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FL, Panama City, 134 Central Ave, 32401


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Roper Families in Burke County
This record for Henry Roper and the Hennery Roper record above are the only ...... Amanda Cora Roper b 30 Sep 1857 [wife Alfred N. Roper] d 19 Mar 1919 ...
Roper Families in Burke Co. NC 3rd Gen.
Roper Family of Burke County Area, North Carolina .... bridle .25; Alfred Roper: pair of check lines 1.15, briching 1.05, briching 1.30, James Hufman: spade .65, ...
Garden of Memories - USGenWeb Archives
May 20 1998, "Ss/w Alfred N. Roper" ADMIRE, Ruby Mae, b. May 17 1921 d. Mar 8 1994, "Beloved Wife & Mother, w/o Wade H. Admire, Jr." ADMIRE, Wade H., ...
Roper Family Genealogy Forum (All Messages)
Carol Lynn Roper 1945 Texas and Indiana - Robert Roper 12/18/09. James Roper ..... Family of Alfred and Velta ROPER - William Alexander Roper, Jr. 4/08/ 07 ...
, Florida - Find Person - Veromi People Search
Roper, Alfred Newton Possible Aka's: ROPER, NEWTON A: 84 Panama City, FL Chipley, FL: Available: Roper, Leona Roper, A N Roper, Lorraine R: Get Details...
Roper Families in Burke Co. NC 3rd Gen. - L. David Roper's ...
A. N. Roper is Alfred N. Roper son of William M. Roper. S. A. Roper is Samuel Asbury Roper son of David Roper. S. B. Roper is Samuel Byard Roper son of Samuel Asbury Roper.
Roper Families in Burke County - L. David Roper's genealogy web page
Amanda Cora Roper b 30 Sep 1857 [wife Alfred N. Roper] d 19 Mar 1919 Salem Meth. Church Alfred N. Roper b 12 Jun 1858 [son William M. Roper] d 30 May 1905 Salem Methodist Church
Home > Kelsey, Lucy N.A. > THE SEPTEMBER ... Publisher: Minneapolis Alfred Roper Printing Company 1894(1894) Publication Date: 1894
named after John L. Roper, who owned Roper Lumber Company and was . responsible for ... Alfred Augustin Watson - 1818-1905. First Bishop Diocese . of East Carolina.
Roper, Jacob S. Apr 5, 187? Apr 25, 1887. Roper, Alfred N. Jun 12, 1858 May 30, 1905. Roper, Amanda Cora Sep 30, 1857 Mar 19, 1919
Illinois Statewide ROPER Marriages from 1763-1900 BY DATE - Roper ...
Illinois Statewide ROPER Marriages from 1763-1900 BY DATE/Roper family history ... RAPE, ALFRED N -- CONSTANT, MARY A: SANGAMON COUNTY; 10/17/1871; 004/0480;
Alfred Peach Family Genealogy - RootsWeb: Freepages
WILLIAM ALFRED ROPER born September 13, 1886. URSA CLIFFORD ROPER born February 7, 1888 and ... JAMES BRYANT (born October 9, 1901) married KATHLENE N. HOPKINS (born ...
Illinois Statewide ROPER Marriages from 1763-1900 BY COUNTY ...
Illinois Statewide ROPER Marriages from 1763-1900 BY COUNTY/Roper family history ... RAPE, ALFRED N -- CONSTANT, MARY A: SANGAMON COUNTY; 10/17/1871; 004/0480;
Family Preserves » Blog Archive » Roper or Wilstead Home ?
The above photo looks like the Alfred Henry(brother of Maria Wilstead Roper) and Clara Elizabeth Staker Wilstead home, located in Lawrence. It sits on a cornor lot in N ...
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Maureen Carroll
between adolescents and adults noted in the Roper opinion must be carefully .... disability,” Alfred L. Snapp & Son, Inc., 458 U.S. at 600 n.8 (quoting BLACK'S ...
And to David Lee Roper, Cynthia Ann Roper and her sisters, Deborah Lynn and .... We know it is the same Alfred because when “old” John died, one of John ...
The New York Times, May 5, 2008
Emily Duncan-Brown as Sister Blanche and guest artist Joyce Castle as The Old Prioress .... Keyboard Concerto and Alfred Schnittke's ..... Eric & Alice Roper ...
The Alfred Moritz Studentship in Physics
The Alfred Moritz Studentship in Physics. Grace (1957), who was Senior Physics Tutor 1971-. 1991 and Sir Francis Simon's successor as Professor ...
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Alfred Hitchcock presents "Hide 'n' Sleep"
Funny lolcat picture I found on the interwebssAlfred Hitchcock presents "Hide 'n' Sleep"
Biography: Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist, who invented dynamite and other, more powerful explosives and who also founded the Nobel Prizes. Alfred Bernhard Nobel was the fourth son of Immanuel and Caroline Nobel. Immanuel was an inventor and engineer who had married Caroline Andrietta Ahlsell in 1827. The couple had eight children, of whom only Alfred and three brothers reached adulthood. Alfred was prone to illness as a child, but he enjoyed a close relationship with his mother and displayed a lively intellectual curiosity from an early age. He was interested in explosives, and he learned the fundamentals of engineering from his father. Immanuel, meanwhile, had failed at various business ventures until moving in 1837 to St. Petersburg in Russia, where he prospered as a manufacturer of explosive mines and machine tools. The Nobel family left Stockholm in 1842 to join the father in St. Petersburg. Alfreds newly prosperous parents were now able to send him to private tutors, and he proved to be an eager pupil. He was a competent chemist by age 16 and was fluent in English, French, German, and Russian, as well as Swedish. Alfred Nobel left Russia in 1850 to spend a year in Paris studying chemistry and then spent four years in the United States working under the direction of John Ericsson, the builder of the ironclad warship Monitor. Upon his return to St. Petersburg, Nobel worked in his fathers factory, which made military equipment during the Crimean War. After the war ended in 1856, the company had difficulty switching to the peacetime production of steamboat machinery, and it went bankrupt in 1859. Alfred and his parents returned to Sweden, while his brothers Robert and Ludvig stayed behind in Russia to salvage what was left of the family business. Alfred soon began experimenting with explosives in a small laboratory on his fathers estate. At the time, the only dependable explosive for use in mines was black powder, a form of gunpowder. A recently discovered liquid compound, nitroglycerin, was a much more powerful explosive, but it was so volatile that it could not be handled with any degree of safety. Nevertheless, Nobel in 1862 built a small factory to manufacture nitroglycerin, and at the same time he undertook research in the hope of finding a safe way to control the explosives detonation. In 1863 he invented a practical detonator consisting of a wooden plug inserted into a larger charge of nitroglycerin held in a metal container; the explosion of the plugs small charge of black powder serves to detonate the much more powerful charge of liquid nitroglycerin. This detonator marked the beginning of Nobels reputation as an inventor as well as the fortune he was to acquire as a maker of explosives. In 1865 Nobel invented an improved detonator called a blasting cap; it consisted of a small metal cap containing a charge of mercury fulminate that can be exploded by either shock or moderate heat. The invention of the blasting cap inaugurated the modern use of high explosives. Nitroglycerin itself, however, remained difficult to transport and extremely dangerous to handle. So dangerous, in fact, that Nobels nitroglycerin factory blew up in 1864, killing his younger brother Emil and several other people. Undaunted by this tragic accident, Nobel built several factories to manufacture nitroglycerin for use in concert with his blasting caps. These factories were as safe as the knowledge of the time allowed, but accidental explosions still occasionally occurred. Nobels second important invention was that of dynamite in 1867. By chance, he discovered that nitroglycerin was absorbed to dryness by kieselguhr, a porous siliceous earth, and the resulting mixture was much safer to use and easier to handle than nitroglycerin alone. Nobel named the new product dynamite ( from Greekdynamis, power) and was granted patents for it in Great Britain (1867) and the United States (1868). Dynamite established Nobels fame worldwide and was soon put to use in blasting tunnels, cutting canals, and building railways and roads. In the 1870s and 80s Nobel built a network of factories throughout Europe to manufacture dynamite, and he formed a web of corporations to produce and market his explosives. He also continued to experiment in search of better ones, and in 1875 he invented a more powerful form of dynamite, blasting gelatin, which he patented the following year. Again by chance, he had discovered that mixing a solution of nitroglycerin with a fluffy substance known as nitrocellulose results in a tough, plastic material that has a high water resistance and greater blasting power than ordinary dynamites. In 1887 Nobel introduced ballistite, one of the first nitroglycerin smokeless powders and a precursor of cordite. Although Nobel held the patents to dynamite and his other explosives, he was in constant conflict with competitors who stole his processes, a fact that forced him into protracted patent litigation on several occasions. Nobels brothers Ludvig and Robert, in the meantime, had developed newly discovered oilfields near Baku (now in Azerbaijan) along the Caspian Sea and had themselves become immensely wealthy. Alfreds worldwide interests in explosives, along with his own holdings in his brothers companies in Russia, brought him a large fortune. In 1893 he became interested in Swedens arms industry, and the following year he bought an ironworks at Bofors, near Varmland, that became the nucleus of the well-known Bofors arms factory. Besides explosives, Nobel made many other inventions, such as artificial silk and leather, and altogether he registered more than 350 patents in various countries. Nobels complex personality puzzled his contemporaries. Although his business interests required him to travel almost constantly, he remained a lonely recluse who was prone to fits of depression. He led a retired and simple life and was a man of ascetic habits, yet he could be a courteous dinner host, a good listener, and a man of incisive wit. He never married, and apparently preferred the joys of inventing to those of romantic attachment. He had an abiding interest in literature and wrote plays, novels, and poems, almost all of which remained unpublished. He had amazing energy and found it difficult to relax after intense bouts of work. Among his contemporaries, he had the reputation of a liberal or even a socialist, but he actually distrusted democracy, opposed suffrage for women, and maintained an attitude of benign paternalism toward his many employees. Though Nobel was essentially a pacifist and hoped that the destructive powers of his inventions would help bring an end to war, his view of mankind and nations was pessimistic. By 1895 Nobel had developed angina pectoris, and he died of a cerebral hemorrhage at his villa in San Remo, Italy, in 1896. At his death his worldwide business empire consisted of more than 90 factories manufacturing explosives and ammunition. The opening of his will, which he had drawn up in Paris on Nov. 27, 1895, and had deposited in a bank in Stockholm, contained a great surprise for his family, friends, and the general public. He had always been generous in humanitarian and scientific philanthropies, and he left the bulk of his fortune in trust to establish what came to be the most highly regarded of international awards, the Nobel Prizes. We can only speculate about the reasons for Nobels establishment of the prizes that bear his name. He was reticent about himself, and he confided in no one about his decision in the months preceding his death. The most plausible assumption is that a bizarre incident in 1888 may have triggered the train of reflection that culminated in his bequest for the Nobel Prizes. That year Alfreds brother Ludvig had died while staying in Cannes, France. The French newspapers reported Ludvigs death but confused him with Alfred, and one paper sported the headline Le marchand de la mort est mort (The merchant of death is dead.) Perhaps Alfred Nobel established the prizes to avoid precisely the sort of posthumous reputation suggested by this premature obituary. It is certain that the actual awards he instituted reflect his lifelong interest in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology, and literature. There is also abundant evidence that his friendship with the prominent Austrian pacifist Bertha von Suttner inspired him to establish the prize for peace. Nobel himself, however, remains a figure of paradoxes and contradictions: a brilliant, lonely man, part pessimist and part idealist, who invented the powerful explosives used in modern warfare but also established the worlds most prestigious prizes for intellectual services rendered to humanity. [Story Source] [Contest win Rs 1000-100,000 now] Brother, sister who had child together to wed US father kept daughter locked up for a year Bikers shoot jeweller in N Delhi, stab son Muslim or Christian? Religion row dogs Obama Deepika gets a marriage proposal School apologizes for SMS-ing dead students father for fees Subscribe to the comments for this post? Digg this! 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Alfred Nobel — A man of contrasts\r\n
Alfred Nobel — A man of contrasts\r\n
The Oak by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The OakLive thy Life,Young and old,Like yon oak,Bright in spring,Living gold;Summer-richThen; and thenAutumn-changedSoberer-huedGold again.All his leavesFall'n at length,Look, he stands,Trunk and boughNaked Alfred Lord TennysonPoetry of the Day Review:simple enough, life compared to the life of an oak tree. i bet its pretty boring to be an oak tree though. :/ unless the tree has aconsciousness. and all day we see a tree, on this level of existence, but the to the tree, its god of its own universe, its sitting at a bar somewhere interacting with dream characters.oh btw w
Alfred Nobel — A man of contrasts\r\n
Mens 10 Justin Crazy Cow Ropers
Order Now! Availibility : N/A Technical Details Genuine Classic Roper Styling at an Affordable Price Cushion Insoles Mens sizes 6 thru 11, 12 & 13 D & EE widths Mens 10 Justin Crazy Cow Ropers Overview Justin 10 Basic Ropers. Do away with the bad and the ugly and just give you the good! Mount up! Actually, nevermind good, these Western beauties are great! Back when founder HJ Justin founded the company over 100 years ago, he made the statement thats still the Justin creed of quality today: “
Alfred Nobel — A man of contrasts\r\n
Alfred Nobel — A man of contrasts
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This week in the arts
Flutists Regina Helcher Yost and John Samuel Roper ... "The Art of Alfred Hutty: Woodstock to Charleston" features more than 50 works in oil, watercolor, pastel and prints created in Charleston and Woodstock, N.Y. When: On view Jan. 20-April ...
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USS Roper (DD-147)
USS Roper (DD-147) was a Wickes-class destroyer in the United States Navy , ... February 1936, Roper moved north for operations in Alaska n waters. ...
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N : Nautical mile : a unit of length corresponding approximately to one minute of arc of latitude ... Rope's end: A summary punishment device. ...
List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 1886
Bermondsey | Alfred Lafone | Conservative | Berwick-upon-Tweed Sir Edward Grey, ... Kensington North Sir Roper Lethbridge | Conservative | ...
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Bradford West | Alfred Illingworth | Liberal | Brecknockshire | William Fuller- ... Kensington North Sir Roper Lethbridge | Conservative | ...