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Jan 29, 2014 ... Chad Riddle. Barbara Zubek. Bunny Anderson. John Allen. Andy Plummer. Barbara Zubek. President Reaves. Mayor Sexton. 1. Update Given ...
Summer 2010 - Dallas Retirement Village Director of Sales & Marketing. Village Apartments & Townhome Living Shellie Friesen - Berry. Chad Riddle.
Spring 2010 - Dallas Retirement Village
Director of Sales & Marketing. Village Apartments & Townhome Living criddle@ Shellie Friesen. Chad Riddle. (503) 623 - 1810. (503) 623 - 1857.
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Charles F. Riddle, P.E.. Program and Office Engineer. Bureau of Local Roads and Streets 847.705.4406 ..... Chad Riddle. Program  ...
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Howard, Werth, Ransom Power Phillies Past D'Backs
While their injury list keeps growing, the Philadelphia Phillies are piling up victories.Ryan Howard hit a tiebreaking two-run homer, Jayson Werth and Cody Ransom also connected, and Philadelphia beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 9-5 for a season-high sixth straight win Tuesday night.The two-time NL champion Phillies moved within 3{ games of East-leading Atlanta, cutting the deficit in half over the last five days. Theyve won nine in a row at home, their longest since winning 16 straight at Veterans Stadium in 1991.It may have been a costly win for Philadelphia because center fielder Shane Victorino left in the seventh with a left oblique strain. Hell be examined by a team physician on Wednesday.The Phillies played without Jimmy Rollins, who has a bruised left foot. Theyre already missing Chase Utley.I dont think its that bad, but Ill know more after I take the MRI in the morning, Victorino said.If Victorino has to go on the disabled list, top prospect Domonic Brown is a candidate to replace him.I think Domonic is always a consideration, manager Charlie Manuel said.David Herndon allowed two runs -- one earned -- in one inning to record his first major league victory.Mark Reynolds hit his 24th homer for the Diamondbacks, who have the third-worst record in the majors.We werent able to execute what we wanted to do offensively and defensively, Arizona manager Kirk Gibson said.After the Diamondbacks scored two runs off Herndon in the sixth to go up, the Phillies answered with three in the bottom half to take a 7-5 lead.Raul Ibanez hit a two-out RBI single off Jordan Norberto to tie it at 5. Howard followed with an opposite-field drive to left-center.The 2006 NL MVP has been Philadelphias most consistent hitter in a lineup thats been riddled by injuries and inconsistency. The All-Star first baseman is batting .302 with 23 homers and a NL-leading 81 RBIs.Weve had so many injuries, but we have to continue to go, Howard said.Ransom hit a two-run shot off Chad Qualls to make it 9-5 in the seventh. Werth crushed a 1-2 pitch from starter Rodrigo Lopez into the bushes behind the center-field wall for a 4-3 lead in the fifth.Both starters pitched five innings. Cole Hamels allowed three runs and six hits, striking out eight. It was his shortest outing since lasting four innings against Toronto on June 26. The 2008 World Series MVP finished the month with a 2.16 ERA in six starts, but only got one win.Lopez gave up four runs and seven hits against his former team.He was 3-1 in seven games with the Phillies last year.The Diamondbacks went up 5-4 on a quirky play in the sixth. Chris Young led off with a double and Kelly Johnson walked. Gerardo Parra reached on Howards throwing error and scored on Adam LaRoches sacrifice fly to tie it at 4. Miguel Montero followed with a grounder to second baseman Placido Polanco. Parra ducked from Polancos tag and beat the return throw from Howard to second, allowing the go-ahead run to score.Reynolds hit a solo shot to tie it at 2 in the fourth. He walked with the bases loaded to force in Arizonas first run in the first.Hamels hasnt had much luck this season. Hes just 7-7 despite giving up three earned runs or less in 17 of his 21 starts and two or less 11 times.You have to be able to execute pitches and get quick outs, Hamels said.
The Six-Pack: Week 3
So Im watching the 19th-ranked Miami Hurricanes destroy the Pittsburgh Panthers, my alma mater, on Thursday night as Im typing up this column, and I feel a little sad. I mean, Pitt doesnt field an awful squad their loss in week 1 was in overtime to a pretty gifted Utah team but losing to Miami pretty much squashed their incredibly remote shot at a national championship or a reasonable bowl game. Then I thought to myself, wait, they can just run the division and get into a BCS game that way! Then I thought to myself: wow, college football sure is stupid. Im amazed that the debate, Which is the better version of football, college or professional? is even a debate at all. It should be termed pushover, or easily answered hypothetical or ramblings of a five-year-old. Come on. There are really people out there who prefer college football to the NFL? Fine. For this weeks Six-Pack, I present to you more than enough ammunition for shooting down one of the lamest sports debates should you find yourself in the crosshairs of a passionate Gator or Buckeye or Crimson Tide fan. The quality of play. I put the most obvious response to the Nuh-uh, college is better! at the top of the list because this argument is most likely to determine whether or not you can continue having a conversation with this imaginary person or if he/she is one more boilermaker away from losing bladder control. This argument is so incredible because of its simplicity and strength. Its impossible for a college-backer to say that their brand contains the better athlete. College kids dream to play in the NFL, to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, to compete against the highest level theyll ever face. How many seniors selected in the NFL Draft decide, Nah, I think Ive gotten all I can out of football, peace? The players are faster, stronger, more agile, more flexible, quicker on their feet, quicker in their decision-making. The playbooks are thicker and more intricate. The competition never stops. Even the rules that govern the game inherently recognize the discrepancy in talent. A college receiver only needs one foot in bounds for a completed catch; an NFL player needs two. The play clock stops after a first down in college to allow the offense to get to the line without much time being wasted; an NFL offense needs to manage the clock with more scrutiny. A pass interference call against the defense marks off fifteen yards from the previous line of scrimmage in the college game; at the professional level, the ball is spotted where the foul occurred, a nod to the concept that NFL cornerbacks are a little headier and less likely to mug their opponents. Its all there, and at the end of the day, the real question is: why would you prefer to watch the minor league version of anything over the professionals? Im sure Jeremiah Masoli had nothing but his academic career in mind when he transferred to Ole Miss. The tattered banner of integrity. Oh, I know youll find one of those champions of morality who herald the college game as being more pure than in the NFL. In the NFL, theres no heart, this idiot spews. Youve got steroids cases every week, you have the Patriots and their cheating, you have Braylon Edwards and his .18 BAC, you have players promising their love to a city then turning their back the moment another owner opens his checkbook. And what about the greedy owners, taking money from taxpayers then threatening a lockout? At this point, try your best to ignore this persons flagrant halitosis problem and acknowledge the follies of the NFL. Yeah, those are all bad things. Heres the kicker: college sports have their slew of integrity-threatening problems too. Hi, Reggie Bush. Thanks for returning the Heisman. Youre welcome to stay here all week; weve rented a house for you and your familywhoops! Not only are stories like Reggies ridiculously commonplace, weve started to roll our eyes a bit when we hear about them. So an agent gave Recruit Xs mom a diamond necklace, big deal. So another agent gave Recruit Y access to drive around an Escalade his freshman year, doesnt hurt anyone, right? No matter where you stand on the issue of college players being treated as employers of a business or not, one has to respect the actuality of the arrangements as akin to bribery. Plain and simple. Theres a reason these things take place on back channels and arent presented at press conferences. OK, so youre sick of hearing about agents and recruiting violations. Thats only one aspect of college sports. Leaving aside the ignominy of college athletes also getting busted for drug/alcohol usage and the specter of steroid accusations looming at the NCAA level, we must address the myth of the vagabond free agent NFL player. Yes, an NFL player is going to respond to material incentives, just like any consenting adult would do in any line of business. Sometimes imagine this a player and his agent will offer a team a discount for a longer-term deal because he enjoys the security of being in a city he loves with a program he loves. My favorite argument against this fallacy? Any college player anywhere gets at most four (possibly five if he finagles an exception) years at a university, tops. Then he graduates, is gone, off to different adventures. In other words, the group of people who derides the NFL as too cold and distant for not having consistent rosters for their teams simultaneously cheers for their program of choice consisting of players they know have a shelf life of four years. Kinda takes the sting out. The best use of a college bowl is to fill it with cereal or possibly pudding. Take your bowl week and shove it. The most exciting playoffs in all of sports is the NFL postseason. Januarys across calendars past are dotted with the memories of intense, leave-it-all-on-the-field affairs. You know why? Because there can be only one champion in the NFL, not three dozen champions. Are we really supposed to get jacked up about the Bowl or the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (actual names of bowls)? Do you even think the winners of these bowls have enough room in their trophy cases to fit the names on plaques? Well, perhaps youre one of those fans that takes the lesser bowls as the filler entertainment they are until you get to the big guns: Fiesta, Sugar, Rose, Orange and the BCS Championship Game. Yeah, because those affairs are never riddled with controversy. At least when a team like the 2008-9 Cardinals makes the Super Bowl (the only Bowl worth its weight), the discussion veers towards, Wow! Can you believe a team with absolutely no running game made it this far? instead of, What conspiracy of coaches and athletic directors do you think came up with this pairing? Its not worth your time pretending to believe college football has a single victor above the rest, and if they dont, why is that a better format? Lets see through college footballs silly veneer and recognize its bowl system for what it really is, a cash grab with enough sponsorship to choke a ranch full of horses. Pageantry means puffery. Ooh, you have a marching band take the field at halftime, otherwise known as the twenty-minute period I spend stretching my legs, urinating, grabbing a drink and a soft pretzel and totally avoiding watching anything on the field. You have fight songs that sound just like every other fight song ever written (Bah buh BAH bah, bah buh BAH bah, BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH). You have a student section filled with frat boys and girls theyre hoping to feed a few beers to and take back to the house after the game. You have alumni caring way too much about the margin of victory over Youngstown State. Face it: sports has been shifting its emphasis toward its television audience and away from its live audience for decades now out of pragmatic concerns. All the peripheral crap at a college game doesnt make a lick of difference to those of us sitting on the couch, idly flipping past the late-night Pac-10 game and scraping the Cheeto stains off the corners of our mouths. Schedule some time for sanity, while youre at it. How exactly do you expect us to take a game seriously that has schedules drafted up by people intentionally looking to maximize its profits and not by a third-party affiliate? The NFL has eight teams of four divisions that play each other on a public, easy-to-understand rotation. Do you know who Boise State will play in 2014? Who will Wisconsin get at home in 2013? What will the nonconference affairs of Tennessee be for the next three years? No one knows! But we do know that the big names in college football will intentionally beat up on lesser opponents and schedule fewer and fewer real threats in the first month of the season. Why? Because they know a team with no losses looks pretty damn good compared to any team with any loss, regardless of the competition. Its a flawed system that filters its way down into the conferences, too. The Pac-10 plays an honest round-robin format wherein each member plays the other members of the conference once a year (alternating home sites every other year). It appears the expanded Big Ten will go the same route, but the other conferences have yet to abide by this logical process. It doesnt seem like a good thing when an announcer can say, Boy, Auburn is the lucky team in the SEC: they dont have to play Florida or Georgia and they get Alabama at home! The longest any NFL team has to wait to play any other NFL team is four seasons. The longest any NFL team has to wait to play any team in its own conference is three years. The longest any NFL team has to wait to play any team in its own division is weeks, and its always a home-and-home setup. Cant beat that. I didnt even mention some of my other favorite arguments, such as: the decision to root for a college unless that person or immediate family went to that college; the lunacy of teams jumping conferences; Notre Dames absurd and borderline criminal financial arrangements with the NCAA and NBC; the stat-inflating and gimmicky overtime system; the preference of misdirection/option run plays instead of the more visually pleasing and accessible passing games; and the concept of a media-based ranking system having a tangible effect on the outcome of the season. OK, enough waxing about an obvious victory for me. If you want to pick a fight with me or merely pat my back, I suggest you do so in the comments box below! I try to respond within a day to any comment left for me. If you have something lengthier, hit up my e-mail ( and Ill give you a personal response. Thats right, I dont let any secretaries handle my e-mail! You may SHOULD also follow me on Twitter (@greenbayblog), because its super-easy and fun and I check it roughly 400x daily. BEER OF THE WEEK. Now heres something lovers of the college and the professional game can both agree upon, beer! While Im with my girlfriend out on the town, the town being Newark, Delaware, we enjoy hitting up bars with nice microbrew selections. One of her absolute favorites and my plug this week is Rogues Dead Guy Ale, especially when served in a 22-oz. bottle. If you somehow have avoided Dead Guy all your life, youre not a complete human being. While Rogue is based out of Portland, Oregon, Ive easily found their beers in any state Ive traveled throughand many a beer of Rogues has traveled through my intestines. I also enjoy their Juniper Pale Ale and their Brutal IPA (yep, name says it all), but the hearty maibock with the skeleton on the label will always be my and my girlfriends favorite pick. WEEK TWO PICKS (Ground rules: 1) Home teams in capitals; 2) I will pick at least one Upset Special weekly; 3) Same goes for a Lock of the Week.) San Francisco has its lofty heights set at .500 this year. 49ers (-3) over CHIEFS I dont have the stones yet to pick the 2-0 Chiefs over the 0-2 49ers. Feels like a total setup by Vegas to only give the Niners a three point margin. Not that I trust Alex Smith against a rowdy Arrowhead contingent. I just trust that Matt Cassel (averaging 122 yards passing/game) is engaged in some sort of silent Operation Shutdown. If San Francisco loses, Im going on record and saying that the 7-9 Seahawks/Cardinals win the division. This NFC West crap is ridiculous. VIKINGS (-11) over Lions maybe Lions (+11) over VIKINGS hmmm VIKINGS (-11) over Lions Well give the Vikes another week to sort itself out. Hey, its not as if Tarvaris Jackson is going to pull a Bruce Gradkowski on us or anything. Since Minnesota did NOT get V-Jax (but did get Hank Baskett, who is known for two things: 1) Dating Kendra the Playboy Bunny and 2) fumbling away the surprise onside kick last Super Bowl. Great job!) that means youre looking at the team they want to ride with the rest of the season. Betcha AP goes nuts on Detroits D, and if not, you can Suh me. Ha! Actually, dont Suh me, since that would likely entail a very heavy man breaking all my bones. PATRIOTS (-15) over Bills Theres no reason to believe the Bills will do anything except admire the Adonis-like beauty of Tom Brady launching touchdown after touchdown in the crisp autumn Foxborough air. Oh my. It is autumn, isnt it? Pumpkin pie! Squash soup! Sweaters! Cider! Piles of leaves to push children into! Armistice Day! Daylight savings! Cornucopias! Halloween outfits to make your grandmother blush! What a glorious, glorious season. SAINTS (-4) over Falcons The Saints have lost one meaningful game in the last six months of football. The Falcons arent quite at that level that they can knock off the champs in their own backyard. You know, Im 0-2 for my locks of the week this year. I called up Monsieur Grumbles and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. He gave some sort of excuse like his blood-maple syrup levels were twice the legal limit when he made his picks, but Im going to be aggressive with this punishment. No picks for Grumbles this week; hes suspended until further notice. Im going straight ahead and making a Saints victory my lock of the week. Hey, when does it become old hat to suggest the consequences of Katrina are still inspiring the Saints (and that the Saints are still inspiring the New Orleans community by winning)? Well? Probably never, as long as the dewy eyes and earnest perseverance of Drew Brees are around. I think the good karma of Drew Brees would melt the faces of Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style, if they ever looked at it directly. GIANTS (-3) over Titans Home team getting three means Vegas has no clue whos winning this game. Ill take the Giants instead of my better instincts knowing that home-field in the NFL means very little in the regular season and that all things being equal, I should take the points. I should also recognize that Brandon Jacobs has about three months of usefulness left in his body, a far cry from his energetic bullrushes during the Giants 2007 run. That first year of Jacobs prompted me to say to a friend of mine (Giants fan) that Jacobs was worth more to the team than Eli Manning. OK, a stupid thing to say, but damn itI liked Brandon and hate(d) Eli. And now hes throwing helmets into stadiums and suggesting trades like hes the next Ron Artest. Sorry, Brandon. Theres no ridiculous ending for you. Oh, where was I? Right, a justification for picking the Giants. Well, in Greek mythology, the giants were called upon to defeat the gods after the titans failed in their first attempt. If the Titans cant win without the Giants help, I certainly cant pick them in confidence, can I? BUCCANEERS (+3) over Steelers Yes! I am the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD making this pick, making this my most upsettiest of UPSET SPECIALS! ever. Its only slightly nutty when you realize that the Steelers will be traveling to western Florida, wearing their black jerseys in low 90s weather plus humidity. Charlie Batch (who once won my cousin a Super Bowl for the Lions in a simulated season of Madden 2002, easily Charlies career highlight) takes over mid-week for a Steelers team that has had zero passing touchdowns. Of course, you dont need a passing game when you can get by grinding out the clock with a semi-consistent rushing attack and a defense that cannot wait to piledrive you. I hate picking a young quarterback against this insane (and insanely disciplined) defense, but Josh Freeman has a chip on his shoulder and the crowd at his back. As long as Raheem Morris gameplan doesnt get too vanilla, I think Tampa squeezes out the surprise of the weekend with a slim win. Rationalization (+6) over LOGIC/REASON See: my last two picks. Bengals (-4) over PANTHERS Listen, if I didnt think Matt Moore was going to beat the Bengals, youre not winning me over with Jimmy Clausen. Poor Clausen is going to get torn apart. Hes in there way too soon as part of a last-ditch attempt by John Fox to retain his job. This quarterback switcheroo is sort of like being chased by a zombie horde and throwing your girlfriend into their groping hands just to buy yourself another thirty seconds before they overwhelm you. John Fox: officially downgraded to untrustworthy in zombie apocalypses. RAVENS (-11) over Browns Eric Wright is a pseudonym for Dude Who Got Owned by Adrian Peterson Last Year. This is a really good line. I got stumped by this one for a few minutes (OK, twenty seconds). Do you think the Browns can score eleven points period? I sure dont. I think Seneca Wallace is the name of two northeastern Ohio towns mashed together. Mohammed Massaquoi is probably Milli Vanillis real name. Joe Thomas was once a Pro Bowl tackle, yeah right! If Im a member of the Cleveland defense, Im thinking about filing an OSHA grievance after chasing after Ray Rice this week. Just not fair that a business should make someone eat that much dust in one day. TEXANS (-3) over Cowboys Last week, I wrote, If Houston pulls off this game, well, next weeks clash with Dallas becomes must-see. Hardly a scintillating quote to use, I know. What youre not aware of is how I screamed in my head, Write that if Houston wins, youre on board! Youre a believer! I couldnt bring myself to do it. Really, Im not sure that theyre a shoo-in to win a game that by all accounts they have the goods to do so. But Im picking them as penance for not being bolder last week when I wanted to be. Actually, Im doing a really piss-poor job being bold THIS week with my Texans pick. Let me try again. The Texans are going to win by at least two touchdowns over the heartless Cowboys, starting a chain reaction from Jerry Jones office that culminates in the firing of Wade Phillips and at least one strength and conditioning coach that no one has ever heard of. Also, one of Jones eyebrows is ripped off by a gust of Gulf Coast air. That better? Redskins (-4) over RAMS Who cares? I only picked it this way because I think its funny the Rams havent won a home game in like 19 tries. Sort of the way MTV hasnt made an interesting show in about 19 years. JAGUARS (+3) over Eagles So all the attention is on Michael Vick now and nothing is being said about the Jaguars chances this weekend? Perfect time for a Philadelphia meltdown! Its getting a little harder to predict these with the recent successes of the Phillies and Flyers, but every once in a while you have to put your nose to the wind and detect when the Eagles are ready to crap their pants. Watching the Eagles defense is like watching patio furniture on a sinking ship: everything flows to one side even when you dont want it to. A lot of big hitters on that side of the ball (Ernie Sims comes to mind) but not the best at gap discipline. If Jahvid Best tore them up, what do you suppose Maurice Jones-Drew might have in mind? Colts (-6) over BRONCOS The Horsey Bowl! If you are thinking of taking the Broncs, just say neigh! Their running game has been hoofing it lately (I should know, I have Knowshon Moreno as my fantasy RB1) and their mane threat is Kyle Orton? I think the only equestrian about this contest is how many touchdowns a Champ Bailey-less defense will pony up to Peyton Manning and friends. Also, maybe Colt McCoy will show up wearing a Fillies hat. Horses. CARDINALS (-5) over Raiders DEREK ANDERSON. BRUCE GRADKOWSKI. AVERT YOUR EYES TO AVOID PERMANENT DAMAGE. Also I think the Raiders run game is too lousy to present a decent pass-action threat. Chargers (-6) over SEAHAWKS This might be a decent line if that Seahawks crowd (notoriously boisterous) can affect Philip Rivers the way the K.C. crowd did. Can we get him a mood ring? Actually, can we get him some morphine? Dude has way too much angst for a millionaire. JETS (+2) over Dolphins I picked against the Jets last week, claiming the Patriots hypothetical win over them was a matter of when, not if. Ouch. I hate the Internet and its constant access of documenting my failures. Listen, I hate this pick as much as you do, but its not like Chad Henne is a world-beater. You gotta love the collection of angry, misguided wide receivers at this Sunday night game. Braylon Edwards and Brandon Marshall take the stage with Santonio Holmes peering on from afar. Any way V-Jax takes his talents to South Beach before this game just to even the score? (Secondary thought: if LaDainian Tomlinson goes for 120 yards and a touchdown for the second straight week while Ryan Mathews limps out of another game, will San Diegans light themselves on fire? No, probably not, because theyre way too even-keeled for that behavior. But will I regret donating my powder blue LT jersey to my sister? Absolutely, I will.) Packers (-3) over BEARS Hee hee! It only took a non-win win over the bottom-dwelling Lions and a road victory over the dysfunctional Cowboys for Bears fans to talk themselves into the Jay Cutler/Mike Martz marriage! Its as if a few beautifully thrown balls makes up for the mysterious benching of Devin Aromashodu, who at this point might be the Bears most complete receiver. And that offseason acquisition of Julius Peppers? Bears fans will provide you with links to nfl.coms video page so you can watch Peppers destroy Matthew Staffords shoulder on a sack. They probably wont mention that the Stafford sack is the only tackle Peppers has had all year. For the pretty two-and-a-half quarters Cutler has had, Ill stick with the Pro Bowl, record-setting QB who has loads more receiving talent. Dont worry, Bears fans. Im sure Peppers will get another tackle soon. Last week: 8-7-1 On the season: 15-14-3 Simmons picks: 15-14-3 Upset Specials: 1-1 Locks of the Week: 0-2 Unreal that Bill Simmons and I have had the exact same record both weeks. I swear Im not trying this. OK, for week three, Im going to try and get double digits for the first time. Wish me luck.
Terrell Owens Chimes In On McNabb Saga On T.Ocho Show (Video)
On last nights T. OCHO Show., Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco discussed whether or not Mike Shanahan was justified in yanking Donovan McNabb at the end of the Redskins game on Sunday. Owens, who played two very productive, but injury-riddled seasons with McNabb in Philadelphia, remarked after their Super Bowl loss in 2004 that he wasnt the guy who got tired. This remark has often been attributed as a dis to McNabb, and the media has always pitted the two against one another. After the 2005 season, Owens had a rather acrimonious break-up with the Eagles. And last n
Actor/evocative photographer Leonard Nimoy; devout Muslim and Egypts first TV sexologist Dr. Heba Kotb; founder of the Gay Christina Network Justin Lee; and Jewish pin-up girl Jamie Sneider, are just a few of the intriguing subjects featured in SEX + RELIGION, a new documentary series beginning on VisionTV starting September 20 @ 11pm ET/8pm PT. What do they have in common? Their work stands at the nexus of sex and religion, historically odd bedfellows. Hosted by Canadian broadcast journalist and writer, Laurie Brown, SEX + RELIGION asks rabbis, priests, philosophers, prostitutes and polygamists, to shed light onto what role, if any, sex plays in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. The series subject matter includes erotic art, virginity, polygamy, pornography, contraception, prostitution, same-sex relationships and sexual fantasies. Art is about illumination, says Leonard Nimoy whose photographs of female bodies superimposed with the Hebrew letter Shin represents his interpretation of Shekhina, the female representation of God. Simultaneously erotic, beautiful, and spiritually meaningful, Nimoy explains they were inspired by the ecstatic prayer he witnessed as a youth while attending synagogue services with his Father. The Torah is loaded with sexuality, Nimoy says. Its not to be viewed in terms of sin, but rather as part of the human condition. Episodes travel from Father-Daughter Purity Balls in the deep Southern US to the Arab Quarter in Paris where they perform hymenoplasty surgery; from the streets of Las Vegas with Hookers4Jesus to Centennial Park, Arizona, a Fundamentalist Mormon community that believes in polygamy. Yet another episode visits Chad Hardy, the now-excommunicated sixth generation Mormon and former missionary, who set out to open shirts, open minds with his Men On A Mission calendar, his powerful and headline-making project showcasing handsome men in the service of God that involved a much deeper story than the eye-candy; one that could possibly reshape perceptions, and encourage a broader acceptance of human and religious diversity. The first episode of Sex & Religion features devout Muslim and Egypts first sexologist Dr. Heba Kotb, host of the sexual advice show Big Talk, plus Florida pastor Paul Wirths 30 Day Sex Challenge. To Have or Have Not? That is the question. Tune in to find out. Sex + Religion was created and co-produced by Gemini-Award Winning Riddle Films (Jason Charters and Liam Romalis) and Creative Anarchy Inc. (Robert Sandler). SEX + RELIGION DEBUTS ON VISIONTV MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 Click here to read the article online. blogs - Comedy Skit: Robert De Niro Loves Porn
Are you talking to me? This comedy skit by Justin Fair and Chad Ridgley is hilarious! Somehow they take the simple premise of Robert De Niro needing a tech guy to fix his porn-riddled computer, and turn it into a clever spoof of his popular film roles. Its also ingenious how the actor playing De [...]
Tyler Hill Camp
Introduction Tyler Hill Camp Aerial View 2007 Tyler Hill Camp was founded in 1955 by William (Bill) Heft and Joe Bernstein. Bill was the Boys Head Counselor for over 25 years, at Camp Rosemont, in Honesdale, PA. Bill and his friend Joe Bernstein purchased the Wayne Country Club, where they transformed it into Tyler Hill Camp in 1956. They had a third partner, Bob Weinberger, who after a few seasons sold his share to Bill and Joe. 1990s The 1990s brought the greatest change to Tyler Hill Camp. During the winter of 90/91, Sy Sundick, the Girls Head Counselor for thirty one years, and one of the key figures during Tyler Hill Camps most successful period, retired. Bill Heft and his wife Pauline, along with their daughter Marian and son-in-law Jimmy Bongino, and their daughter Carolyn M Heft, sold the camp to Jay S. Jacobs, owner of Timber Lake Camp and Timber Lake West. The sale, closed by their daughter, Carolyn M Heft, became official prior to the 1991 season, but the Hefts and Bonginos remained with the camp until the summers end. During the 1991 banquet dinner, the camp presented Bill and his wife Pauline with a set of golf bags as a symbol of gratitude for the last 36 years of hard work and dedication. In 1991, until 2005, Allen and Arlene Leibowitz were the Directors/Owners of Tyler Hill Camp and helped bring the camp back to what it used to be. With Als experience as a high school principal and Arlenes experience as a teacher, they were chosen to oversee Tyler Hills entire summer operation. The summer of 1991 also brought along a new tradition to help kick off, or break out, the end of the summer Color War competition between 2 teams of campers. With the entire camp gathered at the main basketball court, Jason Priestly, star of the hit show Beverly Hills, 90210, was the surprise celebrity guest that began numerous years of celebrity guest appearances. The first major addition to camp in the 90s was the addition of an Olympic size swimming pool in 1992. The pool was built where a hard-top volleyball court once stood down by Silver Lake. The same year, former Boys Bunk 1 and 2 was converted into a movie theater, featuring a projection screen and real movie theater seats from the then recently renovated Calicoon movie theater. The movie theater is used for rainy day and evening activities, as well as an additional location to practice for the annual Boys and Girls Sing competition. In 1992, the boys campus bunk lineup changed for the first time in Tyler Hill Camp history. Original bunks 1-8 were unused, and Bunk 9 became Bunk 1 for the 1992 and 1993 season. These 2 years, only 13 boys bunks and Senior Hall, the bunk for Supers and CITS, were used. In 1994, the bunk lineup changed once again and remained the same until 2003. The order of the bunks were reversed, Bunk 1 starting the lineup on the opposite end of campus, with Bunk 20 in original Bunk 3s former place. In 2003, 2 new boys bunks were built, situated next to the new Bunk 1 and 2. With this addition, the bunks continued through 22 in the same formation that it followed since 1994. The following summer, girls camp received its first major addition, when 2 new bunks were built on lower girls campus.(7&8) The daily schedule underwent a minor adjustment in the early 90s. Prior to 1993, girls camp ran on a 15 minute later schedule, mostly to alleviate the overwhelming kitchen staff at meal times. It was also at this time when the usually divided co-ed camp not only began to run on the same schedule, but gender specific buildings and activities were combined for use by everyone: the formerly split tennis program was equally divided to encompass both boys and girls camp; the separate lakefronts were split once again, with all swimming taking place on the former boys dock (pavilion) and boating taking place on the former girls dock; the 2 arts and crafts buildings were now used for both boys and girls on their elective periods, with new craft areas added to the girls arts and crafts building. Starting in 1995, a 3 year project began for the construction of Tylerdome. During the summer of 1995, a new regulation roller hockey rink was built in deep outfield of the softball field closest to the boys bunks, adjacent to the pit (parking lot). The following summer, a new basketball court was built right next to the hockey rink, above the road overlooking the rope burn area. Finally, both the hockey rink and basketball court were covered in 1997, completing the Tylerdome. The dome featured high ceilings and was open on all sides, allowing for cool breezes throughout the hot summer days, but sheltered out the intense sun and offered an alternative location for rainy day activities. In 1997, the camp switched to a buggy duty system, alleviating the need for waiter service in the dining room. One counselor from each table would pick up the food at a newly renovated counter in the center of the dining room, between the In/Out doors of the kitchen. Several years later, the dining room added toasters, as well as a pasta and soup station for the appropriate meals. The exceptions to the dining room service would be for Monday night Food Court and the Wednesday schedule of Breakfast in Bed, Buffet Lunch and BBQ dinner. In 1999, a new outdoor adventure program was added to the daily schedule. The program, aptly named Quest, was conceived to facilitate team building exercises within each bunk, utilizing a new low and high ropes course off to the side of the golf course. Scheduled for a 3 hour extended period for every group once a week, the program allowed each member of the bunk an opportunity to showcase their leadership and cooperative group skills. Most of the same activities used throughout the summer are used during each pre-season counselor orientation, giving staff members the same opportunity to experience similar team-building exercises. The low-ropes course consists of various activities which require the group to work together to properly accomplish the specific task at hand. The high-ropes course consists of a climbing wall, with various levels of difficulty, a suspended bridge and a zip line. At the end of the 6 week Quest program, each bunk competes in an end-of-the summer WALO competition. All the skills experienced throughout the summer are put to a time test within each division, utilizing all the Quest activities on Water, Air, Land and Odyssey. 2000s The last several years brought a lot of structural changes to the campus. Beginning at the start of the decade, a porch was added to each of the respective Head Counselor Offices (HCOs). In addition, the girls camp HCO was moved to the far corner of girls campus, closer to the super bunks, to open up the campus and allowing a better view of Silver Lake. In 2002, a wrap-around porch was added to the canteen and the following year, the interior was renovated, adding wood paneling throughout the perimeter of the building. Two new boys and girls bunks were also added added due to the increasing camp enrollment, allowing for more flex space in the latter bunks. The boys bunk (1&2) was added to the line of bunks closest to the lake and the girls bunk (7&8) was added behind 11&12, completing the lower girls campus. In the early part of the decade, the main and secondary roads that lined the campus were paved, followed by the addition of new foot paths in 2006, leading in front of the lower campus boys bunks (1-16) and the upper campus girls bunks (9-16). Tyler Hill Camp, 2006 During the winter of 2002-2003, the Social Hall suffered extensive roof damage after a sizable snowfall. The building was un-repairable, so plans were drawn up to construct a new, larger building to facilitate a growing camper enrollment. The foundation was laid in 2003 and the building was officially completed for the 2004 summer season. The new building was built similar to the original design, with the exception that it was not built on risers, but rather on a concrete slab. The design was similar to the canteen, with a cathedral ceiling throughout plus a back patio, rather than a porch. The building featured a state-of-the art sound booth in the back of the building, with costume rooms, larger bathrooms and a dance room and weight room off to either sides. The building received another facelift in the fall of 2006, when hard wood flooring was placed throughout the building. For the summer of 2006, the Arts & Crafts building received a much needed renovation. The woodshop, formerly the Boys Arts & Crafts building, moved the existing ceramics shop to the former Girls Arts & Crafts building right next door, allowing the cooking program to take its place. A wrap-around deck was added to combine both buildings into one large Arts & Crafts center, offering woodshop, rocketry, candlemaking, cooking, stained glass, tye-dye, painting and macram/beads. Also the former Cooking Shack (formerly the Nature Shack) was taken down and a patio was put on the foundation to make a cooking and seating area for Quest breakfast and lunch. Cooking was moved into the Arts & Crafts pavilion overlooking the Quest breakfast and lunch area. In the fall of 2006, construction began on a new Gymnastics pavilion overlooking Silver Lake. This pavilion will replace the existing gymnastics facility, which was situated in the pavilion of the old Boys campus dock. In 2006, Andy Siegel and his wife Wendy assumed the position as Director/Owners of Tyler Hill Camp, along with Justin Mayer as Assistant Director and Bette Jane Weisenthal as Associate Director of Girls Camp. Andy Siegel joined Tyler Hill Camp in 1993 as the Freshman group leader. He previously held the positions as Assistant Boys Head Counselor, Boys Head Counselor and Associate Director. Justin Mayer joined Tyler Hill Camp in 2003 as a Division Leader. He previously attended Timber Lake Camp and following his stint as a Division Leader, became the program director in 2004 and Boys Head Counselor in 2005. Justin Mayer was assistant director from 2006 until 2009, after which he accepted the Director job at Timber Lake West Camp. Bette Jane Weisenthal started Tyler Hill Camp in 1979 as a group leader. After several years as a group leader for the Junior, Inter and Sub-Senior girls, Bette assumed the position as Director of the Drama department starting in 1988, a position she held until 1995. In 1996, she transitioned back to girls camp as the Girls Head Counselor, with Cindy Davidowitz as Assistant Head Counselor for several years, before passing that position on to Alyssa Flaum. In 2009 the popular movie theater was changed back into bunks due to the enrolement of 35 new campers. A new movie theater was constructed behind bunks 5 and 6. Tyler Hill Traditions A camp is more than a collection of buildings and land. What makes a camp special are those traditions that spring up over the years. Color War An end of the summer competition where the entire camp is split into 2 teams, Blue & White, led by counselor leaders known as officers. Lasting between 5 and 6 days, points are earned through athletic activities, sportsmanship, boating and swimming relays, all culminating with a Sing competition. Campers anticipate Color War all summer long, awaiting the Break Out towards the final week of the summer. Camp spirit is high, as both teams compete for the most sought after prize, the hatchet. A hatchet is hidden in a well disguised location, with clues released twice a day, leading to the hatchets general vicinity. The search is fierce, as many of the clues are riddles or anagrams, sending many hatchet hunters on a wild goose chase. The clues generally become easier as the competition draws to a close, allowing campers of all ages to decipher and search for the hatchet. Once the hatchet is found, this gives that team an added boost of confidence for remainder of the competition. The Cisco Kid, The Hawk and Wonder woman As the days draw closer to Color War, these characters make an appearance, alerting the camp that Color War is quickly approaching. The Cisco Kid, donned with a poncho and sombrero, is the guardian of girls camp. He advises the entire camp that he will defeat the Hawk, the guardian of boys camp, to kick-off the start of Color War. Legend has it that Color War can not officially start until the Cisco Kid defeats the Hawk in a full-out battle in front of the entire camp. After brief appearances by both the Cisco Kid and the Hawk, Wonder woman relays information to girls camp from the Cisco Kid, that he is ready for the final battle with the Hawk and that the Cisco Kid will prevail. Conveniently, the Cisco Kid has always won the final battle and Color War has started without hesitation shortly thereafter every summer. Color War Breakouts Starting in 1991, a celebrity was brought to camp to break out the Color War competition. The celebrities that have appeared for a Color War breakout are as follows: 1991: Jason Priestly, star of Beverly Hills, 90210 1992: Nitro & Ice, stars of American Gladiators 1993: Charles Barkley 1994: Hakeem Olajuwon 1995: Matthew Perry, star from the hit TV show Friends 1996: Two fake Tom Cruises 1997: Supermodel Tyra Banks and model Antonio Sabato Jr. 1998: Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin 1999: Shaquille ONeil 2000: Justin Timberlake, popular lead singer from the band Nsync 2001: Carson Daly, host of MTVs TRL 2002: Tobey Maguire, star of the Spider-Man films 2003: Clay Aiken, American Idol runner up and boy-band O-town 2004: Paris Hilton and pro-skater Chad Muska 2005: Fergie, singer from the band Black Eyed Peas 2006: Two teen girls, Alex and Jordy, found 4 out of 6 hidden cryptexes, and broke color war, by the lake, to the entire camp 2007: The Megasaurus Monster Truck Dinosaur rolled down the road by the lake 2008: A Blackhawk Helicopter flew over camp 2009: A sea monster appeared in Laurel Lake and a plane flew over camp Watermelon Sacrifice Legend has it that many summers ago, Big Al Leibowitz walked out on the boys dock during an intense storm and was greeted by a voice that instructed him to carry out sacrifices in honor of the Watermelon God. He promised Big Al that every summer he would provide ripe watermelons to Big Als lake as long as the sacrifice takes and the white seeds were properly disposed of in the boooket. Whenever Big Al noticed watermelons floating in the crib, he would gather a group of campers for the official ceremony. A sacrifice was chosen, most typically a staff member, and after a special prayer was said, the Watermelon God made it known whether or not the sacrifice was worthy of the newly discovered watermelons. If the Watermelon God accepted the sacrifice into the lake, it was a sign that Big Al could cut open the watermelons for the group. The first step was to properly pass out the schmekal, or tail end of the watermelon, to the youngest camper in that group. If the camper was able to balance the schmekal on their head, they were able to keep it as a souvenir, providing they stored it in a tightly sealed zip-lock bag. After the schmekal was handed out, it was time to determine whether the watermelon was edible. If the watermelon was red, everyone was able to feast on the offering. If not, the watermelon was unable to be eaten and had to be properly disposed of. The main reason given for an unripened watermelon was if someone from the previous summer spit the white seeds instead of the black ones into the lake, rather than into the boooket with the rest of the watermelon rinds. Tyler Hill Alumni Notable alumni Bruce Beck NBC Weekend Sports Anchor Randy Sue Marber (Kornfeld) NY State Supreme Court Justice Irene Rosenfeld (Blecker) Chief Executive Officer, Kraft Foods Inc. james lafferty famous actor one tree hill Alumni Hall of Fame See Alumni Hall-of-Fame Historical Data Boys Head Counselors Gabe Smith (1960-1965) Big Ed Michael (1966-1971) Artie Sunshine (1972) Irv Goldstein (1973-1978) Charles Chick Tayer (1979-1988) Big Al Leibowitz (1989-1991) Steve Frank and Bill Lalin (1992) Mike Singeiser (1993) Joel Diamond (1994) Jay Fleitman (1995) Andy Siegel (1996) Bob Siff (1997-1998) Craig Laz Lazarus (1999-2004) Justin Mayer (2005) Chris Beltz and Greg Ellis (2006-2009) Chris Beltz (2006-present) Girls Head Counselors Sy Sundick (1960-1990) Kenny Weinman (1992-1994) Missy Kaufman (1995) Bette Jane Weisenthal (1996-2005) Alyssa (Frank) Flaum (2006-present) Camp Organizational Structure Original Boys Camp Original Girls Camp Current Groups for both Boys & Girls Camp Rovers Bunk 1-4 Sub-Debs/Debs Freshmen Rangers Bunk 5-8 Juniors Cadets Juniors Bunk 9-12 Inters Sophomores Sub Seniors Bunk 13-16 Sub Seniors Juniors Seniors Bunk 17-20 Seniors Seniors Super Seniors (2 years) Super Seniors (2 years) Supers/Teens Camper Waiters CIT CIT Waiters Junior Counselor Junior Counselor External links Tyler Hill Camp Official Site Tyler Hill Camp Alumni Site vde Camping Facilities in the state of Pennsylvania Bnai Brith Perlman Camp (Lake Como) Camp Galil (Ottsville) Camp Lee Mar (Lackawaxen) Camp Minsi (Pocono Summit) Musser Reservation, (Marlborough) Camp Ockanickon (Pipersville) Camp Poyntelle (Poyntelle) Camp Ramah (Lakewood) Camp Tioga (Thompson) Camp Starlight (Starlight) Camp Tuckahoe (Dillsburg) Lake Greeley Camp (Greeley) Resica Falls Scout Reservation (East Stroudsburg) Treasure Island (Point Pleasant) Trexler Scout Reservation (Jonas) Tyler Hill Camp (Pocono Mountains) Woodward Camp (Woodward) YMCA Camp Conrad Weiser (Wernersville) YMCA Camp Fitch (Springfield) Categories: Jewish summer camps | Youth organizations based in Pennsylvania | Wayne County, Pennsylvania | The PoconosHidden categories: Articles needing cleanup from November 2006 | All pages needing cleanup I am China Crafts Suppliers writer, reports some information about spring lift gas springs , leaf spring clamps.
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Karla Peterson, 47
She is also survived by nephews and nieces, Kenny (Belynda), Karl, and Kurt (Chris) Marthaller, Amy and Chad Peterson ... Arrangements are under the care of Longfellow Finnegan Riddle Funeral Home.
Craig ‘Noodle’ Newell, 38
His brother preceded Craig in death, Chad (who was his best friend); grandfathers ... Park, Anaconda, MT 59711. Longfellow Finnegan Riddle Funeral Home is entrusted with Noodle’s funeral arrangements.
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