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Chase Landry (ChaseLandrySWMP) on Twitter
The latest from Chase Landry (@ChaseLandrySWMP). Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Outdoorsman, Musician, monster gator exterminator :). Louisianimal.
Chase Landry | Facebook
Chase Landry. 26053 likes · 14860 talking about this.
Chase Landry — Swamp People —
Chase Landry, Troy’s youngest son, is joining his family’s hunting team and business for the first time this season.
chase landry | Tumblr
The only reason why I'm excited for Valentine's Day is because a new season of Swamp People starts. And if Chase isn't on the first episode, I'm gonna hit ...
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Quick Hits (Albuquerque Journal)
Lobo Women Go 1-2 in the Mile The University of New Mexico picked up 14 medals in ...
Gander Mountain plans events to celebrate opening of Opelika store (bizjournals)
Activities are scheduled today through Sunday to celebrate the opening of Gander Mountain’s newest location in Opelika. According to the Opelika-Auburn News, activities include gift card giveaways and appearances by fishing and hunting experts, along with Troy and Chase Landry, stars of the TV series “Swamp People.” The outdoors specialty retailer also has locations in Florence and Huntsville.


Louisiana State Wrestling Tournament - DIV I Brackets - lhsaa
#5 Chase Landry (COM). #8 Justin Million (GK). BYE. Charles Lauland (HNV). #1 Matthew Guidry (CAT). 103. Louisiana State Wrestling. Tournament - DIV I. 62 ...
Louisiana State Wrestling Tournament - DIV I Brackets - lhsaa
#1 Matthew Rabinowitz (10) (AIR). #4 Chase Landry (12) (COM). Richard Carbo ( 10) (HNV). BYE. BYE. Justin Million (11) (GK). #6 Ryan Seals (9) (MND) ...
the Events PDF. - Urban Tulsa
Feb 14, 2013 ... 11am-3pm meet Troy Landry,. Jacob Landry and/or Chase Landry from the Swamp People series” on. HISTORY; Fri. Feb. 15, 12 p.m., Sat. Feb.
In the News - Indian Gaming
Apr 2, 2012 ... “The Way Louisiana Plays.” Swamp People is a popular television series starring. Troy, Jacob and Chase Landry. The famous gator hunters ...
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Find hidden profiles and photos for Chase Landry across MySpace, Facebook and 40+ networks.


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Coming Full Circle
Coming Full Circle Rating: (out of 6 reviews) List Price: $ 4.50 Price: Theyve waited ten years. Will they finally gain everything they ever desiredand more? Theres only one bright spot Jasmine Hayes can see when shes suckered into helping plan her high school reunion. At least shell be able to reconnect with old friends Chase Randolph and Alex Landry. Theres nothing she regrets more than losing touch with those two handsome guys. Chase and Alex hadnt planned to attend the reunion, but the chance to see Jasmine again has Chase intrigued.
3rd Congressional District candidates both call themselves outsiders
Republican Jeff Landry and Democrat Ravi Sangisett face each other in Nov. 2 election Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District could be on the chopping block should the 2010 Census, as expected, cost the state a U.S. House member. But that hasn't discouraged Republican Jeff Landry and Democrat Ravi Sangisetty from a spirited chase for the seat vacated by Rep. Charlie Melancon's bid for the Senate.View full sizeRepublican Jeff Landry and Democrat Ravi SangisettyIn a year defined by a disenchanted, if not downright angry, electorate, the vacancy allows the candidates, each a lawyer
J.B. Smoove and Max Records Cast in David Gordon Greens The Sitter
Earlier this year Jonah Hill agreed to star in The Sitter, a comedy in which Hill will play a college dropout who gets into more than he bargained for (like drug deals and car chases) when he agrees to babaysit the children of a family friend. Now J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) and new child actor Kevin Hernandez have all signed on. The Wrap reports on the casting, saying that Records, Hernandez and Landry Bender will play the kids, while Smoove will play one of the drug dealers who get caught up in the films events. This will be one of the first projects for Max Records since the release of Where the Wild Things Are; I loved the young actor in that film, so Ill be very interested to see his work here. (Hes also apparently in Ruairi Robinsons BlinkyTM, about which I can find very little info. If you know anything, drop us a line.) The R-rated comedy will be directed by David Gordon Green, who stepped in when the directors chair was vacated by The Wackness director Jonathan Levine. The script is by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Note that this isnt the same project as the Sam Raimi-produced adaptation of R.L Stines book The Sitter, which will hit theaters as The Au Pair. Previously: Last year I had a chance to read an early draft I read was pretty great. The Adventures in Babysitting comparison is good, as it is basically an R-rated version of that film. For example, Noah drags the kids along while he stops at a drugdealers house to pick up some coke for a girl he is trying to get with. One of the boys ends up stealing something valuable from the drug dealers house which sets up a chain of events which just keep snowballing in scale and hilarity. The spec screenplay by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, a duo who made a name for themselves with a college comedy script titled Who the Hell is Sanjay Patel, which landed on the 2006 Blacklist (a list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood that year) and is set up at Universal. The Sitter was the subject of a heated bidding war and was snapped up by Fox Atomic in January 2009. A Ton Of New Release Dates Announced for 2011, 2012 and 2013 Jonah Hill To Star in The Sitter, David Gordon Green to Replace Jonathan Levine as Director Dario Argento Gives David Gordon Green a Thumbs-Up for Suspiria Remake Casting Notes: Danny McBride in Bullies, Sam Worthington Offered This Means War; Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage in Trespass; Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman in Hemingway & Gellhorn Casting Bits: Marvin Gaye Biopic, Splatter Sisters, Nightwork, The Numbers Station David Gordon Greens Animated Show Good Vibes Lands at MTV
Big 12 Championship Game | NEWS911
Big 12 Championship Game, (AP) – With a thrilling finish in a Bedlam game that lived up to its name, Landry Jones chased away the demons that had hounded
Sam Rockwell joins the cast of the David Gordon Green comedy The Sitter
David Gordon Green's comedy about drug dealers chasing down a babysitter is forming quite a cast for itself. TheWrap is reporting that the awesome Sam Rockwell (CONVICTION) will be jumping aboard the David Gordon Green (YOUR HIGHNESS) comedy THE SITTER. Rockwell joins the likes of Jonah Hill (MONEYBALL), Max Records (WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE), Kevin Hernandez ("My Name is Earl"), newcomer Landry Bender,... Read More...
Coming Full Circle
Coming Full Circle Rating: (out of 6 reviews) List Price: $ 4.50 Price: Theyve waited ten years. Will they finally gain everything they ever desiredand more? Theres only one bright spot Jasmine Hayes can see when shes suckered into helping plan her high school reunion. At least shell be able to reconnect with old friends Chase Randolph and Alex Landry. Theres nothing she regrets more than losing touch with those two handsome guys. Chase and Alex hadnt planned to attend the reunion, but the chance to see Jasmine again has Chase intrigued.
Dumbledore comes to Doctor Who, X-Men prequel finds young Beast and Banshee, and Batman 3 gets a start date [Morning Spoilers]
New plot details for Simon Pegg's alien comedy Paul! Doctor Who's Christmas episode adds some stars! Christopher Nolan discusses Inception's philosophical and cinematic undertones. Set-pics reveal more about Transformers 3. X-Men prequel casting becomes official! Will Edward Norton join Avengers? Inception: Christopher Nolan says the film is very much his attempt to do a James Bond film, and the film's heist and action elements take inspiration from his favorite Bond films. Speaking of which, if MGM can ever sort out what the hell they're doing with that franchise, he'd love to direct a Bond movie himself. [/Film] When asked about the movie's central ideas, Ellen Page got a little philosophical (although in a charming, non-pretentious sort of way): Q: It seems to me the film's core is the notion that thoughts can transform and even destroy you. A: And they can perpetuate our personal suffering. And the elusiveness of all love. Sure, shooting this movie made me think more about my dreams. But what "Inception" made me think of more, especially because of books I was reading at the time, is my awake world and the elusiveness of all life. My own, individual perspective and the thoughts I'm creating for myself. Definitely a bit of an existential-crisis-esque time, but I'm in my early 20s, so ... (laughs) [SFGate] Transformers 3: Here are a bunch of set photos from the first day of filming in Chicago, including two of Tyrese Gibson in his new NEST uniform: [TFLAMB] And here's a set video: [Screen Rant]&hl;&fs;&fmt; Finally, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says that he expects this to be the last movie in the franchise. Even if Paramount and Hasbro decide they want to do a Transformers 4, it almost certainly won't involve him or Michael Bay. But how could they possibly make a Transformers movie without the franchise's tender artistic soul!? [IGN] Avatar 2: Although Sam Worthington knows what's going on with Clash of the Titans 2 - it shoots next year in 3D and he's set to return as Perseus - he can't say much about his other blockbuster sequel. He's definitely returning, but he says nothing is happening right now because James Cameron is busy with other things and hasn't started writing it yet. [CinemaBlend] Paul: The sci-fi comedy starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Seth Rogen as an alien has an official synopsis: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) reunite for the comedy adventure Paul as two sci-fi geeks whose pilgrimage takes them to America's UFO heartland. While there, they accidentally meet an alien who brings them on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever. For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. For reasons unknown, the space-travelling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town-a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Collings (Frost). Chased by federal agents and the fanatical father of a young woman that they accidentally kidnap, Graeme and Clive hatch a fumbling escape plan to return Paul to his mother ship. And as two nerds struggle to help, one little green man might just take his fellow outcasts from misfits to intergalactic heroes. Paul is directed by Superbad's Greg Mottola, from a story by Pegg & Frost. Joining the comedy's cast are Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Blythe Danner, Joe Lo Truglio, John Carroll Lynch, David Koechner and Sigourney Weaver. [Working Title Films] X-Men - First Class: This took a while to become official, but now Nicholas Hoult is definitely taking over as Beast and Caleb Landry Jones is definitely playing Banshee. It sounds as though Lucas Till is this close to officially playing Havok (or whichever character Havok is a smokescreen for), but that's not a done deal yet. [Variety] The Avengers: It was already pretty much official that Edward Norton wouldn't be reprising his role as Bruce Banner for The Avengers, but now consider it doubly super ultra official. Writing the sort of angry letter most people only associate with owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Norton's agent had some choice words for Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige: This offensive statement from Kevin Feige at Marvel is a purposefully misleading, inappropriate attempt to paint our client in a negative light. Here are the facts: two months ago, Kevin called me and said he wanted Edward to reprise the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers. He told me it would be his fantasy to bring Edward on stage with the rest of the cast at ComiCon and make it the event of the convention. When I said that Edward was definitely open to this idea, Kevin was very excited and we agreed that Edward should meet with Joss Whedon to discuss the project. Edward and Joss had a very good meeting (confirmed by Feige to me) at which Edward said he was enthusiastic at the prospect of being a part of the ensemble cast. Marvel subsequently made him a financial offer to be in the film and both sides started negotiating in good faith. This past Wednesday, after several weeks of civil, uncontentious discussions, but before we had come to terms on a deal, a representative from Marvel called to say they had decided to go in another direction with the part. This seemed to us to be a financial decision but, whatever the case, it is completely their prerogative, and we accepted their decision with no hard feelings. We know a lot of fans have voiced their public disappointment with this result, but this is no excuse for Feige's mean spirited, accusatory comments. Counter to what Kevin implies here, Edward was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Joss and the other actors in the Avengers cast, many of whom are personal friends of his. Feige's statement is unprofessional, disingenuous and clearly defamatory. Mr. Norton talent, tireless work ethic and professional integrity deserve more respect, and so do Marvel's fans. Brian Swardstrom WME [Hitflix] Batman 3: Once again, Michael Caine proves very helpful in telling us something anything about the next movie. At the Inception premiere, he said he expects the movie to start filming next April, although he still doesn't know whether Alfred will actually return for the third film. [Digital Spy] Green Lantern: A local New Orleans news crew got to visit the set. They didn't see anything too fascinating, but feel free to glean whatever details and clues you can: [ABC 26 New Orleans via CinemaBlend] Superman Reboot: That rumor we told you on Friday about Chris Columbus directing the movie is still making the rounds, but now another trusted source has stepped forward to say it's completely false. It's basically the word of one anonymous source vs. another's at this point, but I'd say Chris Columbus not directing the movie is a hell of a lot more plausible. [Collider] Twilight - Breaking Dawn: Locations have been chosen for the absolutely batshit insane, two-part finale to the Twilight saga. Director Bill Condon will be shooting the film's two installments in Baton Rouge and Vancouver starting this fall. [IGN] Contagion: Steven Spielberg's 3D movie about a viral outbreak has added Laurence Fishburne to the cast. He's definitely playing a doctor, and according to the ever-reliable IMDB, his name is Dr. Ellis Cheever. The cast already includes Matt Damon, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, and Gwyneth Paltrow, so it's not exactly starved for starpower. [Variety] Luke Cage: This is all strictly wishful thinking at this point, but Isaiah Mustafa, the ultra-cool star of those Old Spice commercials where he is, among other things, on a horse, said on Attack of the Show that his dream role would be to play Luke Cage. A few days later, he actually visited Marvel headquarters for what he initially described on his Twitter as a "meet and greet" and later explained was just an opportunity to geek out. Still, there just might be a little smoke to this rumor, though definitely no fire...yet. [CinemaBlend] Doctor Who: A bit of exciting casting news for the show's big Christmas episode, filming soon. Michael Gambon, better known as Dumbledore in the most recent Harry Potter films, will have a major guest-starring role. Also joining the "most Christmassy" Christmas special ever is super-popular Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, who's sold millions of pop-tinged classical albums in the U.K. A lot is riding on this episode, since Steven Moffat wants to duplicate the stratospheric ratings successes of "Voyage Of The Damned" and last year's "The End Of Time, part 1." [Guardian] Fringe: The Wire's Andre Royo has reportedly been cast as a taxi driver who gets into a tense situation with Olivia in the season premiere. It's not clear whether his scenes will be with our Olivia or the alternate Olivia. [Ausiello Files] True Blood: Joe Manganiello talked about his role as Alcide. He says Sookie and Alcide are both in incredibly vulnerable places, and when you've got "this big, strong, protective bodyguard with a girl, both heartbroken," it's hardly surprising if something happens. He and Debbie have a very volatile relationship, but his time with Sookie changes him and he reassesses what he wants from women. His favorite episode is the seventh, because "there's a lot of blood and a lot of people die." We will learn a lot more about his people and where Sookie comes from, and the third-season cliffhanger is even more insane than that of previous seasons. They will answer a bunch of questions and in doing so, open up a whole new universe for the characters. [NY Post] Meanwhile, Brit Morgan discussed her turn as Debbie Van Pelt. She describes her character as "a really kick-ass, passionate, ballsy woman. I'm a werewolf with a bit of an addiction to V, so I'm going on a rampage against Sookie. I'm not too happy with her. My character just takes this winding road, a bit of a downward spiral. I'm definitely in attack mode towards Sookie." Her main interactions this season are with Sookie, although she does spend some time with Eric, Bill, and Lorena, plus quite a bit of screentime with Russell, the vampire king of Mississippi. [TV Guide] Supernatural: A couple bits of cool casting news. First season baddie Azazel will return to the show, according to the man who has played him most often, Fred Lehne. He says he starts work July 14, when they go to work on the season premiere. Meanwhile, Corin Nemec may have been cast in a recurring role as Christian Campbell, the cousin of the Winchesters, according to a tweet by Jennifer dela Luna. It's not immediately clear how Ms. dela Luna would know this information, but it also seems a really weird thing to make up. Probably best to consider it unconfirmed for now. [Zap2It & @immaterialdepth] And here are some set photos. Apparently you can see Mark Sheppard in one of the shots: [Supernatural Locations] Futurama: Here's a sneak peek from the next episode, "The Duh Vinci Code." Fry's question about the busts might set a new benchmark for cartoon stupidity:
Big 12 Championship Game
Big 12 Championship Game, (AP) – With a thrilling finish in a Bedlam game that lived up to its name, Landry Jones chased away the demons that had hounded No.
Stanford-Cal game may decide Pac-10 player of the year
It's Stanford's Landry Fields versus Cal's Jerome Randle on Saturday. They won't be going head-to-head when Cal plays at Stanford in both teams' final regular-season game, but they will be competing against each other in the minds of many observers as they chase the conference's top individual prize
Skateboarder Wields Ax on SoCal Freeway, Leads CHP on High-Speed Chase
That's right, authorities allege that 24-year-old Thomas Robert Landry of San Diego executed the "5150" flawlessly, starting with an ax-wielding freak out in the center of the 15 freeway and culminating with a high-speed chase and a police dog take-down.
Writer apologizes to Chevy Chase for airing voicemail
The creator of “Community,” of which Chase is a cast member, played the tape for an audience of at a Los Angeles comedy club, revealing, “I was airing my dirty laundry for a chuckle.” In the voicemail, Chase took aim at Harmon ...
Chevy says leaving angry voicemail for 'Community' creator was 'the right thing to do'
Chase spoke to TMZ about the fight with Harmon as he was leaving ... I was thinking about myself and I was thinking about making people laugh. I was airing my dirty laundry for a chuckle."
Swamp people dazzle at Greenbrier Outdoors Expo
GREENBRIER — Dad Troy and two sons, Jacob and Chase Landry, better known as the “Swamp People” — were a huge success at the Greenbrier Outdoors Expo held in the Greenbrier City Event Center. It was standing room only, and a line wound ...
Great Outdoors expo slated for Saturday
The hunting, fishing and camping exposition is from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the city’s events center. Troy, Jacob and Chase Landry will be available for photos and autographs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Expo activities include children’s games ...
Ax-Wielding Man Leads CHP Officers on Chase
triggering a brief chase that ended when a police canine subdued the suspect, authorities said. Thomas Robert Landry, 24, of San Diego was arrested on suspicion of felony evading, resisting arrest, being under the influence of a controlled substance and ...
Resale of the week: Expanded 1923 Cape Cod in Chevy Chase
The Chevy Chase neighborhood in Northwest Washington was developed ... can include as many as six bedrooms matched with four full baths, a powder room, two laundry areas and two kitchens. The stone and wood-siding exterior of this home offers ...
2012 NFL Draft: Why Miami Dolphins Should 'Just Say No' To Ryan Tannehill
The Miami Dolphins quarterback chase has wielded rejection from Peyton Manning and ... the girl at 3am at the club situation). If Matt Barkley and Landry Jones entered the draft this year, Ryan Tannehill would be a second rounder. He's like the girl ...
Driver in car chase through Randolph, Milton dies
The incident began at about 1 p.m. Tuesday when the owner of the car left the keys in the vehicle while he went into Laundry Room Plus on Condlin Drive in Randolph, near the Sudbury Farms supermarket, police said. Wells said Randolph police spotted the car ...
Resort home: Golf, marina, parks for buyers in Bear, Del.
The 289 estate homes of Woodlands at St. George, part of the Red Lion Chase community, will be surrounded by ... The second entrance from the garage is adjacent to the laundry room and includes a walk-in closet. Residents of this home are ...
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