information, there is a role of a professional who can curate this for a time-poor audience, Hermida said.The Social Network as the New EditorThough journalists clearly have a role in curating web content and making sense of the noise, slowly a new player is emerging to fulfill the role as a partial news editor. That player is the social network of the reader and consumer. Whether it is the people that a reader follows on Twitter or a new iPad application that helps visualize news being shared in the social space, each of these personalized social news streams are helping readers decide what they need to read.Platforms like Twitter can turn our social network into our editor, Hermida said. Once this role was the preserve of a newspaper editor, who decided what the public should read that morning. Now people can turn to their social networks to find out, what do my friends or people I respect think I should read about this morning.Clinch says news agencies must find a way to incorporate and reference the social news wire into their products, or they will continue to lose customers.Beyond Twitter & FacebookNews organizations that have embraced social media have largely done so as a distribution channel, focusing on Facebook and Twitter because of the referral traffic that the platforms provide to their sites. But as news outlets realize the value is not only measured in clicks, but in an engaged and participating audience, they will look to take advantage of other platforms, and perhaps more importantly, other online communities. The buzz, of course, is out there: Will it be Tumblr? Foursquare? Whats next? And should we be everywhere? At what cost?Heron, from The New York Times, said she thinks more media companies will start developing special content for Tumblr. Its a very visual platform that allows more in-depth engagement than Facebook or Twitter, and journalists will have to do something special to distinguish their tumblogs from their existing websites or blogs. Of course, many news organizations, most infamously Newsweek, have jumped on the platform to stake their claim and build an audience there. Many of the tumblogs focus on specific subjects, such as ProPublicas Officials Say the Darndest Things.Monetizing SocialThough many news organizations would like to engage readers across many social platforms, the missing link is often justifying such resources that arent always easy to monetize, says Mathilde Piard, social media manager at Cox Media Group. Its all fine and nice to deliver the news in a way thats targeted to social platforms, but weve got to find a way to monetize that if were using these social platforms for more than just driving traffic back to our sites, Piard said.For many outlets, however, the justification is an increase in traffic, which they can then sell ads for on their site. But what about taking advantage of the platforms specifically?There certainly have been experiments, such as Minnpost.coms Real Time Ads, which sells a local businesses widget space to display their Twitter feed. This way, the business directly controls what is displayed on the site and the advertising has the potential to be more effective because of its social nature and users can engage it. Plus, the local business gets its social accounts exposed to a larger audience and is able to build a lasting relationship with readers.Another option that has potential is in-stream advertising from companies like, which is mostly known for celebrity-endorsed tweets, but also includes an API that enables publishers to monetize their mobile apps through targeted in-stream ads. Notable users of the service include Newsweek. Though its cost-per-share model isnt likely to solve any news organizations revenue issues, the amount advertisers are spending on social media is projected to grow. Experimenting with platforms and user-reactions to social advertising is becoming increasingly important.A Social Newsroom and the Personal BrandMore newsrooms are hiring community engagers and social media producers. Its not unlikely that the future newsroom will be filled with socially savvy personnel whose full-time job is to keep track of the pulse in the community.Were already seeing that with the Guardians network of science blogs, but more newsrooms will put resources into figuring out how to work with the community, not against it. This will also likely be made easier with sites like Ebyline coming into the mix, which simplify the relationship between publishers and a network of freelancers. This isnt just about news organizations struggling to cover the community, but also that the brand, expertise and in some cases credibility is shifting toward the individual and away from the institution. Social platforms present journalists with an opportunity to create and develop their brand[s] based on the value they bring to the network, Hermida said.A Mobile Social ExperienceWith more users getting their news via mobile, journalists are able to take the social experience with them. News organizations are able to provide more than just another news distribution channel, but a platform where users can engage on multiple levels.At the Oakland Local, modifying content to accommodate content interaction and consumption via mobile is becoming integrated into the production process, says Mernit, the sites founder. Mernit says they are increasingly looking at not only content production and how it will be consumed on mobile, but also to support two-way interaction and contributions from the community.Mobile is certainly helping journalists quickly produce content on-the-go. Though the app of choice on mobile could change quickly, right now it is of course Twitter, says McLellan, that is enabling journalists to easily update readers with news in real-time.Other mobile tools are enabling journalists to carry a multimedia production studio in their pocket, Hermida said. For example, he said, the 1st Video iPhone app from Vericoder enables journalists to shoot and edit video and audio, and create an audio slideshow, which can be uploaded directly into a newsrooms production system. As news organizations develop mobile applications, theyll include features that enable the community to contribute on the go, just as easily as the journalists.The way readers experience news and information is changing with mobile as well. Heron from The New York Times said news organizations could use augmented reality apps to help people at Fashion Week, for example, to discover hot spots for user tweets and location-based checkins and information about designers there.What are your thoughts on the future of social media and journalism? Add them in the comments below. Series supported by GistThis series is supported by Gist. Gist keeps you better informed with less effort by giving you a full view of your professional network in one place bringing together information from across the web for all your contacts giving you the right information at the right moment to get a meeting, deliver an amazing pitch, or just find a better way to make a connection.More Social Media Resources from Mashable: - How CEOs are Using Social Media for Real Results - How Small Businesses Will Use Social Media in the Future - How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results - How Freelancers Might Use Social Media in the Future - How Salespeople Are Using Social Media for Real ResultsImage courtesy of iStockphoto, enot-poloskunMore About: alfred hermida, bloggers, community managers, context optional, digital media, facebook, future of social media series, journalism, Journalist, multimedia, oakland local, reporting, social media, storyful, tbd, twitterFor more Social Media coverage:Follow Mashable Social Media on TwitterBecome a Fan on FacebookSubscribe to the Social Media channelDownload our free apps for iPhone and iPad
Former Wartburg wrestling champ Aaron Wernimont dies in Indiana
According to Wartburg co-head coach Eric Keller, two-time NCAA champion Aaron Wernimont died Tuesday in Bloomington ... was a three-time all-American for the Knights. He won his final 80 collegiate matches, including the 157-pound national titles in ...
North Dakota beats W. Michigan, 3-1
Michael Parks, Corban Knight and Brock Nelson scored for North Dakota in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Western Michigan to advance to today’s regional finals. Aaron Dell made 25 saves for UND, which wore new jerseys for the first time with the ...
Prep basketball: CIF State championships preview and schedule
La Costa Canyon Mavericks-Carlsbad (34-2), 8 p.m. The Monarchs are defending champions and led by 6-foot-7 junior Aaron Gordon ... Salesian Pride-Richmond (33-2) vs. Price Knights-Los Angeles (26-8), 1:30 p.m. Salesian, top ranked in Northern ...
Monday prep scores
Curtis Baptist–Aaron Spurlock, Sam Johnson (7) and Christian Reid. W–DeWitt (3-0). L–Spurlock (1-2 ... 2B–Kinard 2 (SB), Haley Key 2 (SB), Jasmine Squirewell (SB), Sam Knight (SB), Frye (SB). 3B-Key (SB). Leading Hitters: Silver ...
Guerin Catholic defeats Norwell 64-48 for 3A crown
"They made wonderful passes and we got Adam and Aaron to finish around the basket." Midway through the third quarter, Rapp scored two free throws to give the Golden Eagles a 34-28 lead. The Knights came ... Burrough 0-0 0-0 0, W. Rapp 4-6 4-4 13, Brennan ...
Parkway duo in frame for trip to Cullompton
Parkway (from): M Piper, J Heveran, M Bonney, W Stringer, D Zalick ... C Farnham, L Kittle, D Knight, R Lucassi, K Smith, P McAdam DEPARTED top scorer Aaron Hulme is the only change for Plymstock United as they prepare for the trip to Foxhole Stars ...
Hot Shots win Special Olympics title
The head coach is Dee Dee Vasquez with Aaron Pineda as the assistant ... and a 2K fun walk and run will begin at Crown Point’s old courthouse at N. Court and W. Joliet Streets and run through the city’s neighborhoods. Event coordinators expect 2,000 ...
Sluggish start, mistakes doom WMU hockey in 3-1 loss to North Dakota in NCAA tournament
Corban Knight put UND ahead, 2-0 ... Despite the slow start, the Broncos found life when O’Kane fired a goal past UND goalie Aaron Dell 12:57 into the second period. The forward’s goal was set up by fellow senior Derek Roehl, who made ...
Defensive award winners in OHL announced
Photo: Oshawa Generals goaltender Daniel Altshuller posted the best goals-against average among OHL rookie goaltenders (Aaron Bell/OHL Images ... Festarini of the Niagara IceDogs, and the F.W “Dinty” Moore Trophy for the Rookie Goalie with the Best ...
Smale on county duty as Villa play host to Morwenstow
Jamie Court (groin) and Aaron Rockey are definitely missing but Ben Waters, who made a scoring return to Bere, is included in the squad. Bere Alston (from): J Dixon, M Wheeler, M Curtis, D Follett, M Cornew, C Bray, W Westlake, P Simpson, J Cordice ...
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