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Alfred Matthew Hubbard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alfred Matthew Hubbard (July 24, 1901–August 31, 1982) was an early proponent for the drug LSD during the 1950s. He is reputed to have been the " Johnny ...
The Original Captain Trips - Who Was 'Captain' Al Hubbard?" - Rense
And if a cadre of associates had not recently agreed to open its files, Captain Alfred M. Hubbard might exist in death as he did in life--a man of mirrors and ...
Alfred M. Hubbard: Coil Generator - RexResearch
Alfred M. Hubbard, the youthful stormy petrel of the Seattle branch of the federal prohibition office, may possibly be the discoverer of at least the basic principle ...
Alfred Hubbard's Generator |
Alfred M. Hubbard, Seattle boy inventor of a device which for want of a better name he terms an “atmospheric power generator,” yesterday made good his ...
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Collective Bargaining Agreement - National Council on Teacher ...
Alfred Hubbard - Vice President - Senior High School. Willie Brewer- Vice President - Junior High School. Lorraine Smith - Vice President - Elementary School.
B.B.#200 - City of St. Louis, MO
Committee Substitute - City of St. Louis, MO
Oct 4, 2013 ... Sponsors: Alderwoman Hubbard, Alderman Wessels, ... HUBBARD, ALDERMAN ALFRED WESSELS, ALDERMAN JEFFREY BOYD,.
B.B.#199 - City of St. Louis, MO
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Brain Scans Can Predict How You'll React to a Movie Scene
September 9, 2010Brain Scans Can Predict How You'll React to a Movie SceneSource: GizmodoCRASH! A deafening roar and the cinema screen explodes with light. The scene is certainly startling, but is this movie stirring up the right emotional reactions deep down? Rather than ask your opinion, it's now possible to cut out the middleman and go straight to your brain for the verdict.This new approach, known as neurocinematics, is beginning to make itself felt in movie-making and could one day help regulatory bodies implement appropriate age restrictions on films.Neurocinematics is a term coined by Uri Hasson at Princeton University, who was among the first to investigate how the brain responds to movies using an fMRI brain scanner.His team looked at the similarity in the brain responses of a group of viewers to different types of films. When volunteers watched a section of Alfred Hitchcock's Bang! You're Dead, for example, they found that about 65 per cent of the frontal cortex - the part of the brain involved in attention and perception - was responding in the same way in all the viewers. Only 18 per cent of the cortex showed a similar response when the participants watched more free-form footage, of sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm (Projections, DOI: 10.3167/proj.2008.020102). The level of correlation between people indicates how much control the director has over the audience's experience, Hasson claims.Not all film-makers will be aiming for the highest levels of correlation among the audience, however. "Greater correlation doesn't mean the movie is better," Hasson notes. Some film-makers aim for the opposite - to leave the movie open to interpretation.Hasson's team also analysed the effects of scrambling the order of individual scenes. The group looked at correlations in patterns of brain activity across a group of people watching either a regular version of a film or one composed of the same shots shuffled around.A coherent scene structure was needed to achieve the highest correlation of activity between viewers in parts of the brain involved in extracting meaning (The Journal of Neuroscience, vol 28, p 2539). A similar technique could help a film editor work out how effective different edits are for an audience's understanding of a film.Phil Carlsen and Devon Hubbard at neuromarketing company MindSign in San Diego, California, are also using fMRI to see how active different parts of a viewer's brain are during a screening (see diagram). Among other things, knowing which areas are activated when you see your leading lady or man could inform future casting decisions. "You can see which area of the brain is activated when you see Ben Stiller's face," says Carlsen.He reckons his company can also identify what the brain of a captivated viewer looks like, depending on the aim of the scene. As a general rule, an "engaged" brain will have high levels of activity in areas involved in processing sound and images. And if a person is watching a good horror movie, for example, you'd expect to see more activity in the amygdala - the part of the brain that responds to threats. On the other hand, a scene which inspires compassion will activate the insula, says Carlsen. "If you look at a cute puppy we see activation of the insula," he says. "But if that puppy's head explodes, the amygdala's activity increases and activity in the insula drops."Another key area is the ventromedial prefrontal cortex - part of the brain thought to be involved in self-awareness. "That's a very specific area that we feel should 'light up' if the goal of your movie is to connect with people," says Carlsen. He says this is because it is involved with linking what's happening on the screen with your personal feelings.Brain scans can also aid modern film technologies: Carlsen and Hubbard scanned volunteers' brains while they watched scenes from the movie Avatar in either 2D or 3D. When the viewers used old-fashioned red and blue 3D glasses, their brain scans suggested they were less engaged in the film than when modern polarised glasses were used. 3D movie-makers seem to be on to a good thing though - 3D scenes increased general brain activation compared with 2D, says Carlsen.Neurocinematics has the potential to revolutionise the way films are made, says Ron Wright of neuromarketing firm Sands Research. "It's definitely impacting television production and commercials, so it is logical that it will pass into film."That may be a boon for directors of big-budget movies: "We can't replace the film-maker, but we can measure the impact of what he did," says Hasson.MindSign is already in the business of improving movie scenes and trailers using neurocinematics. Remember the latest Harry Potter movie trailer? That might be because MindSign helped to develop the most brain-engaging version possible to tempt you to the cinema. The team showed potential trailers to a group of individuals to identify which version caused the greatest brain activity, and flagged scenes that were interpreted as dull by apparently disinterested brains.This technology could also be used to change the way ratings are assigned to movies. When Carlsen's colleagues at MindSign showed R-rated and General Audience-rated trailers (equivalent to the UK's 15 and U ratings, respectively) to a group of adults while scanning their brains, they noted levels of activity in areas involved in disgust were the same - and sometimes higher - when watching the General Audience trailers. The team hopes to discuss the results with the Motion Picture Association of America, which rates movies in the US.While commercial firms are keeping details of the technology confidential, the arena is growing fast: "The US Advertising Research Foundation is pulling together regulatory standards and a quality consult," says Wright. "The field is becoming more serious.- Jessica Hamzelou
Candian Distance Calcaltor
Many People Wanna Distance Calculator . My Friend Just Make A Canadian Distance Calculator . 100 Mile House, British Columbia2: 108 Mile House, British Columbia3: 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia4: 150 Mile House, British Columbia5: Abbey, Saskatchewan6: Abbotsford, British Columbia7: Aberarder, Ontario8: Abercorn, Quebec9: Aberdeen, Saskatchewan10: Abernethy, Saskatchewan11: Abitibi Canyon, Ontario12: Acadia Valley, Alberta13: Acme, Alberta14: Acton, Ontario15: Acton Vale, Quebec16: Adamsville, Quebec17: Adolphustown, Ontario18: Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia19: Agassiz, British Columbia20: Agassiz Provincial Forest, Manitoba21: Aguanish, Quebec22: Ahousat, British Columbia23: Ailsa Craig, Ontario24: Airdrie, Alberta25: Ajax, Ontario26: Aklavik, Northwest Territories27: Alameda, Saskatchewan28: Alban, Ontario29: Albanel, Quebec30: Albert, New Brunswick31: Albert Mines, New Brunswick32: Alberta Beach, Alberta33: Alberton, Prince Edward Island34: Alder Flats, Alberta35: Aldergrove, British Columbia36: Alderville First Nation, Ontario37: Alert Bay, British Columbia38: Alexander, Manitoba39: Alexandria, Ontario40: Alexis Creek, British Columbia41: Alfred, Ontario42: Algoma Mills, Ontario43: Alida, Saskatchewan44: Alix, Alberta45: Alkali Lake, British Columbia46: Allan, Saskatchewan47: Allardville, New Brunswick48: Alliance, Alberta49: Alliston, Ontario50: Alma, New Brunswick51: Alma, Quebec52: Almonte, Ontario53: Alonsa, Manitoba54: Alouette, Quebec55: Alsask, Saskatchewan56: Altario, Alberta57: Altona, Manitoba58: Alvena, Saskatchewan59: Alvinston, Ontario60: Amherst, Nova Scotia61: Amherstburg, Ontario62: Amos, Quebec63: Amqui, Quebec64: Ancaster, Ontario65: Andrew, Alberta66: Aneroid, Saskatchewan67: Angliers, Quebec68: Angus, Ontario69: Anjou, Quebec70: Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia71: Anse-Saint-Jean, Quebec72: Antigonish, Nova Scotia73: Anzac, Alberta74: Appleton, Newfoundland75: Apsley, Ontario76: Arborfield, Saskatchewan77: Arborg, Manitoba78: Archerwill, Saskatchewan79: Arcola, Saskatchewan80: Arden, Ontario81: Ardrossan, Alberta82: Argentia, Newfoundland83: Argyle, Nova Scotia84: Arichat, Nova Scotia85: Arkell, Ontario86: Arkona, Ontario87: Armagh, Quebec88: Armstrong, British Columbia89: Armstrong, Ontario90: Arnold`s Cove, Newfoundland91: Arnprior, Ontario92: Arrowwood, Alberta93: Arthur, Ontario94: Arundel, Quebec95: Arviat, Nunavut96: Asbestos, Quebec97: Ascot, Quebec98: Ascot Corner, Quebec99: Ashcroft, British Columbia100: Ashern, Manitoba101: Ashmont, Alberta102: Ashuapmushuan, Quebec103: Asquith, Saskatchewan104: Assiniboia, Saskatchewan105: Assumption, Alberta106: Aston-Jonction, Quebec107: Athabasca, Alberta108: Athens, Ontario109: Atikokan, Ontario110: Atlin, British Columbia111: Attawapiskat, Ontario112: Atwood, Ontario113: Auburn, Ontario114: Aurora, Ontario115: Austin, Manitoba116: Avola, British Columbia117: Avondale, Newfoundland118: Avonlea, Saskatchewan119: Avonmore, Ontario120: Ayer`s Cliff, Quebec121: Aylesford, Nova Scotia122: Aylmer, Ontario123: Aylmer, Quebec124: Ayr, Ontario125: Ayton, Ontario126: Azilda, Ontario127: Baddeck, Nova Scotia128: Baden, Ontario129: Badger, Newfoundland130: Bagotville, Quebec131: Baie Verte, Newfoundland132: Baie-Comeau, Quebec133: Baie-de-Shawinigan, Quebec134: Baie-des-Sables, Quebec135: Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec136: Baie-d`Urfe, Quebec137: Baie-Johan-Beetz, Quebec138: Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec139: Baie-St-Paul, Quebec140: Baie-Ste-Anne, New Brunswick141: Baie-Trinite, Quebec142: Bailieboro, Ontario143: Baker Brook, New Brunswick144: Baker Lake, Nunavut145: Bala, Ontario146: Balcarres, Saskatchewan147: Baldur, Manitoba148: Balfour, British Columbia149: Balgonie, Saskatchewan150: Balmertown, Ontario151: Balmoral, New Brunswick152: Baltimore, Ontario153: Bamfield, British Columbia154: Bancroft, Ontario155: Banff, Alberta156: Barachois, Quebec157: Barkmere, Quebec158: Barons, Alberta159: Barraute, Quebec160: Barrhead, Alberta161: Barrie, Ontario162: Barriere, British Columbia163: Barry`s Bay, Ontario164: Barwick, Ontario165: Bashaw, Alberta166: Bass River, Nova Scotia167: Bassano, Alberta168: Basswood, Manitoba169: Batawa, Ontario170: Batchawana Bay, Ontario171: Bath, New Brunswick172: Bath, Ontario173: Bathurst, New Brunswick174: Batiscan, Quebec175: Batteau, Newfoundland176: Battle Harbour, Newfoundland177: Battleford, Saskatchewan178: Bauline, Newfoundland179: Bawlf, Alberta180: Bay Bulls, Newfoundland181: Bay de Verde, Newfoundland182: Bay L`Argent, Newfoundland183: Bay Roberts, Newfoundland184: Bayfield, Ontario185: Baysville, Ontario186: Beach Grove, British Columbia187: Beachburg, Ontario188: Beachville, Ontario189: Beaconsfield, Quebec190: Beamsville, Ontario191: Bear Canyon, Alberta192: Bear Lake, British Columbia193: Bear River, Nova Scotia194: Beardmore, Ontario195: Bearskin Lake, Ontario196: Bearskin Lake First Nation, Ontario197: Bear`s Passage, Ontario198: Beaucanton, Quebec199: Beauceville, Quebec200: Beauharnois, Quebec201: Beaulac-Garthby, Quebec202: Beaumont, Alberta203: Beaumont, Newfoundland204: Beaumont, Quebec205: Beauport, Quebec206: Beaupre, Quebec207: Beausejour, Manitoba208: Beauval, Saskatchewan209: Beaver Cove, British Columbia210: Beaver Creek, Yukon211: Beaverdell, British Columbia212: Beaverlodge, Alberta213: Beaverton, Ontario214: Becancour, Quebec215: Bedeque, Prince Edward Island216: Bedford, Quebec217: Beechy, Saskatchewan218: Beeton, Ontario219: Beiseker, Alberta220: Bell Island, Newfoundland221: Bella Bella, British Columbia222: Bella Coola, British Columbia223: Belle Neige, Quebec224: Belle River, Ontario225: Belledune, New Brunswick226: Bellefeuille, Quebec227: Belleoram, Newfoundland228: Belleterre, Quebec229: Belleville, Ontario230: Bellevue, Newfoundland231: Belmont, Manitoba232: Belmont, Ontario233: Beloeil, Quebec234: Bengough, Saskatchewan235: Benito, Manitoba236: Benoit`s Cove, Newfoundland237: Bentley, Alberta238: Berens River, Manitoba239: Beresford, New Brunswick240: Bergeronnes, Quebec241: Berthierville, Quebec242: Berwick, Nova Scotia243: Berwyn, Alberta244: Bethany, Ontario245: Bethesda, Ontario246: Bethune, Saskatchewan247: Betsiamites, Quebec248: Beulah, Manitoba249: Biencourt, Quebec250: Bienfait, Saskatchewan251: Big River, Saskatchewan252: Big Trout Lake, Ontario253: Big Valley, Alberta254: Biggar, Saskatchewan255: Binbrook, Ontario256: Bindloss, Alberta257: Binscarth, Manitoba258: Birch Hills, Saskatchewan259: Birch Island, Ontario260: Birchy Bay, Newfoundland261: Birsay, Saskatchewan262: Birtle, Manitoba263: Biscotasing, Ontario264: Bishopton, Quebec265: Bishop`s Falls, Newfoundland266: Bissett, Manitoba267: Black Creek, British Columbia268: Black Diamond, Alberta269: Black Duck Cove, Newfoundland270: Black Lake, Quebec271: Black Point, British Columbia272: Black Tickle, Newfoundland273: Blackfalds, Alberta274: Blackie, Alberta275: Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick276: Blackstock, Ontario277: Blackville, New Brunswick278: Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan279: Blainville, Quebec280: Blanc-Sablon, Quebec281: Blandford, Nova Scotia282: Blenheim, Ontario283: Blezard Valley, Ontario284: Blind River, Ontario285: Bloomfield, Ontario286: Blue Ridge, Alberta287: Blue River, British Columbia288: Blyth, Ontario289: Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia290: Bobcaygeon, Ontario291: Boiestown, New Brunswick292: Bois-des-Filion, Quebec293: Boisbriand, Quebec294: Boischatel, Quebec295: Boisdale, Nova Scotia296: Boissevain, Manitoba297: Bolton, Ontario298: Bon Accord, Alberta299: Bonanza, Alberta300: Bonaventure, Quebec301: Bonavista, Newfoundland302: Bonfield, Ontario303: Bonne-Esperance, Quebec304: Bonnyville, Alberta305: Borden, Ontario306: Borden, Prince Edward Island307: Borden, Saskatchewan308: Boston Bar, British Columbia309: Boswell, British Columbia310: Bothwell, Ontario311: Botwood, Newfoundland312: Boucherville, Quebec313: Bouchette, Quebec314: Bouctouche, New Brunswick315: Boularderie, Nova Scotia316: Bourget, Ontario317: Bow Island, Alberta318: Bowden, Alberta319: Bowen Island, British Columbia320: Bowmanville, Ontario321: Bowser, British Columbia322: Boyd`s Cove, Newfoundland323: Boyle, Alberta324: Bracebridge, Ontario325: Bradford, Ontario326: Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario327: Braeside, Ontario328: Bragg Creek, Alberta329: Brampton, Ontario330: Branch, Newfoundland331: Brandon, Manitoba332: Brantford, Ontario333: Breakeyville, Quebec334: Brechin, Ontario335: Bredenbury, Saskatchewan336: Brent`s Cove, Newfoundland337: Breslau, Ontario338: Breton, Alberta339: Bridge Lake, British Columbia340: Bridgenorth, Ontario341: Bridgetown, Nova Scotia342: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia343: Briercrest, Saskatchewan344: Brigden, Ontario345: Brigham, Quebec346: Bright, Ontario347: Brighton, Ontario348: Brights Grove, Ontario349: Brigus, Newfoundland350: Britannia Beach, British Columbia351: Britt, Ontario352: Broadview, Saskatchewan353: Brochet, Manitoba354: Brock, Saskatchewan355: Brocket, Alberta356: Brockville, Ontario357: Brome, Quebec358: Bromont, Quebec359: Bromptonville, Quebec360: Brookdale, Manitoba361: Brookfield, Nova Scotia362: Brooklin, Ontario363: Brooks, Alberta364: Brossard, Quebec365: Browns Flat, New Brunswick366: Brownsburg, Quebec367: Brownsville, Ontario368: Brownvale, Alberta369: Bruce Mines, Ontario370: Bruderheim, Alberta371: Bruno, Saskatchewan372: Brussels, Ontario373: Bryson, Quebec374: Buchanan, Saskatchewan375: Buchans, Newfoundland376: Buckhorn, Ontario377: Buckingham, Quebec378: Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan379: Burdett, Alberta380: Burford, Ontario381: Burgeo, Newfoundland382: Burgessville, Ontario383: Burin, Newfoundland384: Burk`s Falls, Ontario385: Burleigh Falls, Ontario386: Burlington, Newfoundland387: Burlington, Ontario388: Burnaby, British Columbia389: Burns Lake, British Columbia390: Burnt Islands, Newfoundland391: Burstall, Saskatchewan392: Burwash Landing, Yukon393: Bury, Quebec394: Byemoor, Alberta395: Cabano, Quebec396: Cabri, Saskatchewan397: Cache Bay, Ontario398: Cache Creek, British Columbia399: Cacouna, Quebec400: Cadillac, Quebec401: Cadillac, Saskatchewan402: Cadomin, Alberta403: Calabogie, Ontario404: Calder, Saskatchewan405: Caledon, Ontario406: Caledon East, Ontario407: Caledonia, Ontario408: Calgary, Alberta409: Callander, Ontario410: Calling Lake, Alberta411: Calmar, Alberta412: Calstock, Ontario413: Calumet, Quebec414: Cambray, Ontario415: Cambridge, Ontario416: Cambridge Bay, Nunavut417: Cameron, Ontario418: Camlachie, Ontario419: Campbell River, British Columbia420: Campbellford, Ontario421: Campbellton, New Brunswick422: Campbellton, Newfoundland423: Campbellville, Ontario424: Campbell`s Bay, Quebec425: Camperville, Manitoba426: Campobello Island, New Brunswick427: Camrose, Alberta428: Canal Flats, British Columbia429: Candiac, Quebec430: Canmore, Alberta431: Canning, Nova Scotia432: Cannington, Ontario433: Canoe Narrows, Saskatchewan434: Canora, Saskatchewan435: Canso, Nova Scotia436: Canterbury, New Brunswick437: Cantley, Quebec438: Canwood, Saskatchewan439: Cap-a-l`Aigle, Quebec440: Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec441: Cap-Chat, Quebec442: Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec443: Cap-des-Rosiers, Quebec444: Cap-Pele, New Brunswick445: Cap-Rouge, Quebec446: Cap-Saint-Ignace, Quebec447: Cape Broyle, Newfoundland448: Cape Dorset, Nunavut449: Caplan, Quebec450: Capreol, Ontario451: Caradoc First Nation, Ontario452: Caramat, Ontario453: Caraquet, New Brunswick454: Carberry, Manitoba455: Carbon, Alberta456: Carbonear, Newfoundland457: Carcross, Yukon458: Cardiff, Ontario459: Cardigan, Prince Edward Island460: Cardinal, Ontario461: Cardston, Alberta462: Cargill, Ontario463: Caribou, Nova Scotia464: Carievale, Saskatchewan465: Carignan, Quebec466: Carillon, Quebec467: Carleton, Nova Scotia468: Carleton, Quebec469: Carleton Place, Ontario470: Carlyle, Saskatchewan471: Carmacks, Yukon472: Carman, Manitoba473: Carmangay, Alberta474: Carmanville, Newfoundland475: Carnarvon, Ontario476: Carnduff, Saskatchewan477: Caroline, Alberta478: Caron, Saskatchewan479: Carp, Ontario480: Carrot River, Saskatchewan481: Carseland, Alberta482: Carstairs, Alberta483: Cartier, Ontario484: Cartwright, Manitoba485: Cartwright, Newfoundland486: Casselman, Ontario487: Cassiar, British Columbia488: Castlegar, British Columbia489: Castlemore, Ontario490: Castleton, Ontario491: Castor, Alberta492: Cat Lake, Ontario493: Catalina, Newfoundland494: Causapscal, Quebec495: Cavan, Ontario496: Cayley, Alberta497: Cayuga, Ontario498: Celista, British Columbia499: Central Butte, Saskatchewan500: Centralia, Ontario501: Centreville, New Brunswick502: Centreville-Wareham-Trinity, Newfoundland503: Cereal, Alberta504: Cessford, Alberta505: Ceylon, Saskatchewan506: Chalk River, Ontario507: Chambly, Quebec508: Chambord, Quebec509: Champion, Alberta510: Champlain, Quebec511: Chance Cove, Newfoundland512: Chandler, Quebec513: Change islands, Newfoundland514: Chapais, Quebec515: Chapeau, Quebec516: Chapel Arm, Newfoundland517: Chapleau, Ontario518: Chaplin, Saskatchewan519: Charette, Quebec520: Charlemagne, Quebec521: Charlesbourg, Quebec522: Charlevoix, Quebec523: Charlottetown, Newfoundland524: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island525: Charlton, Ontario526: Charny, Quebec527: Chartierville, Quebec528: Chase, British Columbia529: Chateau-Richer, Quebec530: Chateauguay, Quebec531: Chatham, New Brunswick532: Chatham, Ontario533: Chatsworth, Ontario534: Chauvin, Alberta535: Chelmsford, Ontario536: Chelsea, Nova Scotia537: Chelsea, Quebec538: Chemainus, British Columbia539: Cheneville, Quebec540: Chesley, Ontario541: Chester, Nova Scotia542: Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut543: Chestermere, Alberta544: Chesterville, Ontario545: Chesterville, Quebec546: Cheticamp, Nova Scotia547: Chetwynd, British Columbia548: Cheverie, Nova Scotia549: Chevery, Quebec550: Chibougamau, Quebec551: Chicoutimi, Quebec552: Chiefs Point First Nation, Ontario553: Chilliwack, British Columbia554: Chipewyan Lake, Alberta555: Chipman, Alberta556: Chipman, New Brunswick557: Chippewas of Kettle/Stony Poin, Ontario558: Chippewas Of Sarnia First Nati, Ontario559: Chisasibi, Quebec560: Choiceland, Saskatchewan561: Chomedey, Quebec562: Christian Island, Ontario563: Christina Lake, British Columbia564: Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan565: Churchbridge, Saskatchewan566: Churchill, Manitoba567: Churchill Falls, Newfoundland568: Chute-aux-Outardes, Quebec569: Chute-des-Passes, Quebec570: Clair, New Brunswick571: Clairmont, Alberta572: Claremont, Ontario573: Clarence Creek, Ontario574: Clarence-Rockland, Ontario575: Clarenville, Newfoundland576: Clarenville-Shoal Harbour, Newfoundland577: Claresholm, Alberta578: Clarington, Ontario579: Clarke`s Beach, Newfoundland580: Clarks Corners, New Brunswick581: Clarkson, Ontario582: Clarksville, Nova Scotia583: Clark`s Harbour, Nova Scotia584: Clavet, Saskatchewan585: Clearwater, British Columbia586: Clearwater Bay, Ontario587: Clericy, Quebec588: Clermont, Quebec589: Clifford, Ontario590: Climax, Saskatchewan591: Clinton, British Columbia592: Clinton, Ontario593: Clive, Alberta594: Cloridorme, Quebec595: Cloud Bay, Ontario596: Clova, Quebec597: Clyde, Alberta598: Coaldale, Alberta599: Coalhurst, Alberta600: Coaticook, Quebec601: Cobalt, Ontario602: Cobble Hill, British Columbia603: Cobden, Ontario604: Coboconk, Ontario605: Cobourg, Ontario606: Cocagne, New Brunswick607: Cochenour, Ontario608: Cochin, Saskatchewan609: Cochrane, Alberta610: Cochrane, Ontario611: Coderre, Saskatchewan612: Codroy, Newfoundland613: Coe Hill, Ontario614: Colborne, Ontario615: Colchester, Ontario616: Cold Lake, Alberta617: Cold Springs, Ontario618: Coldwater, Ontario619: Coleville, Saskatchewan620: Colliers, Newfoundland621: Collingwood, Ontario622: Collingwood Corner, Nova Scotia623: Colombier, Quebec624: Colonsay, Saskatchewan625: Colwood, British Columbia626: Comber, Ontario627: Come By Chance, Newfoundland628: Comfort Cove-Newstead, Newfoundland629: Comox, British Columbia630: Compton, Quebec631: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland632: Conception Harbour, Newfoundland633: Conche, Newfoundland634: Concord, Ontario635: Coniston, Ontario636: Conklin, Alberta637: Connaught, Ontario638: Conne River, Newfoundland639: Conquest, Saskatchewan640: Consort, Alberta641: Constance Bay, Ontario642: Constance Lake First Nation, Ontario643: Consul, Saskatchewan644: Contrecoeur, Quebec645: Cookshire, Quebec646: Cookstown, Ontario647: Cooksville, Ontario648: Cook`s Harbour, Newfoundland649: Coquitlam, British Columbia650: Coral Harbour, Nunavut651: Cormorant, Manitoba652: Corner Brook, Newfoundland653: Cornwall, Ontario654: Cornwall, Prince Edward Island655: Coronach, Saskatchewan656: Coronation, Alberta657: Corunna, Ontario658: Cote-St-Luc, Quebec659: Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec660: Cottam, Ontario661: Cottlesville, Newfoundland662: Courcelette, Quebec663: Courcelles, Quebec664: Courtenay, British Columbia665: Courtice, Ontario666: Courtright, Ontario667: Coutts, Alberta668: Covehead, Prince Edward Island669: Cow Head, Newfoundland670: Cowan, Manitoba671: Cowansville, Quebec672: Cowichan Bay, British Columbia673: Cowley, Alberta674: Crabtree, Quebec675: Craigmyle, Alberta676: Craik, Saskatchewan677: Cranberry Portage, Manitoba678: Cranbrook, British Columbia679: Crandall, Manitoba680: Crapaud, Prince Edward Island681: Crawford Bay, British Columbia682: Crediton, Ontario683: Creelman, Saskatchewan684: Creemore, Ontario685: Creighton, Saskatchewan686: Cremona, Alberta687: Crescent Beach, British Columbia688: Creston, British Columbia689: Cross Lake, Manitoba690: Crossfield, Alberta691: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta692: Crysler, Ontario693: Crystal Beach, Ontario694: Crystal City, Manitoba695: Cudworth, Saskatchewan696: Cumberland, British Columbia697: Cumberland, Ontario698: Cumberland House, Saskatchewan699: Cupar, Saskatchewan700: Cupids, Newfoundland701: Cut Knife, Saskatchewan702: Cypress River, Manitoba703: Czar, Alberta704: Dalhousie, New Brunswick705: Dalmeny, Saskatchewan706: Daniel`s Harbour, Newfoundland707: Danville, Quebec708: Darlingford, Manitoba709: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia710: Dashwood, Ontario711: Dauphin, Manitoba712: Daveluyville, Quebec713: Davidson, Saskatchewan714: Davis Inlet, Newfoundland715: Dawson, Yukon716: Dawson Creek, British Columbia717: Daysland, Alberta718: Dease Lake, British Columbia719: Deauville, Quebec720: Debden, Saskatchewan721: Debec, New Brunswick722: Debert, Nova Scotia723: DeBolt, Alberta724: Deep River, Ontario725: Deer Lake, Newfoundland726: Deer Lake, Ontario727: Deerbrook, Ontario728: Degelis, Quebec729: Delaware of the Thames(Moravia, Ontario730: Delburne, Alberta731: Delhi, Ontario732: Delia, Alberta733: Delisle, Quebec734: Delisle, Saskatchewan735: Deloraine, Manitoba736: Delson, Quebec737: Delta, British Columbia738: Delta, Ontario739: Denbigh, Ontario740: Denzil, Saskatchewan741: Derwent, Alberta742: Desbarats, Ontario743: Desbiens, Quebec744: Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent, Quebec745: Deseronto, Ontario746: Destruction Bay, Yukon747: Deux-Montagnes, Quebec748: Deux-Rivieres, Ontario749: Devlin, Ontario750: Devon, Alberta751: Dewberry, Alberta752: Didsbury, Alberta753: Dieppe, New Brunswick754: Digby, Nova Scotia755: Dillon, Saskatchewan756: Dingwall, Nova Scotia757: Dinsmore, Saskatchewan758: Disraeli, Quebec759: Dixonville, Alberta760: Doaktown, New Brunswick761: Dodsland, Saskatchewan762: Dokis, Ontario763: Dokis First Nation, Ontario764: Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec765: Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec766: Dominion City, Manitoba767: Domremy, Saskatchewan768: Donald, British Columbia769: Donalda, Alberta770: Donnacona, Quebec771: Donnelly, Alberta772: Dorchester, New Brunswick773: Dorchester, Ontario774: Dorion, Ontario775: Dorset, Ontario776: Dorval, Quebec777: Douglas, Ontario778: Douglas Lake, British Columbia779: Douglastown, Ontario780: Dover, Newfoundland781: Drake, Saskatchewan782: Drayton, Ontario783: Drayton Valley, Alberta784: Dresden, Ontario785: Drumbo, Ontario786: Drumheller, Alberta787: Drummondville, Quebec788: Dryden, Ontario789: Dublin, Ontario790: Dubreuilville, Ontario791: Dubuc, Saskatchewan792: Dubuisson, Quebec793: Duchess, Alberta794: Duck Lake, Saskatchewan795: Dugald, Manitoba796: Duncan, British Columbia797: Dunchurch, Ontario798: Dundalk, Ontario799: Dundas, Ontario800: Dundee, Nova Scotia801: Dundurn, Saskatchewan802: Dungannon, Ontario803: Dunham, Quebec804: Dunnville, Ontario805: Dunsford, Ontario806: Dunster, British Columbia807: Duparquet, Quebec808: Dupuy, Quebec809: Durham, Ontario810: Dutton, Ontario811: Duvernay, Quebec812: Dwight, Ontario813: Dyer`s Bay, Ontario814: Dysart, Saskatchewan815: D`Arcy, British Columbia816: Eagle Lake First Nation, Ontario817: Eagle River, Ontario818: Eaglesham, Alberta819: Ear Falls, Ontario820: Earl Grey, Saskatchewan821: Earlton, Ontario822: East Angus, Quebec823: East Bay, Nova Scotia824: East Broughton, Quebec825: East Coulee, Alberta826: East Farnham, Quebec827: East Gwillimbury, Ontario828: East Hereford, Quebec829: East Pine, British Columbia830: East Point, Prince Edward Island831: East York, Ontario832: Eastend, Saskatchewan833: Easterville, Manitoba834: Eastmain, Quebec835: Eastman, Quebec836: Eastport, Newfoundland837: Eastwood, Ontario838: Eatonia, Saskatchewan839: Echo Bay, Ontario840: Eckville, Alberta841: Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia842: Edam, Saskatchewan843: Eddystone, Manitoba844: Edgerton, Alberta845: Edmonton, Alberta846: Edmundston, New Brunswick847: Edson, Alberta848: Edwin, Manitoba849: Edzo, Northwest Territories850: Eganville, Ontario851: Elbow, Saskatchewan852: Eldon, Prince Edward Island853: Elfros, Saskatchewan854: Elgin, Manitoba855: Elgin, Ontario856: Elie, Manitoba857: Elizabethtown, Ontario858: Elk Lake, Ontario859: Elk Point, Alberta860: Elkford, British Columbia861: Elkhorn, Manitoba862: Elko, British Columbia863: Elkwater, Alberta864: Elliot Lake, Ontario865: Elliston, Newfoundland866: Elm Creek, Manitoba867: Elmira, Ontario868: Elmsdale, Nova Scotia869: Elmvale, Ontario870: Elnora, Alberta871: Elora, Ontario872: Elrose, Saskatchewan873: Embree, Newfoundland874: Embro, Ontario875: Embrun, Ontario876: Emerson, Manitoba877: Emeryville, Ontario878: Emo, Ontario879: Empress, Alberta880: Emsdale, Ontario881: Enchant, Alberta882: Enderby, British Columbia883: Englee, Newfoundland884: Englehart, Ontario885: English Harbour East, Newfoundland886: Enterprise, Northwest Territories887: Enterprise, Ontario888: Entrelacs, Quebec889: Erickson, Manitoba890: Eriksdale, Manitoba891: Erin, Ontario892: Eskasoni, Nova Scotia893: Espanola, Ontario894: Essex, Ontario895: Estaire, Ontario896: Esterel, Quebec897: Esterhazy, Saskatchewan898: Estevan, Saskatchewan899: Estevan Point, British Columbia900: Eston, Saskatchewan901: Ethelbert, Manitoba902: Etobicoke, Ontario903: Etzikom, Alberta904: Eugenia, Ontario905: Evain, Quebec906: Evansburg, Alberta907: Exeter, Ontario908: Exshaw, Alberta909: Eyebrow, Saskatchewan910: Fabre, Quebec911: Fabreville, Quebec912: Fair Haven, Newfoundland913: Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia914: Fairview, Alberta915: Falardeau, Quebec916: Falcon Lake, Manitoba917: Falher, Alberta918: Falkland, British Columbia919: Farnham, Quebec920: Faro, Yukon921: Fassett, Quebec922: Fauquier, British Columbia923: Fauquier, Ontario924: Faust, Alberta925: Fenelon Falls, Ontario926: Fenwick, Ontario927: Fergus, Ontario928: Ferintosh, Alberta929: Ferland, Quebec930: Ferme-Neuve, Quebec931: Fermeuse, Newfoundland932: Fermont, Quebec933: Fernie, British Columbia934: Feversham, Ontario935: Field, British Columbia936: Field, Ontario937: Fillmore, Saskatchewan938: Finch, Ontario939: Fingal, Ontario940: Fisher Branch, Manitoba941: Fisher River, Manitoba942: Fisherville, Ontario943: Flamborough, Ontario944: Flanders, Ontario945: Flatbush, Alberta946: Flatrock, British Columbia947: Flatrock, Newfoundland948: Fleming, Saskatchewan949: Flesherton, Ontario950: Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland951: Fleurimont, Quebec952: Flin Flon, Manitoba953: Florenceville, New Brunswick954: Flower`s Cove, Newfoundland955: Foam Lake, Saskatchewan956: Fogo, Newfoundland957: Foley, Ontario958: Foleyet, Ontario959: Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan960: Fords Mills, New Brunswick961: Foremost, Alberta962: Forest, Ontario963: Forest Grove, British Columbia964: Forestburg, Alberta965: Forestville, Quebec966: Fork River, Manitoba967: Fort Albany, Ontario968: Fort Assiniboine, Alberta969: Fort Chipewyan, Alberta970: Fort Erie, Ontario971: Fort Frances, Ontario972: Fort Fraser, British Columbia973: Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories974: Fort Hope, Ontario975: Fort Liard, Northwest Territories976: Fort MacKay, Alberta977: Fort Macleod, Alberta978: Fort McMurray, Alberta979: Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories980: Fort Nelson, British Columbia981: Fort Providence, Northwest Territories982: Fort Qu`Appelle, Saskatchewan983: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta984: Fort Severn, Ontario985: Fort Severn First Nation, Ontario986: Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories987: Fort Smith, Northwest Territories988: Fort St. James, British Columbia989: Fort St. John, British Columbia990: Fort Vermilion, Alberta991: Fort William First Nation, Ontario992: Fort-Coulonge, Quebec993: Forteau, Newfoundland994: Fortierville, Quebec995: Fortune, Newfoundland996: Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, Quebec997: Fox Cove-Mortier, Newfoundland998: Fox Creek, Alberta999: Fox Lake, Alberta1000: Fox Valley, Saskatchewan1001: Foxboro, Ontario1002: Foxwarren, Manitoba1003: Foymount, Ontario1004: Frampton, Quebec1005: Francis, Saskatchewan1006: Frankford, Ontario1007: Franklin Centre, Quebec1008: Fraser Lake, British Columbia1009: Fredericton, New Brunswick1010: Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick1011: Freelton, Ontario1012: Freeport, Nova Scotia1013: Frelighsburg, Quebec1014: French River First Nation, Ontario1015: French Village, Nova Scotia1016: Frenchmans Island, Newfoundland1017: Freshwater, Newfoundland1018: Frobisher, Saskatchewan1019: Frontier, Saskatchewan1020: Fruitvale, British Columbia1021: Fugereville, Quebec1022: Gabarus, Nova Scotia1023: Gabriola, British Columbia1024: Gadsby, Alberta1025: Gagetown, New Brunswick1026: Gainsborough, Saskatchewan1027: Galahad, Alberta1028: Galiano Island, British Columbia1029: Galt, Ontario1030: Gambo, Newfoundland1031: Gananoque, Ontario1032: Gander, Newfoundland1033: Ganges, British Columbia1034: Garden Hill, Ontario1035: Garden River First Nation, Ontario1036: Garnish, Newfoundland1037: Garson, Ontario1038: Gaspe, Quebec1039: Gatineau, Quebec1040: Gaultois, Newfoundland1041: Gentilly, Quebec1042: Georgetown, Ontario1043: Georgetown, Prince Edward Island1044: Georgina, Ontario1045: Geraldton, Ontario1046: Gibbons, Alberta1047: Gibsons, British Columbia1048: Gift Lake, Alberta1049: Gilbert Plains, Manitoba1050: Gillam, Manitoba1051: Gilmour, Ontario1052: Gimli, Manitoba1053: Girardville, Quebec1054: Girouxville, Alberta1055: Giscome, British Columbia1056: Gjoa Haven, Nunavut1057: Glace Bay, Nova Scotia1058: Gladstone, Manitoba1059: Glaslyn, Saskatchewan1060: Glassville, New Brunswick1061: Gleichen, Alberta1062: Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan1063: Glen Robertson, Ontario1064: Glen Water, Ontario1065: Glen Williams, Ontario1066: Glenavon, Saskatchewan1067: Glenboro, Manitoba1068: Glencoe, Ontario1069: Glendon, Alberta1070: Glenella, Manitoba1071: Glenwood, Alberta1072: Glenwood, Newfoundland1073: Gloucester, Ontario1074: Glovertown, Newfoundland1075: Godbout, Quebec1076: Goderich, Ontario1077: Gods Lake Narrows, Manitoba1078: Gogama, Ontario1079: Gold Bridge, British Columbia1080: Gold River, British Columbia1081: Goldboro, Nova Scotia1082: Golden, British Columbia1083: Golden Lake, Ontario1084: Good Hope Lake, British Columbia1085: Gooderham, Ontario1086: Goodeve, Saskatchewan1087: Goodsoil, Saskatchewan1088: Goose Bay, Newfoundland1089: Gore Bay, Ontario1090: Gormley, Ontario1091: Gorrie, Ontario1092: Goshen, Nova Scotia1093: Goulais River, Ontario1094: Govan, Saskatchewan1095: Gowganda, Ontario1096: Gracefield, Quebec1097: Grafton, Ontario1098: Granby, Quebec1099: Grand Bank, Newfoundland1100: Grand Bay, New Brunswick1101: Grand Beach, Manitoba1102: Grand Bend, Ontario1103: Grand Centre, Alberta1104: Grand Etang, Nova Scotia1105: Grand Falls, New Brunswick1106: Grand Falls, Newfoundland1107: Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland1108: Grand Forks, British Columbia1109: Grand Lake, Nova Scotia1110: Grand Manan, New Brunswick1111: Grand Narrows, Nova Scotia1112: Grand Rapids, Manitoba1113: Grand Valley, Ontario1114: Grand-Mere, Quebec1115: Grand-Remous, Quebec1116: Grand-Sault, New Brunswick1117: Grande Cache, Alberta1118: Grande Prairie, Alberta1119: Grande-Anse, New Brunswick1120: Grande-Entree, Quebec1121: Grande-Riviere, Quebec1122: Grande-Vallee, Quebec1123: Grandes-Bergeronnes, Quebec1124: Grandes-Piles, Quebec1125: Grandview, Manitoba1126: Granisle, British Columbia1127: Granton, Ontario1128: Granum, Alberta1129: Grasmere, British Columbia1130: Grassland, Alberta1131: Grassy Lake, Alberta1132: Grassy Narrows, Ontario1133: Grassy Narrows First Nation, Ontario1134: Grassy Plains, British Columbia1135: Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan1136: Gravenhurst, Ontario1137: Grayson, Saskatchewan1138: Great Harbour Deep, Newfoundland1139: Great Village, Nova Scotia1140: Green Island Cove, Newfoundland1141: Green Lake, Saskatchewan1142: Greenfield Park, Quebec1143: Greenspond, Newfoundland1144: Greensville, Ontario1145: Greenville, British Columbia1146: Greenwood, British Columbia1147: Greenwood, Nova Scotia1148: Grenfell, Saskatchewan1149: Grenville, Quebec1150: Gretna, Manitoba1151: Grimsby, Ontario1152: Grimshaw, Alberta1153: Grouard, Alberta1154: Guelph, Ontario1155: Guigues, Quebec1156: Gull Bay, Ontario1157: Gull Bay First Nation, Ontario1158: Gull Lake, Saskatchewan1159: Guysborough, Nova Scotia1160: Gypsumville, Manitoba1161: Hadashville, Manitoba1162: Hafford, Saskatchewan1163: Hagersville, Ontario1164: Hague, Saskatchewan1165: Haileybury, Ontario1166: Haines Junction, Yukon1167: Hairy Hill, Alberta1168: Haldimand, Ontario1169: Haliburton, Ontario1170: Halifax, Nova Scotia1171: Halkirk, Alberta1172: Halton Hills, Ontario1173: Ham-Nord, Quebec1174: Hamilton, Ontario1175: Hamiota, Manitoba1176: Hammond, Quebec1177: Hampden, Newfoundland1178: Hampstead, New Brunswick1179: Hampstead, Quebec1180: Hampton, New Brunswick1181: Hampton, Ontario1182: Hanley, Saskatchewan1183: Hanmer, Ontario1184: Hanna, Alberta1185: Hanover, Ontario1186: Hantsport, Nova Scotia1187: Hant`s Harbour, Newfoundland1188: Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland1189: Harbour Breton, Newfoundland1190: Harbour Grace, Newfoundland1191: Harbour Main-Chapel Cove-Lakev, Newfoundland1192: Hardisty, Alberta1193: Hare Bay, Newfoundland1194: Harewood, New Brunswick1195: Harrietsville, Ontario1196: Harrington Harbour, Quebec1197: Harris, Saskatchewan1198: Harriston, Ontario1199: Harrow, Ontario1200: Harrowsmith, Ontario1201: Hartland, New Brunswick1202: Hartley Bay, British Columbia1203: Hartney, Manitoba1204: Hastings, Ontario1205: Havelock, New Brunswick1206: Havelock, Ontario1207: Havre-Aubert, Quebec1208: Havre-aux-Maisons, Quebec1209: Havre-St-Pierre, Quebec1210: Hawarden, Saskatchewan1211: Hawk Junction, Ontario1212: Hawkesbury, Ontario1213: Hawke`s Bay, Newfoundland1214: Hay Lakes, Alberta1215: Hay River, Northwest Territories1216: Hays, Alberta1217: Hazelton, British Columbia1218: Hazlet, Saskatchewan1219: Hearst, Ontario1220: Heart`s Content, Newfoundland1221: Heart`s Delight-Islington, Newfoundland1222: Heart`s Desire, Newfoundland1223: Heatherton, Nova Scotia1224: Hebertville, Quebec1225: Hebertville-Station, Quebec1226: Hecla, Manitoba1227: Hedley, British Columbia1228: Heinsburg, Alberta1229: Heisler, Alberta1230: Hemlo, Ontario1231: Hemlock Valley, British Columbia1232: Hemmingford, Quebec1233: Hendrix Lake, British Columbia1234: Henryville, Quebec1235: Hensall, Ontario1236: Henvey Inlet First Nation, Ontario1237: Hepburn, Saskatchewan1238: Hepworth, Ontario1239: Herbert, Saskatchewan1240: Herschel, Saskatchewan1241: Hespeler, Ontario1242: Hickman`s Harbour, Newfoundland1243: Hickson, Ontario1244: High Level, Alberta1245: High Prairie, Alberta1246: High River, Alberta1247: Highgate, Ontario1248: Hilda, Alberta1249: Hillgrade, Newfoundland1250: Hillsborough, New Brunswick1251: Hillsburgh, Ontario1252: Hillview, Newfoundland1253: Hines Creek, Alberta1254: Hinton, Alberta1255: Hixon, British Columbia1256: Hobbema, Alberta1257: Hodgeville, Saskatchewan1258: Holberg, British Columbia1259: Holden, Alberta1260: Holdfast, Saskatchewan1261: Holland, Manitoba1262: Holland Landing, Ontario1263: Holstein, Ontario1264: Holyrood, Newfoundland1265: Honey Harbour, Ontario1266: Hope, British Columbia1267: Hopedale, Newfoundland1268: Hopewell, Nova Scotia1269: Hornepayne, Ontario1270: Horsefly, British Columbia1271: Houston, British Columbia1272: Howick, Quebec1273: Howley, Newfoundland1274: Hoyt, New Brunswick1275: Hubbards, Nova Scotia1276: Hudson, Ontario1277: Hudson, Quebec1278: Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan1279: Hudson`s Hope, British Columbia1280: Hughenden, Alberta1281: Hull, Quebec1282: Humber Arm South, Newfoundland1283: Humboldt, Saskatchewan1284: Humphrey, Ontario1285: Hunter River, Prince Edward Island1286: Huntingdon, Quebec1287: Huntsville, Ontario1288: Hussar, Alberta1289: Hythe, Alberta1290: Iberville, Quebec1291: Ignace, Ontario1292: Ilderton, Ontario1293: Ile-a-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan1294: Ile-aux-Coudres, Quebec1295: Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec1296: Ilford, Manitoba1297: Imperial, Saskatchewan1298: Indian Head, Saskatchewan1299: Indian Tickle, Newfoundland1300: Ingersoll, Ontario1301: Ingleside, Ontario1302: Ingonish, Nova Scotia1303: Innerkip, Ontario1304: Innisfail, Alberta1305: Innisfil, Ontario1306: Innisfree, Alberta1307: Inukjuak, Quebec1308: Inuvik, Northwest Territories1309: Inverary, Ontario1310: Invermay, Saskatchewan1311: Invermere, British Columbia1312: Inverness, Nova Scotia1313: Inverness, Quebec1314: Inwood, Manitoba1315: Inwood, Ontario1316: Iqaluit, Nunavut1317: Irma, Alberta1318: Iron Bridge, Ontario1319: Iron Springs, Alberta1320: Iroquois, Ontario1321: Iroquois Falls, Ontario1322: Irricana, Alberta1323: Irvine, Alberta1324: Iskut, British Columbia1325: Island Harbour, Newfoundland1326: Island Lake, Manitoba1327: Islay, Alberta1328: Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland1329: Ituna, Saskatchewan1330: Jackson`s Arm, Newfoundland1331: Jacquet River, New Brunswick1332: Jaffray, British Columbia1333: Jaffray Melick, Ontario1334: Jamestown, Newfoundland1335: Jansen, Saskatchewan1336: Jarvie, Alberta1337: Jarvis, Ontario1338: Jasper, Alberta1339: Jasper, Ontario1340: Jean Marie River, Northwest Territories1341: Jellicoe, Ontario1342: Jenner, Alberta1343: Jockvale, Ontario1344: Joe Batt`s Arm-Barr`d Islands-, Newfoundland1345: Johnstown, Ontario1346: Joliette, Quebec1347: Jonquiere, Quebec1348: Jordan, Ontario1349: Joussard, Alberta1350: Joutel, Quebec1351: Kakisa, Northwest Territories1352: Kaministiquia, Ontario1353: Kamiskotia, Ontario1354: Kamloops, British Columbia1355: Kamsack, Saskatchewan1356: Kananaskis, Alberta1357: Kanata, Ontario1358: Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec1359: Kangirsuk, Quebec1360: Kapuskasing, Ontario1361: Kasabonika First Nation, Ontario1362: Kashechewan First Nation, Ontario1363: Kaslo, British Columbia1364: Kateville, Quebec1365: Kazabazua, Quebec1366: Kearney, Ontario1367: Kedgwick, New Brunswick1368: Keene, Ontario1369: Keephills, Alberta1370: Keewatin, Ontario1371: Keg River, Alberta1372: Kelliher, Saskatchewan1373: Kelowna, British Columbia1374: Kelvington, Saskatchewan1375: Kelwood, Manitoba1376: Kemano, British Columbia1377: Kemptville, Ontario1378: Kenaston, Saskatchewan1379: Kennedy, Saskatchewan1380: Kennetcook, Nova Scotia1381: Kenora, Ontario1382: Kenosee, Saskatchewan1383: Kensington, Prince Edward Island1384: Kent Centre, Ontario1385: Kenton, Manitoba1386: Kentville, Nova Scotia1387: Kenzieville, Nova Scotia1388: Keremeos, British Columbia1389: Kerrobert, Saskatchewan1390: Kerwood, Ontario1391: Keswick, New Brunswick1392: Keswick, Ontario1393: Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia1394: Key Lake, Saskatchewan1395: Killaloe, Ontario1396: Killam, Alberta1397: Killarney, Manitoba1398: Killarney, Ontario1399: Kimberley, British Columbia1400: Kincaid, Saskatchewan1401: Kincardine, Ontario1402: Kincolith, British Columbia1403: Kindersley, Saskatchewan1404: King City, Ontario1405: Kingfisher Lake, Ontario1406: Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Ontario1407: Kingsbury, Quebec1408: Kingsey Falls, Quebec1409: Kingston, Nova Scotia1410: Kingston, Ontario1411: Kingsville, Ontario1412: King`s Cove, Newfoundland1413: King`s Point, Newfoundland1414: Kinistino, Saskatchewan1415: Kinmount, Ontario1416: Kintore, Ontario1417: Kinuso, Alberta1418: Kipling, Saskatchewan1419: Kippens, Newfoundland1420: Kirkfield, Ontario1421: Kirkland, Quebec1422: Kirkland Lake, Ontario1423: Kirkton, Ontario1424: Kisbey, Saskatchewan1425: Kitchener, Ontario1426: Kitimat, British Columbia1427: Kitkatla, British Columbia1428: Kitsault, British Columbia1429: Kitscoty, Alberta1430: Kitwanga, British Columbia1431: Kleinburg, Ontario1432: Klemtu, British Columbia1433: Knowlton, Quebec1434: Kugluktuk, Northwest Territories1435: Kuujjuaq, Quebec1436: Kyle, Saskatchewan1437: Kyuquot, British Columbia1438: La Baie, Quebec1439: La Broquerie, Manitoba1440: La Corne, Quebec1441: La Crete, Alberta1442: La Dore, Quebec1443: La Grande, Quebec1444: La Guadeloupe, Quebec1445: La Loche, Saskatchewan1446: La Malbaie, Quebec1447: La Martre, Quebec1448: La Minerve, Quebec1449: La Patrie, Quebec1450: La Plaine, Quebec1451: La Pocatiere, Quebec1452: La Prairie, Quebec1453: La Reine, Quebec1454: La Romaine, Quebec1455: La Ronge, Saskatchewan1456: La Sarre, Quebec1457: La Scie, Newfoundland1458: La Tuque, Quebec1459: Labelle, Quebec1460: Labrador City, Newfoundland1461: Lac Brochet, Manitoba1462: Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba1463: Lac Kenogami, Quebec1464: Lac La Biche, Alberta1465: Lac la Croix, Ontario1466: Lac la Hache, British Columbia1467: Lac Seul First Nation, Ontario1468: Lac-au-Saumon, Quebec1469: Lac-aux-Sables, Quebec1470: Lac-Bouchette, Quebec1471: Lac-Brome, Quebec1472: Lac-Delage, Quebec1473: Lac-des-Ecorces, Quebec1474: Lac-Drolet, Quebec1475: Lac-du-Cerf, Quebec1476: Lac-Edouard, Quebec1477: Lac-Etchemin, Quebec1478: Lac-Frontiere, Quebec1479: Lac-Poulin, Quebec1480: Lac-Saguay, Quebec1481: Lac-Sergent, Quebec1482: Lac-St-Joseph, Quebec1483: Lachenaie, Quebec1484: Lachine, Quebec1485: Lachute, Quebec1486: Lacolle, Quebec1487: Lacombe, Alberta1488: Ladle Cove, Newfoundland1489: Ladysmith, British Columbia1490: Lafleche, Saskatchewan1491: Lafontaine, Ontario1492: Lafontaine, Quebec1493: Lagoon City, Ontario1494: LaHave, Nova Scotia1495: Laird, Saskatchewan1496: Lake Alma, Saskatchewan1497: Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia1498: Lake Cowichan, British Columbia1499: Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan1500: Lake Louise, Alberta1501: Lake Megantic, Quebec1502: Lakefield, Ontario1503: Lamaline, Newfoundland1504: Lambeth, Ontario1505: Lambton, Quebec1506: Lameque, New Brunswick1507: Lamont, Alberta1508: Lampman, Saskatchewan1509: Lanark, Ontario1510: Lancaster, Ontario1511: Landis, Saskatchewan1512: Lang, Saskatchewan1513: Langara, British Columbia1514: Langdon, Alberta1515: Langenburg, Saskatchewan1516: Langham, Saskatchewan1517: Langley, British Columbia1518: Langruth, Manitoba1519: Langton, Ontario1520: Lanigan, Saskatchewan1521: Lanoraie, Quebec1522: Lansdowne, Ontario1523: Lansdowne House, Ontario1524: Lantzville, British Columbia1525: Larder Lake, Ontario1526: Lark Harbour, Newfoundland1527: Larrys River, Nova Scotia1528: LaSalle, Ontario1529: LaSalle, Quebec1530: Lashburn, Saskatchewan1531: Latchford, Ontario1532: Laterriere, Quebec1533: Latulipe, Quebec1534: Laurentides, Quebec1535: Laurier-Station, Quebec1536: Laurierville, Quebec1537: Laval, Quebec1538: Laval des Rapides, Quebec1539: Laval Ouest, Quebec1540: Lavaltrie, Quebec1541: Laverlochere, Quebec1542: Lavoy, Alberta1543: Lawn, Newfoundland1544: Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia1545: Lawrenceville, Quebec1546: Le Bic, Quebec1547: Le Gardeur, Quebec1548: Leader, Saskatchewan1549: Leaf Rapids, Manitoba1550: Leamington, Ontario1551: Leask, Saskatchewan1552: Lebel-sur-Quevillon, Quebec1553: Leclercville, Quebec1554: Leduc, Alberta1555: Lefroy, Ontario1556: Legal, Alberta1557: Lemberg, Saskatchewan1558: LeMoyne, Quebec1559: Lennoxville, Quebec1560: Leoville, Saskatchewan1561: Leroy, Saskatchewan1562: Lery, Quebec1563: Les Boules, Quebec1564: Les Cedres, Quebec1565: Les Coteaux, Quebec1566: Les Eboulements, Quebec1567: Les Escoumins, Quebec1568: Les Mechins, Quebec1569: Leslieville, Alberta1570: Lestock, Saskatchewan1571: Lethbridge, Alberta1572: Levack, Ontario1573: Levis, Quebec1574: Lewisporte, Newfoundland1575: Libau, Manitoba1576: Liberty, Saskatchewan1577: Likely, British Columbia1578: Lillooet, British Columbia1579: Limerick, Saskatchewan1580: Lincoln, Ontario1581: Lindsay, Ontario1582: Lintlaw, Saskatchewan1583: Linwood, Ontario1584: Lion`s Head, Ontario1585: Lipton, Saskatchewan1586: Listowel, Ontario1587: Little Bay, Newfoundland1588: Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland1589: Little Britain, Ontario1590: Little Burnt Bay, Newfoundland1591: Little Catalina, Newfoundland1592: Little Current, Ontario1593: Little Fort, British Columbia1594: Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba1595: Little Heart`s Ease, Newfoundland1596: Lively, Ontario1597: Liverpool, Nova Scotia1598: Lloydminster, Alberta1599: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan1600: Lockeport, Nova Scotia1601: Lockport, Manitoba1602: Lodgepole, Alberta1603: Logan Lake, British Columbia1604: Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cov, Newfoundland1605: Lombardy, Ontario1606: Lomond, Alberta1607: London, Ontario1608: Long Harbour-Mount Arlington H, Newfoundland1609: Long Lac, Ontario1610: Long Lake First Nation, Ontario1611: Long Point, Ontario1612: Long Pond, Newfoundland1613: Long Sault, Ontario1614: Longlac, Ontario1615: Longueuil, Quebec1616: Longview, Alberta1617: Loon Lake, Saskatchewan1618: Loos, British Columbia1619: Loreburn, Saskatchewan1620: Loretteville, Quebec1621: Lorne, Ontario1622: Lorraine, Quebec1623: Lorrainville, Quebec1624: Lougheed, Alberta1625: Louisbourg, Nova Scotia1626: Louisdale, Nova Scotia1627: Louiseville, Quebec1628: Lourdes, Newfoundland1629: Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, Quebec1630: Louvicourt, Quebec1631: Low, Quebec1632: Lower Island Cove, Newfoundland1633: Lower Post, British Columbia1634: Lucan, Ontario1635: Luceville, Quebec1636: Lucknow, Ontario1637: Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan1638: Lumby, British Columbia1639: Lumsden, Newfoundland1640: Lumsden, Saskatchewan1641: Lundar, Manitoba1642: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia1643: Luseland, Saskatchewan1644: Luskville, Quebec1645: Lyn, Ontario1646: Lynden, Ontario1647: Lynn Lake, Manitoba1648: Lyster, Quebec1649: Lytton, British Columbia1650: L`Acadie, Quebec1651: L`Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec1652: L`Ange-Gardien, Quebec1653: L`Annonciation, Quebec1654: L`Anse-au-Loup, Newfoundland1655: L`Ardoise, Nova Scotia1656: L`Assomption, Quebec1657: L`Avenir, Quebec1658: L`Epiphanie, Quebec1659: L`Ile-Aux-Noix, Quebec1660: L`Ile-Bizard, Quebec1661: L`Ile-Cadieux, Quebec1662: L`Ile-Dorval, Quebec1663: L`Ile-d`Entree, Quebec1664: L`Ile-Perrot, Quebec1665: L`le-Verte, Quebec1666: L`Islet, Quebec1667: L`Orignal, Ontario1668: Ma-Me-O Beach, Alberta1669: Maberly, Ontario1670: Mabou, Nova Scotia1671: Macamic, Quebec1672: Maccan, Nova Scotia1673: Macdiarmid, Ontario1674: Maces Bay, New Brunswick1675: MacGregor, Manitoba1676: Mackenzie, British Columbia1677: Macklin, Saskatchewan1678: Macrorie, Saskatchewan1679: MacTier, Ontario1680: Madoc, Ontario1681: Madsen, Ontario1682: Mafeking, Manitoba1683: Magnetawan, Ontario1684: Magnetawan First Nation, Ontario1685: Magog, Quebec1686: Magrath, Alberta1687: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia1688: Maidstone, Ontario1689: Maidstone, Saskatchewan1690: Main Brook, Newfoundland1691: Maitland, Nova Scotia1692: Maitland, Ontario1693: Makkovik, Newfoundland1694: Malartic, Quebec1695: Mallorytown, Ontario1696: Malton, Ontario1697: Manic-Cinq, Quebec1698: Manigotagan, Manitoba1699: Manitou, Manitoba1700: Manitouwadge, Ontario1701: Manitowaning, Ontario1702: Maniwaki, Quebec1703: Mankota, Saskatchewan1704: Manning, Alberta1705: Mannville, Alberta1706: Manor, Saskatchewan1707: Manotick, Ontario1708: Manouane, Quebec1709: Manseau, Quebec1710: Mansonville, Quebec1711: Manyberries, Alberta1712: Maple, Ontario1713: Maple Creek, Saskatchewan1714: Maple Grove, Quebec1715: Maple Ridge, British Columbia1716: Marathon, Ontario1717: Marcelin, Saskatchewan1718: Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia1719: Margo, Saskatchewan1720: Maria, Quebec1721: Marieville, Quebec1722: Marion Bridge, Nova Scotia1723: Markdale, Ontario1724: Markham, Ontario1725: Markstay, Ontario1726: Marlboro, Alberta1727: Marmora, Ontario1728: Marquis, Saskatchewan1729: Marsden, Saskatchewan1730: Marsh Lake, Yukon1731: Marshall, Saskatchewan1732: Marsoui, Quebec1733: Marten Falls First Nation, Ontario1734: Marten River, Ontario1735: Martensville, Saskatchewan1736: Martintown, Ontario1737: Marwayne, Alberta1738: Maryfield, Saskatchewan1739: Marystown, Newfoundland1740: Mary`s Harbour, Newfoundland1741: Mascouche, Quebec1742: Maskinonge, Quebec1743: Masset, British Columbia1744: Massey, Ontario1745: Massey Drive, Newfoundland1746: Masson-Angers, Quebec1747: Massueville, Quebec1748: Mastigouche, Quebec1749: Matachewan, Ontario1750: Matagami, Quebec1751: Matane, Quebec1752: Matapedia, Quebec1753: Matheson, Ontario1754: Mattawa, Ontario1755: Mattice, Ontario1756: Maxville, Ontario1757: Mayerthorpe, Alberta1758: Maymont, Saskatchewan1759: Maynooth, Ontario1760: Mayo, Yukon1761: McAdam, New Brunswick1762: McAuley, Manitoba1763: McBride, British Columbia1764: McCreary, Manitoba1765: McDonalds Corners, Ontario1766: McGregor, Ontario1767: McIver`s, Newfoundland1768: McKellar, Ontario1769: McLeese Lake, British Columbia1770: McLennan, Alberta1771: McLeod Lake, British Columbia1772: Mcmasterville, Quebec1773: Meacham, Saskatchewan1774: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan1775: Meaford, Ontario1776: Meander River, Alberta1777: Meath Park, Saskatchewan1778: Medicine Hat, Alberta1779: Meductic, New Brunswick1780: Melbourne, Ontario1781: Melbourne, Quebec1782: Melfort, Saskatchewan1783: Melita, Manitoba1784: Mellin, Quebec1785: Melocheville, Quebec1786: Melrose, Nova Scotia1787: Melville, Saskatchewan1788: Memramcook, New Brunswick1789: Meota, Saskatchewan1790: Mercier, Quebec1791: Merigomish, Nova Scotia1792: Merlin, Ontario1793: Merrickville, Ontario1794: Merritt, British Columbia1795: Metabetchouan, Quebec1796: Metcalfe, Ontario1797: Meteghan, Nova Scotia1798: Metis-sur-Mer, Quebec1799: Miami, Manitoba1800: Mica Creek, British Columbia1801: Midale, Saskatchewan1802: Middle Lake, Saskatchewan1803: Middleton, Nova Scotia1804: Midland, Ontario1805: Midway, British Columbia1806: Milden, Saskatchewan1807: Mildmay, Ontario1808: Milestone, Saskatchewan1809: Milford Bay, Ontario1810: Milk River, Alberta1811: Millbrook, Ontario1812: Millertown, Newfoundland1813: Millet, Alberta1814: Millhaven, Ontario1815: Milltown-Head of Bay D`Espoir, Newfoundland1816: Millville, New Brunswick1817: Milo, Alberta1818: Milton, Ontario1819: Milverton, Ontario1820: Minaki, Ontario1821: Minburn, Alberta1822: Mindemoya, Ontario1823: Minden, Ontario1824: Mine Centre, Ontario1825: Ming`s Bight, Newfoundland1826: Miniota, Manitoba1827: Minnedosa, Manitoba1828: Minto, Manitoba1829: Minto, New Brunswick1830: Minton, Saskatchewan1831: Mirabel, Quebec1832: Miramichi, New Brunswick1833: Mirror, Alberta1834: Miscou Island, New Brunswick1835: Missanabie, Ontario1836: Mission, British Columbia1837: Mississauga, Ontario1838: Mistassini, Quebec1839: Mistatim, Saskatchewan1840: Mitchell, Ontario1841: Mohawks Of The Bay of Quinte F, Ontario1842: Moisie, Quebec1843: Molanosa, Saskatchewan1844: Monastery, Nova Scotia1845: Moncton, New Brunswick1846: Monkstown, Newfoundland1847: Monkton, Ontario1848: Mont Bechervaise, Quebec1849: Mont St Grgoire, Quebec1850: Mont-Joli, Quebec1851: Mont-Laurier, Quebec1852: Mont-Louis, Quebec1853: Mont-Rolland, Quebec1854: Mont-Royal, Quebec1855: Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec1856: Mont-St-Pierre, Quebec1857: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec1858: Montague, Prince Edward Island1859: Montebello, Quebec1860: Montmagny, Quebec1861: Montmartre, Saskatchewan1862: Montney, British Columbia1863: Montreal, Quebec1864: Montreal - Est, Quebec1865: Montral - Nord, Quebec1866: Montral - Ouest, Quebec1867: Moonbeam, Ontario1868: Moonstone, Ontario1869: Mooretown, Ontario1870: Moose Creek, Ontario1871: Moose Factory, Ontario1872: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan1873: Moose Lake, Manitoba1874: Moosomin, Saskatchewan1875: Moosonee, Ontario1876: Morden, Manitoba1877: Morell, Prince Edward Island1878: Morin-Heights, Quebec1879: Morinville, Alberta1880: Morley, Alberta1881: Morrin, Alberta1882: Morris, Manitoba1883: Morrisburg, Ontario1884: Morse, Saskatchewan1885: Morson, Ontario1886: Mortlach, Saskatchewan1887: Mossbank, Saskatchewan1888: Mount Albert, Ontario1889: Mount Brydges, Ontario1890: Mount Carmel-Mitchells Brook-S, Newfoundland1891: Mount Forest, Ontario1892: Mount Hope, Ontario1893: Mount Moriah, Newfoundland1894: Mount Pearl, Newfoundland1895: Mount Pleasant, Ontario1896: Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island1897: Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia1898: Moyie, British Columbia1899: Mulgrave, Nova Scotia1900: Mulhurst, Alberta1901: Muncho Lake, British Columbia1902: Mundare, Alberta1903: Murdochville, Quebec1904: Murray River, Prince Edward Island1905: Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland1906: Musgravetown, Newfoundland1907: Muskoka, Ontario1908: Muskoka Falls, Ontario1909: Muskrat Dam, Ontario1910: Muskrat Dam First Nation, Ontario1911: Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia1912: Mutton Bay, Quebec1913: Myrnam, Alberta1914: M`Chigeeng, Ontario1915: Nackawic, New Brunswick1916: Nahanni Butte, Northwest Territories1917: Naicam, Saskatchewan1918: Nain, Newfoundland1919: Nairn, Ontario1920: Naiscoutaing First Nation, Ontario1921: Nakina, Ontario1922: Nakusp, British Columbia1923: Namao, Alberta1924: Nampa, Alberta1925: Nanaimo, British Columbia1926: Nantes, Quebec1927: Nanticoke, Ontario1928: Nanton, Alberta1929: Napanee, Ontario1930: Napierville, Quebec1931: Naramata, British Columbia1932: Natashquan, Quebec1933: Navan, Ontario1934: Nedelec, Quebec1935: Neepawa, Manitoba1936: Neguac, New Brunswick1937: Neidpath, Saskatchewan1938: Neilburg, Saskatchewan1939: Nelson, British Columbia1940: Nelson House, Manitoba1941: Nepean, Ontario1942: Nephton, Ontario1943: Nestor Falls, Ontario1944: Neudorf, Saskatchewan1945: Neustadt, Ontario1946: Neuville, Quebec1947: Neville, Saskatchewan1948: New Aiyansh, British Columbia1949: New Carlisle, Quebec1950: New Dayton, Alberta1951: New Denmark, New Brunswick1952: New Denver, British Columbia1953: New Dundee, Ontario1954: New Germany, Nova Scotia1955: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia1956: New Glasgow, Quebec1957: New Hamburg, Ontario1958: New Harbour, Newfoundland1959: New Haven, Prince Edward Island1960: New Liskeard, Ontario1961: New London, Prince Edward Island1962: New Norway, Alberta1963: New Perlican, Newfoundland1964: New Richmond, Quebec1965: New Ross, Nova Scotia1966: New Sarepta, Alberta1967: New Tecumseth, Ontario1968: New Waterford, Nova Scotia1969: New Westminster, British Columbia1970: New-Wes-Valley, Newfoundland1971: Newbrook, Alberta1972: Newburgh, Ontario1973: Newcastle, Ontario1974: Newdale, Manitoba1975: Newmarket, Ontario1976: Newport, Quebec1977: Newtonville, Ontario1978: Niagara Falls, Ontario1979: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario1980: Nickel Centre, Ontario1981: Nicolet, Quebec1982: Nimpo Lake, British Columbia1983: Nipawin, Saskatchewan1984: Nipigon, Ontario1985: Nipissing First Nation, Ontario1986: Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland1987: Nisku, Alberta1988: Niton Junction, Alberta1989: Niverville, Manitoba1990: Nobel, Ontario1991: Nobleford, Alberta1992: Nobleton, Ontario1993: Noel, Nova Scotia1994: Noelville, Ontario1995: Nokomis, Saskatchewan1996: Norbertville, Quebec1997: Nordegg, Alberta1998: Norman Wells, Northwest Territories1999: Normandin, Quebec2000: Norman`s Cove-Long Cove, Newfoundland2001: Normetal, Quebec2002: Norquay, Saskatchewan2003: Norris Arm, Newfoundland2004: North Augusta, Ontario2005: North Battleford, Saskatchewan2006: North Bay, Ontario2007: North Gower, Ontario2008: North Hatley, Quebec2009: North Portal, Saskatchewan2010: North Saanich, British Columbia2011: North Spirit Lake, Ontario2012: North Sydney, Nova Scotia2013: North Vancouver, British Columbia2014: North West River, Newfoundland2015: North York, Ontario2016: Northbrook, Ontario2017: Northern Arm, Newfoundland2018: Norton, New Brunswick2019: Norval, Ontario2020: Norway House, Manitoba2021: Norwich, Ontario2022: Norwood, Ontario2023: Notre Dame de Bonsecours, Quebec2024: Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba2025: Notre Dame de Lourdes, Quebec2026: Notre Dame De L`Ile Perrot, Quebec2027: Notre Dame des Laurentides, Quebec2028: Notre Dame Des Prairies, Quebec2029: Notre Dame Du Portage, Quebec2030: Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Quebec2031: Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Quebec2032: Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, Quebec2033: Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, Quebec2034: Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec2035: Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec2036: Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Quebec2037: Nouvelle, Quebec2038: Oak Lake, Manitoba2039: Oak Ridges, Ontario2040: Oak River, Manitoba2041: Oakville, Manitoba2042: Oakville, Ontario2043: Oakwood, Ontario2044: Oba, Ontario2045: Ocean Falls, British Columbia2046: Ocean Park, British Columbia2047: Ochre River, Manitoba2048: Odessa, Ontario2049: Odessa, Saskatchewan2050: Ogema, Saskatchewan2051: Ogoki, Ontario2052: Ohsweken, Ontario2053: Oil Springs, Ontario2054: Ojibways of Hiawatha First Nat, Ontario2055: Ojibways of Walpole Island Fir, Ontario2056: Oka, Quebec2057: Okanagan Falls, British Columbia2058: Okotoks, Alberta2059: Old Crow, Yukon2060: Old Perlican, Newfoundland2061: Olds, Alberta2062: Oliver, British Columbia2063: Omemee, Ontario2064: Omerville, Quebec2065: Onaping Falls, Ontario2066: Oneida First Nation, Ontario2067: Onoway, Alberta2068: Opasatika, Ontario2069: Ophir, Ontario2070: Orangeville, Ontario2071: Orford, Quebec2072: Orillia, Ontario2073: Orleans, Ontario2074: Ormiston, Saskatchewan2075: Ormstown, Quebec2076: Oro, Ontario2077: Oromocto, New Brunswick2078: Orono, Ontario2079: Orrville, Ontario2080: Osgoode, Ontario2081: Oshawa, Ontario2082: Osler, Saskatchewan2083: Osoyoos, British Columbia2084: Ottawa, Ontario2085: Otterburn Park, Quebec2086: Otterville, Ontario2087: Outlook, Saskatchewan2088: Outremont, Quebec2089: Owen Sound, Ontario2090: Oxbow, Saskatchewan2091: Oxdrift, Ontario2092: Oxford, Nova Scotia2093: Oxford House, Manitoba2094: Oxford Mills, Ontario2095: Oyama, British Columbia2096: Oyen, Alberta2097: O`Leary, Prince Edward Island2098: Packs Harbour, Newfoundland2099: Pacquet, Newfoundland2100: Paddockwood, Saskatchewan2101: Paisley, Ontario2102: Pakenham, Ontario2103: Palgrave, Ontario2104: Palmarolle, Quebec2105: Palmer Rapids, Ontario2106: Palmerston, Ontario2107: Pangman, Saskatchewan2108: Papineauville, Quebec2109: Paquette Corner, Ontario2110: Paquetville, New Brunswick2111: Paradise, Newfoundland2112: Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan2113: Paradise River, Newfoundland2114: Paradise Valley, Alberta2115: Parent, Quebec2116: Parham, Ontario2117: Paris, Ontario2118: Parkhill, Ontario2119: Parksville, British Columbia2120: Parrsboro, Nova Scotia2121: Parry Sound, Ontario2122: Parson, British Columbia2123: Pasadena, Newfoundland2124: Pass Lake, Ontario2125: Patuanak, Saskatchewan2126: Paynton, Saskatchewan2127: Peace River, Alberta2128: Peachland, British Columbia2129: Peawanuck, Ontario2130: Peerless Lake, Alberta2131: Peers, Alberta2132: Pefferlaw, Ontario2133: Peggy`s Cove, Nova Scotia2134: Peguis, Manitoba2135: Pelee Island, Ontario2136: Pelham, Ontario2137: Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan2138: Pelican Rapids, Manitoba2139: Pelly, Saskatchewan2140: Pelly Crossing, Yukon2141: Pemberton, British Columbia2142: Pembroke, Ontario2143: Penetanguishene, Ontario2144: Penhold, Alberta2145: Pennant, Saskatchewan2146: Pense, Saskatchewan2147: Penticton, British Columbia2148: Perce, Quebec2149: Perdue, Saskatchewan2150: Peribonka, Quebec2151: Perkins, Quebec2152: Perrault Falls, Ontario2153: Perth, Ontario2154: Perth-Andover, New Brunswick2155: Petawawa, Ontario2156: Peterborough, Ontario2157: Peterview, Newfoundland2158: Petit Rocher, New Brunswick2159: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick2160: Petite-Riviere-St-Francois, Quebec2161: Petrolia, Ontario2162: Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove, Newfoundland2163: Philipsburg, Quebec2164: Piapot, Saskatchewan2165: Pickering, Ontario2166: Pickle Lake, Ontario2167: Picton, Ontario2168: Pictou, Nova Scotia2169: Picture Butte, Alberta2170: Pierceland, Saskatchewan2171: Pierrefonds, Quebec2172: Pierreville, Quebec2173: Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario2174: Pikwitonei, Manitoba2175: Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan2176: Pilot Mound, Manitoba2177: Pinawa, Manitoba2178: Pincher Creek, Alberta2179: Pincourt, Quebec2180: Pine Dock, Manitoba2181: Pine Falls, Manitoba2182: Pine River, Manitoba2183: Pineal Lake, Ontario2184: Pinehouse, Saskatchewan2185: Piney, Manitoba2186: Pintendre, Quebec2187: Pitt Meadows, British Columbia2188: Placentia, Newfoundland2189: Plaisance, Quebec2190: Plamondon, Alberta2191: Plantagenet, Ontario2192: Plaster Rock, New Brunswick2193: Plate Cove East, Newfoundland2194: Plato, Saskatchewan2195: Plattsville, Ontario2196: Pleasant Park, Ontario2197: Plenty, Saskatchewan2198: Plessisville, Quebec2199: Plevna, Ontario2200: Plum Coulee, Manitoba2201: Plumas, Manitoba2202: Pohenegamook, Quebec2203: Point Grondine First Nation, Ontario2204: Point Leamington, Newfoundland2205: Point Pelee, Ontario2206: Pointe au Baril, Ontario2207: Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec2208: Pointe du Bois, Manitoba2209: Pointe-a-la-Croix, Quebec2210: Pointe-au-Pere, Quebec2211: Pointe-aux-Outardes, Quebec2212: Pointe-Calumet, Quebec2213: Pointe-Claire, Quebec2214: Pointe-des-Cascades, Quebec2215: Pointe-des-Monts, Quebec2216: Pointe-Fortune, Quebec2217: Pointe-Lebel, Quebec2218: Ponoka, Alberta2219: Pont-Rouge, Quebec2220: Pont-Viau, Quebec2221: Ponteix, Saskatchewan2222: Pontiac, Quebec2223: Pool`s Cove, Newfoundland2224: Poplar River, Manitoba2225: Poplarfield, Manitoba2226: Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan2227: Port Alberni, British Columbia2228: Port Alice, British Columbia2229: Port au Choix, Newfoundland2230: Port au Port West-Aguathuna-Fe, Newfoundland2231: Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland2232: Port Bickerton, Nova Scotia2233: Port Blandford, Newfoundland2234: Port Burwell, Ontario2235: Port Carling, Ontario2236: Port Clements, British Columbia2237: Port Colborne, Ontario2238: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia2239: Port Credit, Ontario2240: Port Cunnington, Ontario2241: Port Dover, Ontario2242: Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia2243: Port Edward, British Columbia2244: Port Elgin, New Brunswick2245: Port Elgin, Ontario2246: Port Franks, Ontario2247: Port Greville, Nova Scotia2248: Port Hardy, British Columbia2249: Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia2250: Port Hood, Nova Scotia2251: Port Hope, Ontario2252: Port Hope Simpson, Newfoundland2253: Port La Tour, Nova Scotia2254: Port Lambton, Ontario2255: Port Loring, Ontario2256: Port Maitland, Nova Scotia2257: Port McNeill, British Columbia2258: Port McNicoll, Ontario2259: Port Mellon, British Columbia2260: Port Moody, British Columbia2261: Port Morien, Nova Scotia2262: Port Mouton, Nova Scotia2263: Port Perry, Ontario2264: Port Renfrew, British Columbia2265: Port Rexton, Newfoundland2266: Port Robinson, Ontario2267: Port Rowan, Ontario2268: Port Saunders, Newfoundland2269: Port Stanley, Ontario2270: Port Sydney, Ontario2271: Port Union, Newfoundland2272: Port-Cartier, Quebec2273: Port-Daniel, Quebec2274: Port-Menier, Quebec2275: Portage la Prairie, Manitoba2276: Portage-du-Fort, Quebec2277: Portland, Ontario2278: Portneuf, Quebec2279: Portugal Cove-St. Philip`s, Newfoundland2280: Poste-de-la-Baleine, Quebec2281: Postville, Newfoundland2282: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia2283: Pouch Cove, Newfoundland2284: Powassan, Ontario2285: Powell River, British Columbia2286: Preeceville, Saskatchewan2287: Prelate, Saskatchewan2288: Prescott, Ontario2289: Prespatou, British Columbia2290: Preston, Ontario2291: Prevost, Quebec2292: Price, Quebec2293: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan2294: Prince George, British Columbia2295: Prince Rupert, British Columbia2296: Princeton, British Columbia2297: Princeton, Newfoundland2298: Princeton, Ontario2299: Princeville, Quebec2300: Prophet River, British Columbia2301: Provost, Alberta2302: Prud`homme, Saskatchewan2303: Pubnico, Nova Scotia2304: Puce, Ontario2305: Pugwash, Nova Scotia2306: Punnichy, Saskatchewan2307: Puvirnituq, Quebec2308: Quadra Island, British Columbia2309: Qualicum Beach, British Columbia2310: Quebec, Quebec2311: Queen Charlotte, British Columbia2312: Queensport, Nova Scotia2313: Queenston, Ontario2314: Queensville, Ontario2315: Quesnel, British Columbia2316: Quill Lake, Saskatchewan2317: Quispamsis, New Brunswick2318: Quyon, Quebec2319: Qu`Appelle, Saskatchewan2320: Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan2321: Radisson, Quebec2322: Radisson, Saskatchewan2323: Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia2324: Radville, Saskatchewan2325: Radway, Alberta2326: Rae, Northwest Territories2327: Rae Lakes, Northwest Territories2328: Rainbow Lake, Alberta2329: Rainy Lake First Nation, Ontario2330: Rainy River, Ontario2331: Raith, Ontario2332: Raleigh, Newfoundland2333: Ralston, Alberta2334: Ramea, Newfoundland2335: Ramore, Ontario2336: Rankin Inlet, Nunavut2337: Rapid City, Manitoba2338: Rathwell, Manitoba2339: Rawdon, Quebec2340: Raymond, Alberta2341: Raymore, Saskatchewan2342: Rayside-Balfour, Ontario2343: Red Bank, New Brunswick2344: Red Bay, Newfoundland2345: Red Deer, Alberta2346: Red Lake, Ontario2347: Red Rock, British Columbia2348: Red Rock, Ontario2349: Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba2350: Redbridge, Ontario2351: Redcliff, Alberta2352: Redditt, Ontario2353: Redvers, Saskatchewan2354: Redwater, Alberta2355: Reefs Harbour, Newfoundland2356: Regina, Saskatchewan2357: Regina Beach, Saskatchewan2358: Remigny, Quebec2359: Rencontre East, Newfoundland2360: Renfrew, Ontario2361: Rennie, Manitoba2362: Repentigny, Quebec2363: Rserve faunique de Rimouski, Quebec2364: Rserve faunique la Vrendrye, Quebec2365: Rserves fauniques de Matane e, Quebec2366: Resolute, Nunavut2367: Reston, Manitoba2368: Restoule, Ontario2369: Revelstoke, British Columbia2370: Rhein, Saskatchewan2371: Riceton, Saskatchewan2372: Richelieu, Quebec2373: Richibucto, New Brunswick2374: Richmond, British Columbia2375: Richmond, Ontario2376: Richmond, Quebec2377: Richmond Hill, Ontario2378: Richmound, Saskatchewan2379: Ridgedale, Saskatchewan2380: Ridgetown, Ontario2381: Ridgeway, Ontario2382: Rigaud, Quebec2383: Rigolet, Newfoundland2384: Rimbey, Alberta2385: Rimouski, Quebec2386: Rimouski-Est, Quebec2387: Riondel, British Columbia2388: Ripley, Ontario2389: Ripon, Quebec2390: Riske Creek, British Columbia2391: River Hebert, Nova Scotia2392: River John, Nova Scotia2393: River of Ponds, Newfoundland2394: Riverhurst, Saskatchewan2395: Riverport, Nova Scotia2396: Rivers, Manitoba2397: Riverton, Manitoba2398: Riverview, New Brunswick2399: Riviere-a-Pierre, Quebec2400: Riviere-au-Renard, Quebec2401: Riviere-au-Tonnerre, Quebec2402: Riviere-Beaudette, Quebec2403: Riviere-Bleue, Quebec2404: Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec2405: Riviere-Heva, Quebec2406: Riviere-St-Jean, Quebec2407: Robb, Alberta2408: Robertsonville, Quebec2409: Robert`s Arm, Newfoundland2410: Roberval, Quebec2411: Roblin, Manitoba2412: Rocanville, Saskatchewan2413: Rochebaucourt, Quebec2414: Rochester, Alberta2415: Rock Creek, British Columbia2416: Rock Forest, Quebec2417: Rockglen, Saskatchewan2418: Rockland, Ontario2419: Rockwood, Ontario2420: Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland2421: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta2422: Rockyford, Alberta2423: Roddickton, Newfoundland2424: Rodney, Ontario2425: Rogersville, New Brunswick2426: Roland, Manitoba2427: Rolla, British Columbia2428: Rollet, Quebec2429: Rolling Hills, Alberta2430: Rolphton, Ontario2431: Rondeau, Ontario2432: Rorketon, Manitoba2433: Rosalind, Alberta2434: Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou, Newfoundland2435: Rose Valley, Saskatchewan2436: Rosebud, Alberta2437: Rosemere, Quebec2438: Roseneath, Ontario2439: Rosetown, Saskatchewan2440: Ross River, Yukon2441: Rossburn, Manitoba2442: Rosseau, Ontario2443: Rossland, British Columbia2444: Rosthern, Saskatchewan2445: Rothesay, New Brunswick2446: Rougemont, Quebec2447: Rouleau, Saskatchewan2448: Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec2449: Roxboro, Quebec2450: Roxton Falls, Quebec2451: Roxton Pond, Quebec2452: Rumsey, Alberta2453: Rushoon, Newfoundland2454: Russell, Manitoba2455: Russell, Ontario2456: Rusticoville, Prince Edward Island2457: Ruthven, Ontario2458: Rycroft, Alberta2459: Ryley, Alberta2460: Saanich, British Columbia2461: Sabrevois, Quebec2462: Sachigo First Nation Reserve 1, Ontario2463: Sackville, New Brunswick2464: Sacre Coeur, Quebec2465: Saint Alexandre D`Iberville, Quebec2466: Saint Alphonse de Granby, Quebec2467: Saint Amable, Quebec2468: Saint Andrews, New Brunswick2469: Saint Antoine Des Laurentides, Quebec2470: Saint Antoine Sur Richelieu, Quebec2471: Saint Antonin, Quebec2472: Saint Athanase, Quebec2473: Saint Calixte, Quebec2474: Saint Charles Borromee, Quebec2475: Saint Charles Sur Richelieu, Quebec2476: Saint Christophe D`Arthabaska, Quebec2477: Saint Clair Beach, Ontario2478: Saint Colomban, Quebec2479: Saint Denis De Brompton, Quebec2480: Saint Denis Sur Richelieu, Quebec2481: Saint Esprit, Quebec2482: Saint Etienne de Beauharnois, Quebec2483: Saint Etienne de Lauzon, Quebec2484: Saint Gerard Majella, Quebec2485: Saint Isidore de la Prairie, Quebec2486: Saint Jean Baptiste, Quebec2487: Saint Jean D`Orleans, Quebec2488: Saint Joachim, Quebec2489: Saint John, New Brunswick2490: Saint Joseph De La Pointe De L, Quebec2491: Saint Laurent D`Orleans, Quebec2492: Saint Lazare De Vaudreuil, Quebec2493: Saint Lin Laurentides, Quebec2494: Saint Marc Sur Richelieu, Quebec2495: Saint Mathias Sur Richelieu, Quebec2496: Saint Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec2497: Saint Mathieu de la Prairie, Quebec2498: Saint Maurice, Quebec2499: Saint Norbert D`Arthabaska, Quebec2500: Saint Paul D`Industrie, Quebec2501: Saint Philippe, Quebec2502: Saint Pierre D`Orleans, Quebec2503: Saint Robert, Quebec2504: Saint Roch De L`Achigan, Quebec2505: Saint Roch De Richelieu, Quebec2506: Saint Sulpice, Quebec2507: Saint Thomas, Quebec2508: Saint Urbain Premier, Quebec2509: Saint Valere, Quebec2510: Saint Victoire de Sorel, Quebec2511: Saint-Alexis-de-Montcalm, Quebec2512: Saint-Cme, Quebec2513: Saint-Donat, Quebec2514: Saint-lie, Quebec2515: Saint-lie-d`Orford, Quebec2516: Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec2517: Saint-Ferrol-les-neiges, Quebec2518: Saint-Hubert, Quebec2519: Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec2520: Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec2521: Sainte Angele De Monnoir, Quebec2522: Sainte Ann De Sorel, Quebec2523: Sainte Brigide D`Iberville, Quebec2524: Sainte Cecile De Milton, Quebec2525: Sainte Dorothe, Quebec2526: Sainte Famille, Quebec2527: Sainte Marie Salome, Quebec2528: Sainte Marthe Du Cap, Quebec2529: Sainte Sophie, Quebec2530: Sainte Therese De Blainville, Quebec2531: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec2532: Salem, Ontario2533: Salisbury, New Brunswick2534: Salluit, Quebec2535: Salmo, British Columbia2536: Salmon Arm, British Columbia2537: Salmon Cove, Newfoundland2538: Salmon Valley, British Columbia2539: Salt Springs, Nova Scotia2540: Saltcoats, Saskatchewan2541: Salvage, Newfoundland2542: Sandspit, British Columbia2543: Sandwich, Ontario2544: Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan2545: Sandy Cove Acres, Ontario2546: Sandy Lake, Manitoba2547: Sandy Lake, Ontario2548: Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario2549: Sanford, Manitoba2550: Sangudo, Alberta2551: Sanmaur, Quebec2552: Sapawe, Ontario2553: Sarnia, Ontario2554: Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta2555: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan2556: Sauble Beach, Ontario2557: Saugeen First Nation, Ontario2558: Saulnierville, Nova Scotia2559: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario2560: Sault-au-Mouton, Quebec2561: Savant Lake, Ontario2562: Savona, British Columbia2563: Sawyerville, Quebec2564: Sayabec, Quebec2565: Sayward, British Columbia2566: Scarborough, Ontario2567: Sceptre, Saskatchewan2568: Schefferville, Quebec2569: Schomberg, Ontario2570: Schreiber, Ontario2571: Schuler, Alberta2572: Scotland, Ontario2573: Scotstown, Quebec2574: Scott, Saskatchewan2575: Seaforth, Ontario2576: Seal Cove, Newfoundland2577: Searchmont, Ontario2578: Seba Beach, Alberta2579: Sebright, Ontario2580: Sebringville, Ontario2581: Sechelt, British Columbia2582: Sedgewick, Alberta2583: Sedley, Saskatchewan2584: Seeleys Bay, Ontario2585: Selby, Ontario2586: Seldom-Little Seldom, Newfoundland2587: Selkirk, Manitoba2588: Selkirk, Ontario2589: Semans, Saskatchewan2590: Senneterre, Quebec2591: Senneville, Quebec2592: Sept-Iles, Quebec2593: Serpent River First Nation, Ontario2594: Seven Persons, Alberta2595: Severn Bridge, Ontario2596: Sexsmith, Alberta2597: Shakespeare, Ontario2598: Shalalth, British Columbia2599: Shamattawa, Manitoba2600: Shannonville, Ontario2601: Sharbot Lake, Ontario2602: Shaunavon, Saskatchewan2603: Shawanaga First Nation, Ontario2604: Shawbridge, Quebec2605: Shawinigan, Quebec2606: Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec2607: Shawville, Quebec2608: Shebandowan, Ontario2609: Shedden, Ontario2610: Shediac, New Brunswick2611: Shefford, Quebec2612: Sheho, Saskatchewan2613: Shelburne, Nova Scotia2614: Shelburne, Ontario2615: Shell Lake, Saskatchewan2616: Shellbrook, Saskatchewan2617: Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia2618: Sherbrooke, Quebec2619: Sherwood Park, Alberta2620: Shigawake, Quebec2621: Shilo, Manitoba2622: Shippagan, New Brunswick2623: Shipshaw, Quebec2624: Shoal Lake, Manitoba2625: Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia2626: Sibbald, Alberta2627: Sicamous, British Columbia2628: Sidney, British Columbia2629: Sidney, Manitoba2630: Sifton, Manitoba2631: Sillery, Quebec2632: Silver Valley, Alberta2633: Silver Water, Ontario2634: Simcoe, Ontario2635: Simpson, Saskatchewan2636: Sintaluta, Saskatchewan2637: Sioux Lookout, Ontario2638: Sioux Narrows, Ontario2639: Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario2640: Skookumchuck, British Columbia2641: Slave Lake, Alberta2642: Slocan, British Columbia2643: Small Point-Broad Cove-Blackhe, Newfoundland2644: Smeaton, Saskatchewan2645: Smiley, Saskatchewan2646: Smith, Alberta2647: Smithers, British Columbia2648: Smiths Falls, Ontario2649: Smithville, Ontario2650: Smoky Lake, Alberta2651: Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario2652: Snelgrove, Ontario2653: Snow Lake, Manitoba2654: Snowflake, Manitoba2655: Sointula, British Columbia2656: Sombra, Ontario2657: Somerset, Manitoba2658: Sooke, British Columbia2659: Sorel-Tracy, Quebec2660: Sorrento, British Columbia2661: Souris, Manitoba2662: Souris, Prince Edward Island2663: South Brook, Newfoundland2664: South Indian Lake, Manitoba2665: South Lake, Prince Edward Island2666: South Mountain, Ontario2667: South River, Newfoundland2668: South River, Ontario2669: South Slocan, British Columbia2670: Southampton, Nova Scotia2671: Southampton, Ontario2672: Southend, Saskatchewan2673: Southern Harbour, Newfoundland2674: Southey, Saskatchewan2675: Spalding, Saskatchewan2676: Spaniard`s Bay, Newfoundland2677: Spanish, Ontario2678: Sparta, Ontario2679: Sparwood, British Columbia2680: Speers, Saskatchewan2681: Spencerville, Ontario2682: Spences Bridge, British Columbia2683: Sperling, Manitoba2684: Spillimacheen, British Columbia2685: Spirit River, Alberta2686: Spiritwood, Saskatchewan2687: Split Lake, Manitoba2688: Spotted Island, Newfoundland2689: Sprague, Manitoba2690: Springdale, Newfoundland2691: Springfield, New Brunswick2692: Springfield, Nova Scotia2693: Springhill, Nova Scotia2694: Springside, Saskatchewan2695: Spruce Grove, Alberta2696: Spruce View, Alberta2697: Sprucedale, Ontario2698: Spy Hill, Saskatchewan2699: Squamish, British Columbia2700: Squatec, Quebec2701: St-Adelphe, Quebec2702: St-Adolphe-de-Dudswell, Quebec2703: St-Adolphe-d`Howard, Quebec2704: St-Agapit, Quebec2705: St-Aime, Quebec2706: St-Albert, Quebec2707: St-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Quebec2708: St-Alexis-de-Matapedia, Quebec2709: St-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec2710: St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec2711: St-Andre, Quebec2712: St-Andre-Avellin, Quebec2713: St-Andre-du-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec2714: St-Andre-Est, Quebec2715: St-Anselme, Quebec2716: St-Antoine, New Brunswick2717: St-Antoine, Quebec2718: St-Antoine-de-Tilly, Quebec2719: St-Apollinaire, Quebec2720: St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec2721: St-Barnabe, Quebec2722: St-Barthelemy, Quebec2723: St-Basile, New Brunswick2724: St-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec2725: St-Basile-Sud, Quebec2726: St-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, Quebec2727: St-Boniface-de-Shawinigan, Quebec2728: St-Bruno, Quebec2729: St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec2730: St-Calixte-de-Kilkenny, Quebec2731: St-Casimir, Quebec2732: St-Celestin, Quebec2733: St-Cesaire, Quebec2734: St-Charles-de-Bellechasse, Quebec2735: St-Chrysostome, Quebec2736: St-Clet, Quebec2737: St-Constant, Quebec2738: St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec2739: St-Damase, Quebec2740: St-Damien-de-Buckland, Quebec2741: St-Denis, Quebec2742: St-Edouard-de-Lotbiniere, Quebec2743: St-Eleuthere, Quebec2744: St-Emile, Quebec2745: St-Emile-de-Suffolk, Quebec2746: St-Ephrem-de-Beauce, Quebec2747: St-Ephrem-de-Tring, Quebec2748: St-Eugene, Ontario2749: St-Eugene-de-Guigues, Quebec2750: St-Eustache, Quebec2751: St-Fabien-de-Panet, Quebec2752: St-Felicien, Quebec2753: St-Felix-de-Kingsey, Quebec2754: St-Felix-de-Valois, Quebec2755: St-Fidele-de-Mont-Murray, Quebec2756: St-Flavien, Quebec2757: St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec2758: St-Fulgence, Quebec2759: St-Gabriel, Quebec2760: St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec2761: St-Gedeon, Quebec2762: St-Georges, Quebec2763: St-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec2764: St-Georges-de-Cacouna, Quebec2765: St-Gerard, Quebec2766: St-Germain-de-Grantham, Quebec2767: St-Gregoire-de-Greenlay, Quebec2768: St-Guillaume, Quebec2769: St-Hilarion, Quebec2770: St-Hippolyte, Quebec2771: St-Honore-de-Beauce, Quebec2772: St-Honore-de-Chicoutimi, Quebec2773: St-Hugues, Quebec2774: St-Irenee, Quebec2775: St-Isidore, New Brunswick2776: St-Jacques, Quebec2777: St-Jean-Chrysostome, Quebec2778: St-Jean-de-Dieu, Quebec2779: St-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec2780: St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec2781: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec2782: St-Jerome, Quebec2783: St-Joseph-de-Beauce, Quebec2784: St-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Quebec2785: St-Joseph-de-Sorel, Quebec2786: St-Jovite, Quebec2787: St-Jude, Quebec2788: St-Just-de-Bretenieres, Quebec2789: St-Lambert, Quebec2790: St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Quebec2791: St-Laurent, Quebec2792: St-Leon-le-Grand, Quebec2793: St-Leonard, Quebec2794: St-Leonard-d`Aston, Quebec2795: St-Liboire, Quebec2796: St-Lin, Quebec2797: St-Louis de Kent, New Brunswick2798: St-Louis-de-France, Quebec2799: St-Luc, Quebec2800: St-Ludger, Quebec2801: St-Magloire, Quebec2802: St-Malachie, Quebec2803: St-Malo, Quebec2804: St-Marc-des-Carrieres, Quebec2805: St-Methode-de-Frontenac, Quebec2806: St-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Quebec2807: St-Moose, Quebec2808: St-Nazaire-d`Acton, Quebec2809: St-Nicolas, Quebec2810: St-Noel, Quebec2811: St-Odilon-de-Cranbourne, Quebec2812: St-Ours, Quebec2813: St-Pacome, Quebec2814: St-Pamphile, Quebec2815: St-Pascal, Quebec2816: St-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, Quebec2817: St-Paul-de-Montminy, Quebec2818: St-Paul-d`Abbotsford, Quebec2819: St-Paulin, Quebec2820: St-Philippe-de-Neri, Quebec2821: St-Pie, Quebec2822: St-Pie-de-Guire, Quebec2823: St-Pierre, Quebec2824: St-Pierre-de-Wakefield, Quebec2825: St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba2826: St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Quebec2827: St-Polycarpe, Quebec2828: St-Prime, Quebec2829: St-Prosper-de-Dorchester, Quebec2830: St-Quentin, New Brunswick2831: St-Raymond, Quebec2832: St-Redempteur, Quebec2833: St-Remi, Quebec2834: St-Rene-de-Matane, Quebec2835: St-Roch-de-Mekinac, Quebec2836: St-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Quebec2837: St-Romuald, Quebec2838: St-Sauveur, Quebec2839: St-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec2840: St-Simeon, Quebec2841: St-Simon-de-Bagot, Quebec2842: St-Simon-de-Rimouski, Quebec2843: St-Sylvere, Quebec2844: St-Sylvestre, Quebec2845: St-Theophile, Quebec2846: St-Thomas-d`Aquin, Quebec2847: St-Timothee, Quebec2848: St-Tite, Quebec2849: St-Tite-des-Caps, Quebec2850: St-Ubalde, Quebec2851: St-Ulric, Quebec2852: St-Urbain, Quebec2853: St-Victor, Quebec2854: St-Wenceslas, Quebec2855: St-Zacharie, Quebec2856: St-Zenon, Quebec2857: St-Zephirin, Quebec2858: St-Zotique, Quebec2859: St. Alban`s, Newfoundland2860: St. Albert, Alberta2861: St. Ambroise de Chicoutimi, Quebec2862: St. Anthony, Newfoundland2863: St. Basile de Portneuf, Quebec2864: St. Benedict, Saskatchewan2865: St. Bernard de Dorchester, Quebec2866: St. Bernard`s-Jacques Fontaine, Newfoundland2867: St. Brendan`s, Newfoundland2868: St. Bride`s, Newfoundland2869: St. Brieux, Saskatchewan2870: St. Catharines, Ontario2871: St. Charles, Ontario2872: St. Claude, Manitoba2873: St. Clements, Ontario2874: St. Come de Kennebec, Quebec2875: St. Davids, Ontario2876: St. Edouard de Frampton, Quebec2877: St. Fabien de Rimouski, Quebec2878: St. Ferdinand d`Halifax, Quebec2879: St. Fidele, Quebec2880: St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba2881: St. Gabriel de Rimouski, Quebec2882: St. Gedeon de Beauce, Quebec2883: St. George, New Brunswick2884: St. George, Ontario2885: St. George`s, Newfoundland2886: St. Gregoire de Nicolet, Quebec2887: St. Gregor, Saskatchewan2888: St. Henri de Levis, Quebec2889: St. Honore, Quebec2890: St. Isidore de Prescott, Ontario2891: St. Jacobs, Ontario2892: St. Jacques-Coomb`s Cove, Newfoundland2893: St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba2894: St. John`s, Newfoundland2895: St. Laurent, Manitoba2896: St. Lawrence, Newfoundland2897: St. Lazare, Manitoba2898: St. Leon De Chic., Quebec2899: St. Leonard, New Brunswick2900: St. Lewis, Newfoundland2901: St. Louis, Saskatchewan2902: St. Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland2903: St. Margaret Village, Nova Scotia2904: St. Martin de Beauce, Quebec2905: St. Martins, New Brunswick2906: St. Marys, Ontario2907: St. Mary`s, Newfoundland2908: St. Michael, Alberta2909: St. Moise, Quebec2910: St. Paul, Alberta2911: St. Peters, Prince Edward Island2912: St. Peter`s, Nova Scotia2913: St. Raphael de Bellechasse, Quebec2914: St. Regis, Ontario2915: St. Sebastien, Quebec2916: St. Stanislas de Champlain, Quebec2917: St. Stephen, New Brunswick2918: St. Theodore de Chertsey, Quebec2919: St. Thomas, Ontario2920: St. Victor de Beauce, Quebec2921: St. Vincent de Paul, Quebec2922: St. Vincent`s-St. Stephen`s-Pe, Newfoundland2923: St. Walburg, Saskatchewan2924: Stand Off, Alberta2925: Standard, Alberta2926: Stanley, New Brunswick2927: Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan2928: Stanstead, Quebec2929: Star City, Saskatchewan2930: Starbuck, Manitoba2931: Stavely, Alberta2932: Stayner, Ontario2933: Ste-Adele, Quebec2934: Ste-Agathe, Quebec2935: Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec2936: Ste-Agathe-Sud, Quebec2937: Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec2938: Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec2939: Ste-Anne-de-la-Perade, Quebec2940: Ste-Anne-de-Madawaska, New Brunswick2941: Ste-Anne-de-Portneuf, Quebec2942: Ste-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec2943: Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec2944: Ste-Anne-du-Lac, Quebec2945: Ste-Blandine, Quebec2946: Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec2947: Ste-Catherine, Quebec2948: Ste-Clotilde-de-Horton, Quebec2949: Ste-Eulalie, Quebec2950: Ste-Felicite, Quebec2951: Ste-Foy, Quebec2952: Ste-Genevieve, Quebec2953: Ste-Helene-de-Bagot, Quebec2954: Ste-Henedine, Quebec2955: Ste-Jeanne-d`Arc, Quebec2956: Ste-Julie, Quebec2957: Ste-Julie-de-Vercheres, Quebec2958: Ste-Julienne, Quebec2959: Ste-Justine, Quebec2960: Ste-Lucie-de-Beauregard, Quebec2961: Ste-Madeleine, Quebec2962: Ste-Marguerite, Quebec2963: Ste-Marie-de-Beauce, Quebec2964: Ste-Marie-de-Blandford, Quebec2965: Ste-Marthe, Quebec2966: Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec2967: Ste-Perpetue, Quebec2968: Ste-Petronille, Quebec2969: Ste-Rosalie, Quebec2970: Ste-Rose, Quebec2971: Ste-Rose-de-Watford, Quebec2972: Ste-Rose-du-Nord, Quebec2973: Ste-Sophie-de-Levrard, Quebec2974: Ste-Thecle, Quebec2975: Ste-Therese, Quebec2976: Ste-Veronique, Quebec2977: Ste-Victoire, Quebec2978: Ste. Agathe, Manitoba2979: Ste. Agathe de Lotbiniere, Quebec2980: Ste. Angele de Laval, Quebec2981: Ste. Cecile Masham, Quebec2982: Ste. Claire de Dorchester, Quebec2983: Ste. Croix de Lotbiniere, Quebec2984: Ste. Gertrude, Quebec2985: Ste. Justine de Newton, Quebec2986: Ste. Martine, Quebec2987: Ste. Methode de Frontenac, Quebec2988: Ste. Monique de Nicolet, Quebec2989: Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba2990: Steady Brook, Newfoundland2991: Steep Rock, Manitoba2992: Steinbach, Manitoba2993: Stellarton, Nova Scotia2994: Stephenville, Newfoundland2995: Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland2996: Stettler, Alberta2997: Stevensville, Ontario2998: Stewart, British Columbia2999: Stewarttown, Ontario3000: Stewiacke, Nova Scotia3001: Stirling, Alberta3002: Stirling, Ontario3003: Stockholm, Saskatchewan3004: Stoke, Quebec3005: Stoke`s Bay, Ontario3006: Stoneham, Quebec3007: Stonewall, Manitoba3008: Stoney Creek, Ontario3009: Stoney Point, Ontario3010: Stony Plain, Alberta3011: Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan3012: Storthoaks, Saskatchewan3013: Stouffville, Ontario3014: Stoughton, Saskatchewan3015: Straffordville, Ontario3016: Strasbourg, Saskatchewan3017: Stratford, Ontario3018: Stratford, Prince Edward Island3019: Stratford, Quebec3020: Strathclair, Manitoba3021: Strathmore, Alberta3022: Strathroy, Ontario3023: Stratton, Ontario3024: Streetsville, Ontario3025: Strome, Alberta3026: Strongfield, Saskatchewan3027: Stroud, Ontario3028: Stukely-Sud, Quebec3029: Sturgeon Falls, Ontario3030: Sturgis, Saskatchewan3031: Sudbury, Ontario3032: Sultan, Ontario3033: Summer Beaver, Ontario3034: Summerford, Newfoundland3035: Summerland, British Columbia3036: Summerside, Newfoundland3037: Summerside, Prince Edward Island3038: Summerville, New Brunswick3039: Summit Lake, British Columbia3040: Sunderland, Ontario3041: Sundre, Alberta3042: Sundridge, Ontario3043: Sunnyside, Newfoundland3044: Surrey, British Columbia3045: Sussex, New Brunswick3046: Sutton, Ontario3047: Sutton, Quebec3048: Swan Hills, Alberta3049: Swan Lake, Manitoba3050: Swan River, Manitoba3051: Swastika, Ontario3052: Swift Current, Saskatchewan3053: Swift River, Yukon3054: Sydenham, Ontario3055: Sydney, Nova Scotia3056: Sylvan Lake, Alberta3057: Taber, Alberta3058: Tabusintac, New Brunswick3059: Tachie, British Columbia3060: Tadoule Lake, Manitoba3061: Tadoussac, Quebec3062: Tagish, Yukon3063: Tahsis, British Columbia3064: Tamworth, Ontario3065: Tangier, Nova Scotia3066: Tantallon, Saskatchewan3067: Tara, Ontario3068: Taschereau, Quebec3069: Tasiujaq, Quebec3070: Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia3071: Tatla Lake, British Columbia3072: Tavistock, Ontario3073: Taylor, British Columbia3074: Taylor Corners, Ontario3075: Tecumseh, Ontario3076: Teeswater, Ontario3077: Telegraph Creek, British Columbia3078: Telkwa, British Columbia3079: Temagami, Ontario3080: Temiscaming, Quebec3081: Terra Nova, Newfoundland3082: Terrace, British Columbia3083: Terrace Bay, Ontario3084: Terrasse Vaudreuil, Quebec3085: Terrebonne, Quebec3086: Terrenceville, Newfoundland3087: Teslin, Yukon3088: Tete-a-la-Baleine, Quebec3089: Teulon, Manitoba3090: Thamesford, Ontario3091: Thamesville, Ontario3092: The Eabametoong (Fort Hope) Fi, Ontario3093: The Pas, Manitoba3094: Thedford, Ontario3095: Theodore, Saskatchewan3096: Thessalon, Ontario3097: Thessalon First Nation, Ontario3098: Thetford Mines, Quebec3099: Thicket Portage, Manitoba3100: Thompson, Manitoba3101: Thorburn, Nova Scotia3102: Thorhild, Alberta3103: Thornbury, Ontario3104: Thorndale, Ontario3105: Thorne, Ontario3106: Thornhill, Ontario3107: Thorold, Ontario3108: Thorsby, Alberta3109: Three Hills, Alberta3110: Thrums, British Columbia3111: Thunder Bay, Ontario3112: Thurlow, Ontario3113: Thurso, Quebec3114: Tignish, Prince Edward Island3115: Tilbury, Ontario3116: Tilley, Alberta3117: Tillsonburg, Ontario3118: Timmins, Ontario3119: Tingwick, Quebec3120: Tisdale, Saskatchewan3121: Tiverton, Ontario3122: Toad River, British Columbia3123: Tobermory, Ontario3124: Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick3125: Tofield, Alberta3126: Tofino, British Columbia3127: Togo, Saskatchewan3128: Toledo, Ontario3129: Tomahawk, Alberta3130: Tompkins, Saskatchewan3131: Topley, British Columbia3132: Torbay, Newfoundland3133: Toronto, Ontario3134: Toronto Island, Ontario3135: Torquay, Saskatchewan3136: Torrington, Alberta3137: Tottenham, Ontario3138: Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick3139: Trail, British Columbia3140: Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan3141: Treherne, Manitoba3142: Tremblay, Quebec3143: Trenton, Nova Scotia3144: Trenton, Ontario3145: Trepassey, Newfoundland3146: Tribune, Saskatchewan3147: Tring-Jonction, Quebec3148: Triton, Newfoundland3149: Trochu, Alberta3150: Trois-Pistoles, Quebec3151: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec3152: Trout Creek, Ontario3153: Trout Lake, Alberta3154: Trout Lake, British Columbia3155: Trout Lake, Northwest Territories3156: Trout River, Newfoundland3157: Trowbridge, Ontario3158: Truro, Nova Scotia3159: Tsay Keh Dene, British Columbia3160: Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories3161: Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories3162: Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia3163: Turner Valley, Alberta3164: Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan3165: Turtleford, Saskatchewan3166: Tusket, Nova Scotia3167: Tweed, Ontario3168: Twillingate, Newfoundland3169: Two Hills, Alberta3170: Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island3171: Ucluelet, British Columbia3172: Udora, Ontario3173: Umiujaq, Quebec3174: Uniondale, Ontario3175: Unionville, Ontario3176: Unity, Saskatchewan3177: Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland3178: Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia3179: Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia3180: Upsala, Ontario3181: Upton, Quebec3182: Uranium City, Saskatchewan3183: Utterson, Ontario3184: Uxbridge, Ontario3185: Val Marie, Saskatchewan3186: Val-Alain, Quebec3187: Val-Barrette, Quebec3188: Val-Belair, Quebec3189: Val-Brillant, Quebec3190: Val-David, Quebec3191: Val-des-Bois, Quebec3192: Val-d`Or, Quebec3193: Valcartier, Quebec3194: Valcourt, Quebec3195: Valemount, British Columbia3196: Vallee-Jonction, Quebec3197: Valley East, Ontario3198: Valleyview, Alberta3199: Vallican, British Columbia3200: Van Anda, British Columbia3201: Vancouver, British Columbia3202: Vanderhoof, British Columbia3203: Vanguard, Saskatchewan3204: Vanier, Ontario3205: Vanier, Quebec3206: Vankleek Hill, Ontario3207: Vanscoy, Saskatchewan3208: Varennes, Quebec3209: Vaudreuil, Quebec3210: Vaudreuil Dorion, Quebec3211: Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, Quebec3212: Vaughan, Ontario3213: Vauxhall, Alberta3214: Vavenby, British Columbia3215: Vegreville, Alberta3216: Venise-en-Quebec, Quebec3217: Vercheres, Quebec3218: Verdun, Quebec3219: Vermilion, Alberta3220: Vermilion Bay, Ontario3221: Verner, Ontario3222: Vernon, British Columbia3223: Vernon River, Prince Edward Island3224: Verona, Ontario3225: Veteran, Alberta3226: Vibank, Saskatchewan3227: Victoria, British Columbia3228: Victoria, Newfoundland3229: Victoria, Ontario3230: Victoriaville, Quebec3231: View Royal, British Columbia3232: Viking, Alberta3233: Ville-Marie, Quebec3234: Vilna, Alberta3235: Vimont, Quebec3236: Vineland, Ontario3237: Virden, Manitoba3238: Virginiatown, Ontario3239: Viscount, Saskatchewan3240: Vita, Manitoba3241: Vonda, Saskatchewan3242: Vulcan, Alberta3243: Waasagomach, Manitoba3244: Wabamun, Alberta3245: Wabana, Newfoundland3246: Wabigoon, Ontario3247: Wabowden, Manitoba3248: Wabush, Newfoundland3249: Wadena, Saskatchewan3250: Wainfleet, Ontario3251: Wainwright, Alberta3252: Wakaw, Saskatchewan3253: Wakefield, Quebec3254: Walden, Ontario3255: Waldheim, Saskatchewan3256: Walkerton, Ontario3257: Wallace, Nova Scotia3258: Wallaceburg, Ontario3259: Walsh, Alberta3260: Walton, Nova Scotia3261: Wandering River, Alberta3262: Wanham, Alberta3263: Wanless, Manitoba3264: Wapekeka First Nation, Ontario3265: Wapella, Saskatchewan3266: Warburg, Alberta3267: Warden, Quebec3268: Wardsville, Ontario3269: Warkworth, Ontario3270: Warman, Saskatchewan3271: Warner, Alberta3272: Warren, Ontario3273: Warspite, Alberta3274: Warwick, Quebec3275: Wasaga Beach, Ontario3276: Wasagaming, Manitoba3277: Waskaganish, Quebec3278: Waskatenau, Alberta3279: Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan3280: Waswanipi, Quebec3281: Waterdown, Ontario3282: Waterford, Ontario3283: Waterhen, Manitoba3284: Waterloo, Ontario3285: Waterloo, Quebec3286: Waterville, Quebec3287: Watford, Ontario3288: Watrous, Saskatchewan3289: Watson, Saskatchewan3290: Watson Lake, Yukon3291: Waubaushene, Ontario3292: Waverley, Nova Scotia3293: Wawa, Ontario3294: Wawanesa, Manitoba3295: Wawota, Saskatchewan3296: Webb, Saskatchewan3297: Webbwood, Ontario3298: Webequie, Ontario3299: Wedgeport, Nova Scotia3300: Weedon, Quebec3301: Weedon Centre, Quebec3302: Welcome, Ontario3303: Welland, Ontario3304: Wellandport, Ontario3305: Wellesley, Ontario3306: Wellington, Ontario3307: Wellington, Prince Edward Island3308: Wells, British Columbia3309: Welsford, New Brunswick3310: Welwyn, Saskatchewan3311: Wembley, Alberta3312: Wemindji, Quebec3313: Wendover, Quebec3314: Wesleyville, Newfoundland3315: West Brome, Quebec3316: West Guilford, Ontario3317: West Lincoln, Ontario3318: West Lorne, Ontario3319: West Vancouver, British Columbia3320: Westbank, British Columbia3321: Westbury, Quebec3322: Western Bay, Newfoundland3323: Westfield, New Brunswick3324: Westlock, Alberta3325: Westmeath, Ontario3326: Westmount, Quebec3327: Westport, Newfoundland3328: Westport, 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Marget Anne (Hubbard) Boyd (Maggie)
She was a member of Eastside Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Survivors include five brothers, Alfred (Bo) Hubbard and wife Sandy, Bill Hubbard and wife Mary, all of Pittsburg, Kan., Charles (Chuck) Hubbard of Pittsfield, New Hampshire, Paul David ...
Alfred La Neve Sr.
ARCHBOLD -- Alfred (Al) Donald La Neve Sr ... Mark Edward (Tracey) La Neve of Hubbard, Ohio. He also leaves behind 11 grandchildren, Anthony, Christopher, Nicholas, Nicole, Julian, Cameron, Kat, Eleanor, Luca, Gianmarco and Gianna; and two ...
Cecelia Trombley
Cecelia was born in Flint, Michigan on January 11, 1929, the daughter of the late Alfred and Rosetta (Rhinehardt) DeShano. She married Robert Trombley on August 9, 1947 in Flint. She was a member of St. Catherine's on the Hill in Hubbard Lake, member of ...
Jessie Habermehl
and Alfred and Peggy Schultz; several aunts, uncles and cousins. Memorial visitation for family and friends will be Monday at St. Paul Lutheran Church Hubbard Lake from 10 a.m. until time of the memorial service at 11 a.m. with Rev. Robert Mikkelson officiating.
Arthur Meyer
MEYER, Arthur B., 80, of Tendercare Alpena died Thursday, March 8, 2012. He is survived by his sister, Erna Miller of Hubbard Lake; two brothers, Alfred (Arlene), and Richard (Alys K), all of Ossineke; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Sadie Davis
Also preceding Sadie in death are seven siblings: half-brother Albert Levi Lee McSwain (1905-1966), sister Neoma Belle Criswell Gillispie (1909-1994), brothers Alfred P ... JB Criswell (1919-2010) and Hubbard Ross Criswell (1924-1988).
Brookline arrest reports: March 5-11
Alexander Filho, 23, of 88 Hubbard St., Malden, was arrested at 3:08 ... and failure to submit a motor vehicle for inspection. Evans Alfred was the arresting officer. Drunken driving/warrant arrest: Jaqueline Slepoy, 47, of 1718 Beacon St ...
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club: The Voyage of the Space Beagle: Introduction
Ron Hubbard and for a time was head of Hubbard's Diantetics ... In the 1940s van Vogt became interested in Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics and used it as the theme for his novel The World of Null-A. It's hero, Gilbert Gosseyn, was a typical ...
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Alfred Hubbard
Alfred Hubbard may refer to: Alfred Hubbard (mayor) (c. 1812–1887), alderman and mayor of Brisbane Municipal Council. Matthew Hubbard (1901– ...
Alfred Hubbard (mayor)
Alfred Hubbard (c. 1812 - 1887) was an alderman and mayor of Brisbane Municipal Council . Personal life: Alfred Hubbard was born in England ...
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History of lysergic acid diethylamide
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List of mayors and lord mayors of Brisbane
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manager of his hardware company 1898–1903 Two sons died young, Charles Augustus Dillingham (1872–1874) and Alfred Hubbard Dillingham (1880–1880). ...