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Since 1997, Indianwood Real Estate is owned and operated by Barbara Leonard , a licensed broker. Barbara Leonard, has specialized in land development and ...
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Barbara M. Leonard (née Martin; June 12, 1924 – January 24, 2013) was an American Republican politician. She was born in Newport in 1924. She was a ...
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Liturgical Ministry Schedule Sept 2013-revision
September 21, 2013. September 22, 2013. September 22, 2013. Sacristans. Lori Wiese. Craig & Joanie Murphy. Barb & Paul Leonard. Servers. Ben Travis.
Fr0m= Barbara J. Leonar I; r ' - Higher Ed - New York State ...
1997-1998 - Higher Ed
1. Change in Liaison Assignment: As of July 1, 1998, Ann Marie Jann will take over the responsibility as liaison to the programs that Barbara Leonard and I have ...
Leonard v. Leonard
Plaintiffs appeal the district court's judgment quieting title to the Leonard. 3. Ranch (the ... Barbara Leonard (Barbara) acquired the Ranch in 1973. Gerald and ...
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Larsen and Lance fight in NJ-7 turns savage
The Republican primary race in New Jersey's District 7 has turned savage in the last week, with Representative Leonard Lance ( R-NJ-7 ) and his most heavily-financed challenger, David Larsen , trading some of their harshest barbs yet and Lance going especially negative.
Johnny Carson
Early reason up as good as career Born in Corning, Iowa, Carson grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska. He left college after a singular year to stick upon a United States Navy, being consecrated an ensign. He assimilated a U.S. Navy upon Jun 8, 1943, as an neophyte seaman enrolled in a V-5 program, that lerned Navy as good as Marine pilots. He hoped to sight as a pilot, yet was sent instead to Columbia University for midshipman training. He achieved sorcery for classmates upon a side. Commissioned an token of office late in a war, Carson was reserved to a USS Pennsylvania, a battleship upon hire in a Pacific. He was en track to a fight territory aboard a troopship when a bombing of Hiroshima as good as Nagasaki brought a fight to a close. The Pennsylvania was torpedoed upon Aug 12, 1945 as good as Carson reported for avocation upon Aug 14 a last day of a war. Although he arrived as good late for combat, he got a firsthand preparation in a consequences of war. The shop-worn warship sailed to Guam for repairs, as good as as a newest as good as many girl officer, Carson was reserved to manipulate a dismissal of twenty passed sailors. He after served as a communications troops troops military troops officer in assign of decoding encrypted messages. He recalls that a tall indicate of his troops career was behaving a sorcery pretence for Secretary of a Navy James Forrestal. He began his behaving career in 1950 during WOW air wave as good as air wave in Omaha, Nebraska. He appeared upon air wave with Ken Case, an Omaha internal who was after a headlines anchor as good as sportscaster in Monroe, Louisiana. Carson shortly hosted a sunrise air wave module called The Squirrels Nest. One of his routines endangered interviewing pigeons upon a roof tiles of a internal Court House that would allegedly inform upon a domestic crime they had seen. Carson supplemented his income by apportionment as master of ceremonies during internal church dinners, attended by a little of a same politicians as good as county leaders that he had lampooned upon a radio. The mother of a singular of a domestic total owned batch in a air wave hire in Los Angeles as good as referred Carson to her brother, who was successful in a rising air wave marketplace in Southern California. Carson went to work during CBS-owned Los Angeles air wave hire KNXT. He would after fun that he due his success to a birds of Omaha. In 1953, comic Red Skelton a air blower of Carsons blueprint humerous entertainment uncover Carsons Cellar, that appeared from 1951 to 1953 upon KNXT asked Carson to stick upon his uncover as a writer. Skelton once incidentally knocked himself comatose an hour prior to to his uncover went upon a air live. Carson filled in for him. Carson hosted multiform shows prior to to The Tonight Show, together with a diversion uncover Earn Your Vacation (1954), as good as a accumulation uncover The Johnny Carson Show (1955-1956). He was a unchanging panelist upon a bizarre To Tell a Truth until 1962, as good as hosted a diversion uncover Who Do You Trust? (1957-1962), where he met his destiny sidekick Ed McMahon. In 1960, Carson was deliberate to fool around TV bard Rob Petrie in a sitcom by Carl Reiner called Head of a Family. Reiner starred in a pilot, yet it was motionless that someone else should fool around a role. However, upon a idea of bard Sheldon Leonard, Dick Van Dyke was since a part, as good as a array was retitled The Dick Van Dyke Show. He was additionally a guest star in dual episodes of Get Smart! The Tonight Show This territory competence be as good prolonged to review as good as navigate comfortably. Please cruise relocating some-more of a calm in to sub-articles as good as regulating this essay for a outline of a pass points of a subject. (January 2010) Carson became horde of NBCs The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in Oct 1962, after Jack Paar left a prior to March. His announcer as good as sidekick was Ed McMahon around a program. His opening line, Heeeeres Johnny became a hallmark. Most of a after shows began with strain as good as a proclamation Heeeeeeres Johnny!, followed by a short digression by Carson. This was mostly followed by humerous entertainment sketches, interviews, as good as music. Carsons heading was a haunt golf pitch during a finish of his monologues, destined theatre left where a Tonight Show Band was. Guest hosts infrequently parodied that gesture. Bob Newhart rolled an hypothetical bowling round toward a audience. Paul Anka wrote a thesis strain (Johnnys Theme), a compliance of his Toot Sweet, since lyrics, renamed Its Really Love, as good as available by Annette Funicello in 1959. Anka gave Carson co-authorship as good as they apart a royalties for 3 decades. The uncover was creatively constructed in New York City, with occasional stints in California. It was not live in a early years, nonetheless during a 1970s, NBC fed a live taping from Burbank to New York around heavenly physique for modifying (see below). The module had been finished live upon tape (uninterrupted unless a complaint occurred) since a Jack Paar days. In May 1972 a uncover changed from New York to Burbank, California. Carson mostly joked about beautiful downtown Burbank as good as referred to beautiful downtown Bakersfield, that stirred Mayor Mary K. Shell to reprimand Carson as good as entice him to her city to see improvements finished during a early 1980s.[citation needed] After Jul 1971, Carson stopped we do shows 5 days a week. Instead, upon Monday nights there was a guest host, withdrawal Carson to do a alternative 4 any week. Shows were taped in Burbank during 5:30pm (8:30 pm Eastern time) to be shown that dusk during 11:30pm Eastern time. On Sep 8, 1980, during Carsons request, a uncover cut a 90-minute format to 60 minutes; Tom Snyders Tomorrow combined a half hour to fill a empty time. Joan Rivers became a permanent guest horde from Sep 1983 until 1986, when she was discharged for usurpation a competing uncover upon Fox yet consulting Carson. The Tonight Show returned to regulating guest hosts, together with comic George Carlin. Jay Leno afterwards became a disdainful guest horde in tumble 1987. Leno staid that nonetheless alternative guest hosts upped their fees, he kept his low, assuring himself a show. Eventually, Monday night was for Leno, Tuesday for a Best of Carson, rebroadcasts customarily of a year progressing yet spasmodic from a 1970s. Carson had a bent for discerning quips to understanding with problems. If a opening digression fared poorly, a rope would begin personification Tea for Two as good as Carson danced, to laughs from a college of song audience. Alternately, Carson competence lift a bang mike tighten to his face as good as have good known Attention K-Mart shoppers! Carsons uncover was a launch for many performers, quite comedians. Many got their mangle upon a show, as good as it was an feat to get Carson to giggle as good as be called to a guest chair. Carson was inheritor to The Ed Sullivan Show as a showcase for all kinds of talent, as good as stability a vaudeville-style accumulation show. In 1973, Carson had a run-in with penetrating Uri Geller. Carson, a magician, longed for a neutral proof of Gellers abilities, so, during a recommendation of his crony as good as associate wizard James Randi, he gave Geller spoons as good as asked him to hook them with his penetrating powers. Geller valid unable, as good as his entrance upon The Tonight Show has been regarded as Gellers tumble from glory. Carson successfully sued a manufacturer of unstable toilets who longed for to call a product Heres Johnny. On Dec 13, 1976, stand up comic Don Rickles was a guest when stand up comic Bob Newhart guest-hosted. While poking fun during Newhart as good as improvising an immigration bit, Rickles hammered an hypothetical passport, slamming a cigarette box Carson kept upon his table as good as violation it. When Carson returned a subsequent night as good as detected this, he took a camera organisation to a college of song subsequent doorway where CPO Sharkey, a sitcom starring Rickles, was being taped. Carson barged in to a studio, shouting, RICKLES! He disrupted a taping, berating a broke Rickles with a fusillade of insults, in fabrication of Rickless act. Carson additionally teased CPO Sharkeys African-American actress Harrison Page by vocalization to him in an farfetched southern dialect. The complete situation appeared to be spontaneous, yet humerous entertainment bard Mark Evanier published an opinion: Carsons uncover was taped in Studio 1 during NBC Burbank. The Rickles sitcom was in Studio 3, where Leno right away tapes While Johnny did his many suitable to have it all demeanour extemporaneous as good as unarranged, it had to have been delicately planned. Rickles substantially was not in upon it as good as competence have been honestly surprised, yet Johnnys producers as good as senior manager contingency have been rebuilt for what transpired, as good as a producers of CPO Sharkey roughly positively knew. At a impulse Johnny entered, Don customarily happened to be sharpened upon a set closest to that door. The advise wouldnt have worked as good if theyd been upon a singular of a alternative sets. It wouldnt have worked during all if theyd been in in between scenes or taping a apportionment of a uncover that Rickles wasnt in. An oft-repeated story since discharged as an urban legend endangered a guest entrance by Zsa Zsa Gabor carrying a white Persian cat. Gabor is pronounced to have asked Johnny if he would identical to to pet my pussy? During a 1989 appearance, Jane Fonda remarkable that her son had steady a claim, as good as my son pronounced that we said, uh, Id adore to, if youd mislay that darned cat! Is it true? Carson denied a part on-air saying, No, we consider we would stop that He as good as Gabor both responded to researchers observant a eventuality never happened. Despite drawn out insistence by people who explain to have seen a episode, no audio or video has ever been produced. However, a bit of adult amusement was not over Carson. During an speak with Dolly Parton, in anxiety to her vast bust, she said, People have been regularly asking if theyre genuine and Ill discuss it we what, these have been mine. Carson replied, I have sure discipline upon this show. But we would give about a years compensate to look underneath there. Unlike a purported Gabor exchange, videotape of a Parton speak survives as good as has been rebroadcast multiform times during Tonight Show retrospectives. In a 1980 Rolling Stone article, Carson caused utterly a open recoil when he called a Brian Wilson-penned (Beach Boys) strain Johnny Carson from 1977s Love You manuscript not a work of art. Wilson wrote a strain reverence citing a actuality no such strain had existed before about a king of late night. Carson finished multiform slight jokes during a responsibility of alternative celebrities, identical to Wayne Newton (after Newton had achieved upon Carsons uncover multiform times). Newton claimed in his 1991 autobiography, in between alternative times together with a 1989 speak with Phil Donahue, that a resources led to a fight in Carsons sauce room where Newton in jeopardy a earthy rumpus if Carson didnt stop a fusillade of jokes with homosexual connotations. In a Nov 29, 2007 speak upon Larry King Live, Wayne Newton said, Im starting to contend something Ive never pronounced upon television, Mr. King. Johnny Carson was a mean-spirited tellurian being. And there have been people that he has harm that people will never know about. And for a little reason during a little point, he motionless to spin that kind of disastrous courtesy toward me. And we refused to have it. Another important argument came upon a heels of an entrance by iconic bard Truman Capote in 1966. The petite bard was already inextricable in a open argument with associate bard Jacqueline Susann when he told Johnny as good as millions of viewers that Susann looked like a lorry motorist in drag. The acknowledgement was not censored from a broadcast, as good as finished headlines a subsequent day. Capote subsequently released a open apology to lorry drivers. Carson reportedly loathed what he felt was unfaithfulness in between friends. The stand up comic was dissatisfied when former Tonight Show guest hosts John Davidson as good as Joan Rivers got their own speak shows. Rivers FOX uncover but delay competed with Carson during a 1986-1987 season, yet died a discerning death. On Jun 24, 2009 following Ed McMahons death, Rivers lauded McMahon upon Larry King Live yet staid that Carson never again spoke to me, up to his death. Another guest host, Jay Leno, was treated with colour coolly for being viewed as ushering Carson in to retirement. Lenos representative lighted a afterwards fake gossip in Hollywood circles that Carsons early early early early retirement was pending, as good as Leno was successor to a Tonight Show. Carson vowed not to lapse to a uncover whilst Leno headed it, as good as in truth would have his last TV entrance about a year after his early early early early retirement upon a competing Late Show with David Letterman. Some of Carsons cooperative barbs were destined during his friends. Ronald Reagans hair as good as Frank Sinatras rage as good as horde connectors were visit topics. Carson humorously chided Nancy Reagan for descending down as good as breaking her hair. Comic characters Carson as a impression Carnac a Magnificent Carson played multiform stability characters upon sketches during a show, including Art Fern, a Tea Time Movie announcer (always offering bizarre or trashy merchandise). The impression was formed upon late-show TV hosts who would broach commercials around a movie. Carson creatively played a fast-talking vendor in his own voice (as Honest Bernie Schlock or Ralph Willie), as good as eventually staid upon a nasal, high-pitched, smarmy worker suggestive of Jackie Gleasons Reginald Van Gleason III character. The character, right away henceforth good known as Art Fern, wore a intemperate toupee, shrill jackets, as good as a pencil mustache. Actress Carol Wayne became important for her 100-plus appearances (1971-1982) as Arts chubby assistant, a Matine Lady. While Art gave his spiel, she would come in a theatre during a during a behind of of him. Art would conflict to her tasteful body, wincing loudly, Ho leeeee!. After Carol Waynes genocide in 1985, Carson kept Art Fern off a air for many of a subsequent year, as good as eventually hired Danuta Wesley as good as afterwards Teresa Ganzel to fool around a Matine Lady. Carson additionally used these sketches to poke fun during a perplexing Los Angeles widespread system, regulating a pointer as good as map to give treacherous directions to shoppers (often together with points where he would reveal a label map to indicate out, around a suitable picture, when a shopper would arrive during the flare in a road. Another turnpike slight in a same thesis centered around a rather singly declared Slauson Cutoff. Art Fern would suggest drivers to take a little highway until they reached a Slauson Cutoff, as good as afterwards Cut Off Your Slauson!, mostly accompanied by a assembly to peals of laughter, led by McMahon). Carnac a Magnificent, a turbaned penetrating who could answer questions prior to to observant them. (This same slight had been finished by Carsons predecessor, Steve Allen, as The Question Man.) Carnac had a heading opening in that he regularly incited a wrong citation when entrance onto theatre as good as afterwards tripped upon a step up to Carsons desk. (In a singular episode, technicians fraudulent Carsons table to tumble detached when Carnac fell in to it.) These comedic missteps were an denote of Carnacs loyal prophetic abilities. Ed McMahon would palm Carnac a array of envelopes, containing questions. Carnac would place any pouch opposite his front as good as envision a answer, such as Gatorade. Then he would review a question: What does an alligator get upon welfare? Some of a jokes were feeble, as good as McMahon used pauses after distressing puns as good as assembly groans to have light of Carnacs miss of comic success (Carnac contingency be used to still surroundings), call Carson to lapse an next to insult. McMahon would regularly have good known circuitously a end, I reason in my palm a last envelope, during that a assembly would extol wildly, call Carnac to clarify a comedic curse upon a audience, such as May your sister run away with a camel! (In fact, Carnac a Magnificent was a theatre name Johnny used in his sorcery action as a youth.) Floyd R. Turbo American (with no postponement in in between words). A stereotypical strikebreaker wearing a plaid sport cloak as good as cap, who offering editorial responses to left-leaning causes or headlines events. Railing opposite womens rights in a workplace, for example, Turbo would shout, This raises a question: lick my Dictaphone! Aunt Blabby, a churlish as good as infrequently affectionate aged lady, constantly being interviewed by true male Ed McMahon about elder affairs. McMahon would innocently make make use of of a usual countenance identical to check out, customarily to have Aunt Blabby advise him, Dont contend check out to an aged person! Aunt Blabby was an viewable duplicate of Jonathan Winters many important creation, Maude Frickert, together with her black spinster skirt as good as wig. El Mouldo, a mentalist, who would try to perform mind-reading as good as mind-over-matter feats, all of that failed. Often his tricks would embody an try to dupe income from Ed McMahon or would finish with him vagrant for money. Carson uncensored upon satellite Even yet Carsons module was formed in Burbank, NBCs modifying as good as prolongation services for a module were located in New York, ensuing in a order that Carsons module be transmitted from Burbank to New York. Beginning in 1976, NBC used a Satcom 2 heavenly physique to do this, stuff oneself a live taping (which customarily took place in a early evening) but delay to New York, where it would be edited prior to to a normal broadcast. This live feed lasted customarily from dual to two-and-a-half hours a night, as good as was uncensored as good as commercial-free. During a blurb breaks a audio as good as design would be left on, capturing during times obscene denunciation as good as alternative events that would positively be edited out after starting out over a feed. At a same time, however, heavenly physique belligerent stations owned by in isolation people began to appear, as good as a little managed to find a live feed. Satellite plate owners began to request their sightings in technical journals, giving viewers believe of things they were not meant to see. Carson as good as his prolongation staff grew endangered about this, as good as pressured NBC in to ceasing a heavenly physique transmissions of a live taping in a early 1980s. The heavenly physique couple was transposed by x-ray landline delivery until a shows modifying comforts were eventually changed to Burbank. Business ventures Carson was a vital financier in a in conclusion unsuccessful DeLorean Motor Company. Founder John DeLorean was endangered in a drug scandal, causing Carsons guest Red Skelton to quip, The DeLorean, is that a hopped-up car? Carson was conduct of a organisation of uncover commercial operation people as good as businessmen who purchased as good as operated dual air wave stations channel 5 KVVU-TV in Henderson, Nevada, apportionment Las Vegas, right away owned by Meredith Broadcasting, as good as channel twenty-three KNAT in Albuquerque, New Mexico. KVVU had been a commencement Las Vegas eccentric hire as good as was arrange of a internal in-joke for a meagre operation as good as ragtag module lineup. Many suspicion it mocking that a heading hostess identical to Carson, along with Sal Durante, Neil Simon as good as others, would own such a station. There was speak during a time that a hire would turn a NBC affiliate, as afterwards long-time associate KORK-TV was in a routine of being transposed by KVBC-TV, yet it never happened. KNAT proposed during only a wrong time. Several brand brand new channels 2, 9, 11, 14, as good as 23 were starting up in a southwest as good as a foe for good syndicated shows was fierce. KNAT was after sole to Trinity Broadcasting. Carsons alternative commercial operation ventures enclosed a successful wardrobe line, by that his turtlenecks became a conform trend, as good as a unsuccessful grill franchise. Retirement Carson late from uncover commercial operation upon May 22, 1992, when he stepped down as horde of The Tonight Show. His farewell was a vital media event, as good as spread out over multiform nights. It was mostly romantic for Carson, his colleagues, as good as a audiences, quite a farewell make a difference he delivered upon his 4,531st as good as last Tonight Show: And so it has come to this: I, uh am a singular of a propitious people in a world; we found something we regularly longed for to do, as good as we have enjoyed any singular notation of it. we wish to appreciate a gentlemen whove common this theatre with me for thirty years, Mr. Ed McMahon Mr. Doc Severinsen and we people watching, we can customarily discuss it we that it has been an respect as good as a payoff to come in to your homes all these years as good as perform you as good as we goal when we find something that we wish to do, as good as we consider we would like, as good as come back, that youll be as friendly in mouth-watering me in to your home as we have been. we bid we a unequivocally intense good night. NBC gave a purpose of horde to a shows then-current permanent guest host, Jay Leno. Leno as good as David Letterman were shortly competing upon apart networks. Post-retirement appearances Carson, 1994 At a finish of his last Tonight Show appearance, Carson indicated that he might, if so inspired, lapse with a brand brand new project, yet instead chose to go in to full retirement, frequency giving interviews as good as disappearing to experience in NBCs 75th Anniversary celebrations. He finished a occasional cameo appearance, together with voicing himself upon a 1993 part of The Simpsons (Krusty Gets Kancelled), telephoning David Letterman upon a Nov 1993 part of Late Show with David Letterman, as good as looming in a 1993 NBC Special Bob Hope: The First 90 Years. On May 13, 1994, Carson appeared upon The Late Show with David Letterman. During a week of shows from Los Angeles, Letterman was carrying Larry Bud Melman (Calvert DeForest) broach his Top Ten Lists underneath a guise that a important celebrity would be delivering a list instead. On a last uncover of a week, Letterman indicated that Carson would be delivering a list. Instead, DeForest delivered a list, angry a assembly (in gripping with a gag), as good as walked off to respectful applause. Letterman afterwards indicated that a label he was since did not have a correct list upon it as good as asked that a real list be brought out. On that cue, a genuine Johnny Carson emerged from during a during a behind of of a screen (as Lettermans rope played Johnnys Theme), an entrance that stirred a station acclaim from a audience. Carson afterwards requested to lay during a during a behind of of Lettermans desk; Letterman obliged, as a assembly a single after an additional to hearten as good as applaud. After a little moments, Carson over from a uncover yet carrying oral to a audience. He after cited strident laryngitis as a reason for his silence. This night incited out to be Carsons last air wave appearance. Letterman Just days prior to to Carsons death, it was suggested that a late King of Late Night spasmodic sent jokes to Letterman. Letterman would afterwards make make use of of these jokes in a digression of his show, that Carson got a large flog out of according to Worldwide Pants, Inc., Senior Vice-President Peter Lassally, who before constructed both mens programs; he additionally claimed that Carson had regularly believed Letterman, not Leno, to be his rightful successor. Letterman mostly employs a little of Carsons heading pieces upon his show, together with Carnac (with rope celebrity Paul Shaffer as Carnac), Stump a Band, as good as a Week in Review. Personal life Carson was innate in Corning, Iowa, to Homer Kit Lloyd Carson, a energy association manager, as good as Ruth Hook Carson. He grew up in southwest Iowa until a age of 8, when a family changed to Norfolk, Nebraska. There he schooled to perform sorcery tricks, debuting as The Great Carsoni during 14. He attended Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, where he perceived V-12 troops troops military troops officer training, as good as afterwards served in a Navy from 1943-1946. He served in USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) in a last days of a war. Carson afterwards attended a University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he assimilated Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, graduating with a bachelor of humanities grade in air wave as good as debate with a teenager in production in 1949. Despite his on-camera demeanor, Carson was famously bashful off-camera. In fact, he was referred to as the many in isolation open male who ever lived. Marriages Carson tied together his college swain Joan Jody Wolcott upon Oct 1, 1949. The matrimony was volatile, with infidelities by both parties, eventually finale in divorce. They had 3 sons. Their son Richard died in a automobile collision upon Jun 21, 1991. In 1963, Carson got a quickie Mexican divorce from Joan as good as tied together Joanne Copeland upon Aug 17, 1963. After a prolonged divorce in 1972, Copeland perceived scarcely half a million dollars in money as good as art as good as US$100,000 a year in subsistence for life. Joanne Copeland not prolonged ago detected 39 episodes of a entrance deteriorate of The Johnny Carson Show that were creatively radio programme in 1955 as good as 1956. She afterwards finished an agreement with Shout! Factory to furnish as good as discharge comparison programs upon DVD. The two-disk DVD set contains Johnnys top 10 episodes. Johnnys initial mother Joan as good as a couples 3 sons crop up in a initial part upon a DVD. At a Carson Tonight Shows 10th anniversary celebration upon Sep 30, 1972, Carson voiced that he as good as former indication Joanna Holland had been personally tied together that afternoon, intolerable his friends as good as associates. Carson kidded that he had tied together 3 likewise declared women to equivocate having to shift a monogram upon a towels. A identical fun was finished by Bob Newhart during Carsons fry by Dean Martin. On Mar 8, 1983, Holland filed for divorce. Under Californias village skill laws, she was entitled to 50 percent of all a resources amassed during a marriage, even yet Carson warranted probably 100 percent of a couples income. (Since, underneath a village skill supplies of California law, any celebration legally earns half for themselves as good as half for their spouse.) During this period, he joked upon The Tonight Show, My producer, Freddy de Cordova, unequivocally gave me something we indispensable for Christmas. He gave me a present obligation to a Law Offices of Jacoby & Meyers. The divorce box eventually finished in 1985 with an 80-page settlement, Holland reception $20 million in money as good as property. Carson tied together Alexandra Mass upon Jun 20, 1987; Johnny was 61, Alexis 35. Children Carsons son from his initial marriage, Richard, died upon Jun 21, 1991, when his automobile plunged down a high dike along a paved use highway off Highway 1 circuitously Cayucos, a tiny locale north of San Luis Obispo. Apparently, Richard had been receiving photographs when a collision occurred. Carson was deeply jarred by his sons death. On his initial uncover after Rickys death, he gave a stirring reverence in a last mins of his uncover as samples of his sons detailed work (and images of Ricky, himself) were displayed with a strain outcome of Riviera Paradise by sadness guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. In addition, a last image as good as a little More To Come bumpers of Carsons last uncover in May 1992 featured a print Richard had taken. Donations In 1981, Carson combined a John W. Carson Foundation, dedicated to ancillary children, preparation as good as seizure services. The Foundation continues to await free causes. In Nov 2004, Carson voiced a $5.3 million present to a University of Nebraska Foundation to await a Hixson-Lied College of Fine as good as Performing Arts Department of Theatre Arts, that combined a Johnny Carson School of Theatre as good as Film. Another $5 million concession was voiced by a estate of Carson to a University of Nebraska following his death. Carson additionally donated to causes in his hometown of Norfolk, together with a Carson Cancer Center during Faith Regional Health Services, a Elkhorn Valley Museum, as good as a Johnny Carson Theater during Norfolk Senior High School. Other events Carson was cited in a 1982 drunk-driving situation whilst pushing a DeLorean DMC-12 sports automobile in Beverly Hills. Represented by Robert Shapiro, he pleaded no competition to a charges, as good as played off a situation by carrying a uniformed troops troops troops military troops officer chaperon him upon to a Tonight Show stage. Carson, an pledge astronomer, was tighten friends with astronomer Carl Sagan, who mostly appeared upon The Tonight Show. The singular approach Sagan had of observant sure words, identical to billions of galaxies, would lead to Carson tantalizing his friend, imitating his voice as good as observant BILL-ions as good as BILL-ions, a word shortly erroneously attributed to Sagan himself. According to Sagans biographer, Keay Davidson, Carson was a initial chairman to hit Sagans mother with condolences when a scientist died in 1996. He owned multiform telescopes, together with a Questar, deliberate during a time an costly as good as top-of-the line telescope. Also a gifted pledge drummer, Carson was shown upon a shred of 60 Minutes putting in use during home upon a drum set since to him by tighten crony jazz fable Buddy Rich who was a jazz musician with a many visit appearances upon The Tonight Show. Writer Gore Vidal, an additional visit Tonight Show guest as good as personal friend, writes about Carsons celebrity in his 2006 memoirs. Death as good as tributes Johnny Carsons Star upon a Hollywood Walk of Fame On Mar 19, 1999, Carson, afterwards 73, suffered a serious heart conflict during his home in Malibu, California. Carson was sleeping when he unexpected awoke with serious chest pains. He was rushed to a sanatorium in circuitously Santa Monica where he underwent quadruple-bypass surgery. At 6:50 AM PST upon Jan 23, 2005, Carson died during Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, of respiratory detain outset from emphysema. He was 79 years old. Carson had suggested his seizure to a open in Sep 2002. Following Carsons genocide his physique was cremated, as good as a remains were since to his wife. In suitability with his familys wishes, no open commemorative use was held. There were large tributes paid to Carson upon his death, together with a make a difference by afterwards President George W. Bush, all noticing a low as good as fast love hold for him. Tributes published after his genocide reliable that he had been a chain-smoker. While The Tonight Show was promote live, he would mostly fume cigarettes upon a air; it was reported that Carson had pronounced these things have been murdering me as distant during a behind of as a 1970s. On Jan 24, 2005, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno paid reverence to Carson with guest Ed McMahon, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Drew Carey as good as K.D. Lang. Letterman followed fit upon Jan 31 with former Tonight Show senior manager bard Peter Lassally as good as bandleader Doc Severinsen. During a commencement of this show, Letterman pronounced that for thirty years no make a difference what was starting upon in a world, no make a difference either people had a good or bad day, they longed for to finish a day by being tucked in by Johnny. Letterman additionally told his viewers that a digression he had customarily since had consisted wholly of jokes sent to him by Carson in a last couple of months of his life. Doc Severinsen finished a Letterman uncover that night by personification a singular of Carsons dual a one preferred songs, Heres That Rainy Day (the alternative was Ill Be Seeing You). It had been reported over a decades of Carsons celebrity that he was, off-camera, so greatly in isolation that he had never once invited McMahon to his home. After Carsons death, though, McMahon doubtful those rumors as good as claimed that a tighten loyalty existed. On his last Tonight Show appearance, Carson himself pronounced that whilst infrequently people who work together for prolonged stretches of time upon air wave do not indispensably identical to any other, this was not a box with him as good as McMahon: They were good friends who would have cooking together, as good as a intercourse that they had upon a uncover could not be faked. Carson as good as McMahon were friends for thirty years. A week or so after a tributes, Dennis Miller was upon a Tonight Show as good as told Jay Leno about a initial time he attempted to horde a speak show, as good as how miserably it went. He pronounced that he got a call rught away after a initial show, from Carson, revelation him, Its not as easy as it looks, is it, kid? The 2005 movie The Aristocrats was dedicated to Carson, as good as a part Mommie Beerest of The Simpsons. References ^ Johnny Carson. Encyclopdia Britannica Online. (2009). In Encyclopdia Britannica. 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James Randi Educational Foundation. Retrieved 2008-05-11. 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Country diary: Gamlingay Great Heath
Ten miles west of Cambridge, a road sign marks the location of a 19th-century naturalists playground. Gamlingay Great Heath was where students of the university came in the 1820s and 30s for long weekends exploring and collecting specimens among the heather and quaking bogs of the so-called waste. John Henslow, professor of botany, led the scholars. One student was particularly adept at finding the sites natterjack toads, leading Henslow to remark: Darwin, you have a good eye. On the other side of Cambridge the vicar of Swaffham Bulbeck, the Rev Leonard Jenyns, was to decline the offer of the naturalists berth on the HMS Beagle and found lesser fame by describing the physical characteristics and habits of the natterjack, a specialist of sandy heaths and dunes. Today, as I pedal past pony paddocks on one side of the road and wheat stubble fields on the other, not a single natterjack survives in the county, and it is hard to escape the conclusion that this place is now heath in name only. The paddocks give way to a field of well-grown cabbages, and I fork left down a track that runs alongside the crop. On the other side of the track is a hawthorn enclosure hedge, evidence of an agricultural transformation in the 1840s that saw the area converted to the plough. Yet there are still sharp reminders of the past: scattered among the hawthorn are gorse bushes, probable remnants of the heath, left intact by our forebears as useful stock-proofing. Behind the hedge, our own generation is harvesting the ground. I jump off my bike and scramble up a bank to look through a barbed-wire fence down on a gigantic quarry. My appearance over the sandy parapet sends rabbits spilling down the quarrys grassed-over upper slopes. They run for their burrows, just as their ancestors must have scarpered at the sight of Charles Darwin. Derek Niemann Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds
How China Miville Got Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Monsters
This is a story about how China Miville opens eyes. It begins in Detroit in the 1950s with a boy who flat loves to read, who cant get enough of Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys, and the Flash (Marvel and Zap Comix will come much later). He reads an actual newspaper every day, and he cherishes his first library card the way kids today cherish their first iPhone. (This doesnt make him wiser or better than kids today, just luckier.) When the boys mother enrolls him in the after-school Great Books Club, hes thrilled to discover such grown-up writers as Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London, Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle, then Hemingways quietly complex Nick Adams Stories. Some 50 years later that boy is me, a writer who has spent his life reading novels and short stories that can fairly be regarded as the offspring of that Great Books Club what some people call literary fiction and others call High-Brow Rot. This dutiful quest for quality has familiarized me with most of the pantheons usual suspects, and theres certainly nothing wrong with that. But it left little time for supposedly inferior genre or mainstream fiction. Only a few things seeped through the addictive crime novels of my fellow Detroiters Elmore Leonard and Loren D. Estleman; a few best-sellers that rose above the herd by being deeply felt and sharply written, such as Scott Turows Presumed Innocent and Dennis Lehanes Mystic River. As for science fiction and fantasy, only select boldface masters reached me Verne, Wells, Tolkien, Huxley, Orwell, Ballard, plus the trippy paranoia of Philip K. Dick. Ive read too few contemporary poets Philip Levine and Fred Chappell are beloved exceptions and Ive never read a western, a vampire novel, a bodice-ripper, a self-help book, a political or showbiz memoir, or a single piece of chick lit. Overall, a pretty limited roster, and on bad days I began to suspect that my high-mindedness had blinded me to whole worlds of reading pleasure. And that, conveniently, was when China Miville came into my life. He was recommended by a friend who has been a life-long fan of fantasy and science fiction. I trusted her because shes smart and she made a documentary movie about William Gibson in the 1980s, when Gibson was helping forge the cyber-punk sub-genre of science fiction. At her urging I read Gibsons early short stories, and I was blown away by their prescience and hip wit, particularly The Gernsback Continuum, The Winter Market, and Burning Chrome. To top it off, the writer who coined the term cyberspace didnt even own a computer. He wrote on an old manual typewriter. My kind of Luddite! Despite the pleasant surprise of reading Gibsons short fiction and Neal Stephensons splendid SF novel Snow Crash whats not to love about high-tech skateboards in the service of on-time pizza delivery? I had modest expectations when I opened China Mivilles first novel, King Rat. Published in 1998 when the author was just 26, it tells the story of a Londoner named Saul Garamond who is wrongly suspected of murdering his father. Hes sprung from his police holding cell by a mysterious creature in a gray overcoat, the furtive, foul-smelling rodent of the books title. What ensues is a mind-bending journey across Londons rooftops and through its sewers as Saul learns that hes part human and part rat and therefore a vital weapon in the war against a murderous Pied Piper figure who wants to annihilate all of the citys rats and spiders. It ends with an orgy of violence at a Drum and Bass rave called Junglist Terror. I wasnt quite sure what to make of the novel. Was it just a delicious stew of weirdness? Was it an allegory about the need for solidarity among the underclass as it fights prejudice and oppression? Whatever it was or was not, the book whetted my appetite for more. While King Rat was a respectable debut, it barely hinted at what was coming. Perdido Street Station, published in 2000, anointed Miville as a star of the fantasy genre or the New Weird and gave birth to a cult following. The novel is an astonishment, the work of a writer with a fecund, feverish, inexhaustible imagination, a brilliant world-maker. We are on the world of Bas-Lag, in a suppurating cesspool of a city called New Crobuzon, where humans and strange races and brutally altered convicts called Remades jostle and thieve and whore under the eye of a vicious, all-seeing militia. The city festers around the spot where the River Tar and River Canker meet to form the River Gross Tar. Its peppered with evocatively named precincts Smog Bend, Nigh Sump, Murkside, Spatters and rail lines emerge like an evil spider web from the titular train station. There are human frogs called vodyanoi, half-bird half-men called garuda, green-skinned cactus people, and intelligent beetles called khepri. People get strung out on shazbah, dreamshit, quinner, and very-tea. In their midst, a rogue scientist named Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin receives an unusual commission: a garuda needs a new set of wings because his were hacked off as punishment for some obscure crime against the garuda code. And then theres Mr. Motley, the crime boss who commissions Isaacs khepri girlfriend to immortalize him with a life-size statue fashioned from her spit. Mr. Motley is one malevolent eyeful: Scraps of skin and fur and feathers swung as he moved; tiny limbs clutched; eyes rolled from obscure niches; antlers and protrusions of bone jutted precariously; feelers twitched and mouths glistened. Many-coloured skeins of skin collided. A cloven hoof thumped gently against the wood floor So, he said from one of the grinning human mouths. Which do you think is my best side? Then, just when youre starting to get your bearings in this otherworldly world, Miville brings in the slake-moths. These are flying beasts that use the pooling light on their wings to mesmerize their human prey, then proceed to suck the dreams out of their skulls, leaving behind drooling, inert zombies. For good measure, the slake-moths then spray the city with their excrement, fertilizing a plague of nightmares. A simple question comes to propel the galloping narrative: Will the humans and constructs and Remades of New Crobuzon find the will and the way to defeat the ravenous slake-moths? The answer makes for one very wild ride. Perdido Street Station would have been a career peak for many writers, but Miville was not yet 30 and he was just getting warmed up. In 2002 he returned to Bas-Lag with The Scar, but instead of revisiting the dank alleys of New Crobuzon he took to the high seas, where two New Crobuzon natives have been captured by pirates and sequestered on Armada, a vast floating city made of lashed-together boats, all of it dragged slowly across the world by tug boats. As they plot their escape, Bellis Coldwine, a gifted linguist, and Silas Fennec, a vaguely disreputable adventurer with curious powers, piece together the great mystery and mission of Armada: its rulers are working to raise a mythical mile-long beast from the deep, the avanc, so they can lash it to the bottom of the city and move at much greater speeds toward what? Once again the fauna is irresistible: the Lovers, the autocratic couple who rule Armada and cement their bond by constantly giving each other identical scars; a Remade with octopus tentacles grafted onto his chest who gets gills cut into his neck and becomes an amphibious human; huge mosquito women who split open their prey (hogs, sheep, humans) and then suck them dry; amphibious cray who inhabit underwater cities festooned with seaweed topiary and 8-foot tall snails; a human killing machine named Uther Doul; and, of course, the monstrous avanc. Together they propel a rollicking, swashbuckling adventure. By now my original questions were coming into focus. I realized Miville was not writing allegories, in which things stand for something else in order to convey a deeper, unstated meaning. Mivilles humans and hybrids and monsters are not symbols; they are simply what they are, and they demand to be taken literally. This was stunning to me, and I realized it would not have worked if Miville were not so good at creating unforgettable characters and creatures, at making sentences, at telling compelling stories. I also realized that a couple of themes run like strands of barbed wire through all the books: the dubious merits of demagogues and messiahs, and the vital importance of resisting absolute power. These are grand themes, and in Mivilles hands they help turn good books into great ones. He expanded on these themes in Iron Council (2004), in which a group of renegade workers commandeer the construction of a railroad that is crossing the continent, crushing everything in its path in a mad quest for profit. With a civil war erupting back in New Crobuzon, the renegades succeed in traversing the uncharted, forbidding continent, ripping up the tracks behind them and re-laying them in front as they inch along, writing history. The train itself, this Iron Council, soon goes feral. Its led by Judah, a master at making golems out of dirt, corpses, air, even time, and eventually it must decide if it should return to New Crobuzon to help the revolt, or continue on its epic journey. Interrupted by a long flashback in the middle, the novel is more overtly political than its predecessors, with a subtext about the pain of unrequited love between saintly Judah and a male disciple named Cutter. Its both brutal and tender, with plenty of monsters and combat and high adventure, but fans and critics were sharply divided. After its publication, Miville cited Iron Council as his personal favorite among his books. Its not hard to understand why. The writing is lean, free of pyrotechnics, fearless, a sign that the writer has attained full confidence in his powers, in his characters, and in the weird world they travel through. Miville no longer had anything to prove to himself or anyone else. What writer wouldnt revel in such liberating self-possession? Miville was entitled to a breather, and he took it in 2007 with Un Lun Dun, a delightful childrens book that posits there are abcities that live alongside real ones London has Un Lun Dun, and then theres Parisnt, No York, Lost Angeles, and others. Into Un Lun Dun come two London girls, Zanna and Deeba, lured to the abcity because, as they learn, Zanna is the much-coveted Shwazzy (a play on the French word choisi, or Chosen One), who supposedly possesses powers that will help the residents of the abcity defeat the virulent Smog. This noxious organic cloud, fed by Londons pollutants, threatens to burn everything in Un Lun Dun books, buildings, people then inhale their smoke, increasing its size and power and knowledge until the abcity vanishes. One of Mivilles themes the dubious nature of messiahs is cleverly tweaked here when it turns out that Zanna is a zero and Deeba, the unchosen one, is the true heroine. As Alice did in Wonderland, Deeba fearlessly negotiates the wondrous abcity with its donut-shaped UnSun, its flying double-decker buses, its moil buildings (Mildly Outdated in London) made of discarded TVs and record players, and Webminster Abbey, a church made of cobwebs. She teams up with a kindly bus conductor, a talking book, a cuddly milk carton named Curdle, and the binja, protective trash bins that know karate. Their battle against the Smog and its devious human allies draws on Mivilles twin strengths his boundless imagination and his ability to whip a narrative into a frenzy. He even illustrated the book with deft pen-and-ink sketches. Next came The City & the City (2009), which, though it just won the 2010 Hugo Award, strikes me as the weakest of Mivilles novels. Its essentially a noir police procedural set in a pair of intertwined cities, Beszel and Ul Qoma, which occupy the same space but never interact. Under threat of severe penalty, citizens of each city learn to unsee the other. Miville is to be applauded for resisting the temptation to get too comfortable on Bas-Lag, in London or in Un Lun Dun, but for me the novel is a one-trick pony, under-worked, thin. Not everyone agreed. The novel won the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the Locus Award for best fantasy novel of 2009. Miville returned to London with this summers Kraken, which is the German plural for octopus, and a bit of a misnomer because the novels titular creature is actually a giant squid. When it disappears mysteriously from the Natural History Museum, a curator named Billy Harrow is drawn into the police investigation and soon finds himself in the other London a netherworld of cultists, magickers, angels, witches, stone cold killers, and some people who are trying to engineer the end of the world. One of them is a talking tattoo. Another wants to erase the achievements of Charles Darwin. More than a few people believe the giant squid is a god. The novel is Mivilles grandest achievement to date, brainy and funny and harrowing, its pages studded with finely cut gems, such as: The street stank of fox. And: The presence of Billys dream was persistent, like water in his ears. And: All buildings whisper. This one did it with drips, with the scuff of rubbish crawling in breezes, with the exhalations of concrete. This other London, Miville writes, is a graveyard haunted by dead faiths. Like all of his worlds, it is not merely plausible, it is engrossing precisely because it demolishes old notions of plausibility and writes its own. In other words, its an eye-opener, a revelation. By the time I finished reading Mivilles novels I had come to understand that what matters most about fiction is not somebody elses idea of whats great, whats good or, worse yet, whats good for you. What matters is a writers ability to create a world that comes alive through its specifics and then leads us to universal truths. Miville engages me with his writing because he is brilliant and because he cares about me as a reader, and this, Ive come to see, is far more precious than a books classification, its authors reputation, or the size of its audience. As the late Frank Kermode said of criticism, Miville understands that fiction has a duty to give pleasure. He does this by working that fertile borderland where pulp meets the surreal. Hes an equal-opportunity plunderer of the high and the low, mining not only the texts of his chosen genre, but also mythology, folklore, Kafka, childrens literature, epics, comics, Melville, westerns, horror, and such contemporary pop culture totems as graffiti, body art, and Dungeons & Dragons. For all that, his worlds are surprisingly low-tech, more steam-punk than cyber-punk, which speaks loudly to the Luddite in me. People use gas lamps, typewriters, crossbows, flintlock rifles, and bulky calculation engines. There are no spaceships, death rays, or other threadbare hardware that furnishes so much old-school SF. The one exception is a witty nod to Star Trek in Kraken, including some acts of teleportation. But its the exception that proves the rule. Best of all, Mivilles worlds are not governed by tidy morality any more than theyre governed by the strictures of hard realism or hard science fiction. Virtue is not always rewarded and evil often goes unpunished, which is to say that his weird worlds have a lot in common with the world were living in today. In fact, weirdness for Miville is not something that exists outside reality; its just beneath, and next to, and right behind, and inside of the everyday. Weird to me, he has said, is about the sense that reality is always weird. In the end, his fantasy novels are not about otherworldly worlds, not really. Theyre about the possibilities that are all around us, waiting for someone to open our eyes so we can see them. Someone with the imagination and the writing chops of China Miville. For him, weirdness is not an end in itself, but a means to a much higher end. He has said that his Holy Grail is to write the ripping good yarn that is also sociologically serious and stylistically avant-garde. The only better description Ive heard of his writing came from a fan who wrote that, in Mivilles books, Middle Earth meets Dickensian London on really good acid. Perfect. As fine as it often is, Mivilles writing is not flawless. Especially in the early novels, over-used exclamations become tiring, such as By Jabber! and godspit! A handful of words get worn to the nub, including judder, drool, thaumaturgy, and puissance. Some predators predate their victims instead of preying on them. Miville godspit! has been known to use impact as a verb, which ought to be an international crime. And like many middle-aged faces, his prose would benefit from a little tightening here and there. But these are quibbles, and they should have been addressed by a halfway competent copy editor. Besides, theyre a bit like walking away from a sumptuous banquet and bitching that the shrimp werent big enough. No writer is perfect, mercifully, but a few, like Miville, start with a bang and just keep getting bigger and stronger and weirder and better. Thats as much as any reader has a right to ask of any writer. Word is getting out of the genre ghetto. Even the Decade-Late Desk at the New York Times gave Miville the full treatment after the publication of Kraken an interview in his London home that duly noted his middle-class upbringing, his shaved skull and multiple ear piercings, his degree from the London School of Economics, and his numerous literary prizes. And, the article concluded with tepid Gray Lady praise, his fan base has come to include reviewers outside the sci-fi establishment. True, as far as it goes. But the Times article barely touched on what might be the most startling aspect of Mivilles career to date. Rather than trying to distance himself from the fantasy genre, he has embraced it. Another writer who has done this is Neal Stephenson. I have so much respect for Neal on that basis, Miville once told an interviewer. I could kiss him. So many writers perform the Stephenson maneuver in reverse. They perform the (Margaret) Atwood they write things that are clearly weird or in the fantastic tradition, and then they bend over backwards to try to distance themselves from genre. Not China Miville. Which is why Ive written this mash note to thank him for helping me see that genre books, that any books, can be great, and for teaching me to quit worrying and just kick back, relax, and realize its totally cool to love the monsters.
Businessman Stew Leonard sued in boating death
New Haven - The founder of Connecticut-based Stew Leonard's grocery store chain is facing a lawsuit alleging the reckless operation of his powerboat caused the death of a passenger last year. Barbara Speranza is seeking millions of dollars in ...
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Indian Hill start times to remain unchanged
A later start time for Indian Hill schools does not seem likely anytime soon. District transportation supervisor Barb Leonard conducted an evaluation of an 8 a.m. start time for the high school and found a late start would require seven additional buses.
Dorothy Smith
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Crime round-up: March 4
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Perry, O’Brien Highlight Seminole Split
FSU set several offensive season highs against UC Santa Barbara, including runs scored (13), base hits (12), RBIs (11), home runs (3) and total bases (21). Aside from O’Brien’s two-hit performance, Tiffani Brown, Mallory Borden and Leonard also ...
Leonard L. Roth, 87
Leonard L. Roth, 87, of Rogers ... Survivors include his children, JoAnn (Robert) Schlichter, Edward (Virginia), Barbara “Bobbi” (James) Brown, Thomas (Gayle), Marilyn (Dennis) Arnlund, Charlene (Gerald) Miskowitz, Paula (Butch) Konetchy ...
Barb A. Sterba
Barb A. Sterba, age 67 of Johnson Lake ... Maxine Nichless of Ainsworth; step-parents, Darlene (Leonard) Mahllendorf of Norfolk and many other relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother, Jimmie Allen Nichless. 
Hospice & Homecare of Reno County
In memory of Betty Reed-Wheatley, given by K.D. Ediger, Phyllis fowler, Lynda Green, Ray and Diane Kauffman, Steve and Barbara Luman, Leonard Marteney, Geraldine Mitchell, Beverly Nelson, Norma Plank, Luella B. Ramsey, Connie Schoenhofer ...
Cape city manager hopefuls will take tours of town
Barbara Lipscomb. Lipscomb is upbeat and positive with a ... ability to work with others — in particular both local governments and with people. • Leonard Sossamon. He is low key, but accomplishment oriented with a pleasant personality.
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The Modern Amazons: Warrior Women On-Screen (book)
published by Hal Leonard/Limelight Editions is a non-fiction book documenting the ... From Barbarella to Barb Wire , the book surveys the ...
List of Scrubs characters
Leonard ... Cox's sarcastic barbs, using the time during which he is ranting to compose a flippant reply, which annoys him to no end. ...
Peter Lougheed
668 78.8% NDP | Ed Smith 1,175 7.9% WCC | Bruce Roper 1,106 7.5% Liberal | Barb Scott 598 4.0% Social Credit | Leonard Petterson 251 1.7% | ...
List of illustrators
R 2 | Maria Rabinky American artist and map illustrator ... Barb Rausch Leonard Raven-Hill Gardner Rea Ralph Reese Charles M. Relyea ...
The Big Bang Theory
The show is primarily centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California : roommates Leonard ... Awards and nominations: barb. co. ...
Liberal | Barb Scott | 598 | 4.04%-4.10% Social Credit | Leonard Petterson | 251 | 1.70% | 6.96% | Total | 14,798 100% | Rejected, ...
Bare (Barb Jungr album)
Bare is an 1999 album by Barb Jungr . ... Version performed by Leonard Cohen originally from his album Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)" ...
Victoria Regional Transit System
Board of Directors: Mayor Frank Leonard, District of Saanich Mayor Barb Desjardins, District of Esquimalt Mayor Larry Cross, Town of Sidney ...
Players (2010 TV series)
103 | "Barb's Husband" | March 16, 2010 | Bruce is nonchalant ... 106 | "Cousin Leonard" | August 7, 2010 | Ian Roberts) comes to Players ...
Whitechapel (TV series)
Sally Leonard as Frances Coles, one of the intended murder victims. ... airdate Viewing Figures (millions) Sourced by BARB ; figures include ITV1 HD | ...