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Why Thyroid Is So Important: A Response to Dr. Paul Jaminet — The ...
Why Thyroid Is So Important: A Response to Dr. Paul Jaminet. February 13, 2012. “...In any case I don't normally discuss hormonal biology because it is too ...
9 Steps To Perfect Health – #1: Don't Eat Toxins
Jan 28, 2011 ... In their book The Perfect Health Diet, Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet ... (the chimpanzee) aren't adapted to eating cereal grains and don't eat them ...
Paleo Summit Hack-a-thon: Paul Jaminet, 2/28 -
I don't think Jaminet mentioned the possibility that maybe an infants digestive system is not developed enough (since they haven't had a steak yet), and they ...
Dr. Paul Jaminet Discusses the Benefits of a Healthy Diet
Jan 7, 2012 ... Dr. Paul Jaminet talks about the perfect health diet, a refined Paleolithic or ... don' t take into account evidence from other specialties very much.
Don Jaminet - Sioux City, IA | MyLife™
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Roland F. Krayenhagen - Iowa GenWeb Project Welcome Page
Pallbearers will be Paul Fuchser, Chester Petit, Wayne Shanks, Ervin Addison, Donald Jaminet and Dick Jump. Mr. Krayenhagen was born Jan. 8, 1918, in Sioux City.
Kirk Jaminet - Winona, MN | MyLife™ - People Search - Find ...
Cody Jaminet Sioux City, IA 27 Travis Jaminet Davenport, IA 31 Barbara Jaminet Sioux City, IA 55 Donald Jaminet Sioux City, IA ...
Jaminet (last name) in the US Identify People Search Database
Don Jaminet: Jonathon Jaminet: Opal Jaminet: Wm Jaminet: Donald Jaminet: Jordan Jaminet: Ora Jaminet: Woodrow Jaminet: Donna Jaminet: Jorge Jaminet: Orlando Jaminet
St. Michael's Cemetery - Dakota County, Nebraska
JAMINET, Donald E. St. Michael's Cemetery: Dakota: 2008-08-17 10:46:52: JENSEN, Alfred Newell: St. Michael's Cemetery: Dakota: 2008-04-30 16:52:13: JENSEN, Rosemary A.
Le Mars Daily Sentinel: Obituaries: James J. 'Jim' Arens (01/06/04)
... wake service at 7 p.m. Visitation will resume Thursday morning from 8 a.m. until service time at the church. Pallbearers will be Larry Arens, Jim Arens, Dan Jaminet, Don ...
Woman Creates Paws-itively Precious Memory Book for Dogs
Even the consummate businessman, Donald Trump, recognized Jaminet's efforts. In a letter to her he wrote "Congratulations. I admire your ingenuity ... and applaud your ...
Friends say Misinay's disappearance ‘doesn’t make sense ...
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Kelly Jaminet - Email, Address, Phone numbers, everything! www ...
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Abbatiello Douglas I - Olsavsky & Jaminet Architects - Youngstown
Bekon Sales Assoc Inc. 731 Florida Ave Mc Donald, OH ... Insider Pages Reviews for Abbatiello Douglas I - Olsavsky & Jaminet Architects


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Color Companion - Perfect Health Diet
PAUL JAMINET, PH.D., and. SHOU-CHING JAMINET, PH. .... don't forget to give yourself plenty of rest. ... Lions and lambs don't eat the same diet … or do they?
Color Companion - Perfect Health Diet
SHOU-CHING JAMINET, PH.D. ... Eat as many vegetables as you like; but don't count any calories ... Lions and lambs don't eat the same diet … or do they?
Iowa Registered Apprentice Sponsor List - Iowa Workforce ...
Nov 8, 2012 ... Mechanic/Telecommunications. Technician/Service. Mechanic/Customer Service Rep/Gas. Main Fitter/Electric -Dist. DON. KLINGENBERGER ...
CCBC SWAP EVENT - Coastal Cruisers Bicycle Club
13-14 mph: Tom Brady/Don Slemmer, Bob Karapontso ... 12:00: helping to clear tables and make hall ship-shape for our departure: Jeri & Jerry Jaminet ...
Preserving Our Cherished Vista
"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone . . . ." These words by songwriter Joni Mitchell ring true for all those interested in ...
Lessons from the B2B Exchange Washout
But businesses don't want to turn all their data over to a trading partner. ... Paul Jaminet is Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development at WorldStreet ...
St. Mary's Parish Remsen, Iowa
Dec. 29 & 30: Chanz & Shantel Jaminet Jan. 5 & 8: Allison Portz & Stephanie ... thing of those who mean the most to you and try to "gift" them this Christmas, don't ...
St. Mary's Parish Remsen, Iowa
... Has Always Been A Dynamite Pacesetter in the Catholic Growth Of Our Nation WHY DON'T ... 786-2937 Advertise Here J B PROPANE 802 Maple Cove Jerry Braun Remsen 786-2330 DAN JAMINET ...
... Elizabeth City NC Vicki Copeland Lakewood CO Nancy Alexander New Bern NC Jeri Jaminet South Windsor ... Holly Springs NC chris haney apex NC Don Block Holly Springs NC Dallas King Apex NC Onja Bock ...
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Alamosa County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
... Alamosa County Commissioner George Wilkinson Alamosa County Commissioner Don Koskelin ... Sue Davis San Luis Valley Citizen Corps Jon Montano San Luis Valley RETAC Jim Jaminet USDA ...
Long live rubber flooring.
And because they like being here, they don't rush out at 5:30." Connie Kozlowski ... John DeFrance Oslavsky-Jaminet Architects Sports facilities are by their nature high ...
Southern Colorado Livestock 5660 East HWY 160 Monte Vista, CO ...
... diamond s ranch , chama 1 brockfc-cow 1,430 $59.00 /cwt don ... cooley , mosca 1 paint-gelding $410.00 /hd jim jaminet ...
... Kathleen (McKernan) 57 Tortomasi Jerry 57 Byrne Judi (Jaminet) 58 Delia Salvatore 58 Grzanka Bob 58 ... 2006 ASSUMPTION GROTTO ROSTER GROTTO ALUMNI (Maiden Name) CLASS Bartos Don 62 Bomberski ...


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Archevore - Archevore Blog - Jimmy Moore inquires about "safe starches"
This morning I got an email from Jimmy Moore inquiring what I thought about Paul Jaminet’s ideas about safe starches as espoused on his blog and in his book The Pefect Health Diet. I am not sure if Jimmy has noted the updates I’ve made in the Archevore diet, or if he has seen where I have come down on the issue of the CIH ( the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity), as he would have to be scouring the nooks and crannies of blog comments all over the nutrition blogosphere ; ) I’ve not had time to write the magnum opus blog posts that the repuditation of the CIH really requires (and not much can be added to what Stephan has already written), so I thought this was a good opportunity to get the message outside of my own echo chamber by responding in detail to Jimmy’s inquiry. My response to him is pretty long, and I doubt if he will quote much of it, so I’ve reproduced the email response, with his inquiry broken into bits in italics and my responses afterward in roman. Kurt, I've been getting a lot of questions this year from my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog readers about the concepts in Paul Jaminet's book "Perfect Health Diet."  He advocates for eating white potatoes and white rice as part of a low-carb eating plan. I also have come to see most starchy plant organs as perfectly legitimate fuel sources.  Low carb plans have helped people lose fat by reducing food reward from white flour and excess sugar and maybe linoleic acid. This is by accident as it happens that most of the "carbs" in our diet are coming in the form of manufactured and processed items that are simply not real food. Low carb does not work for most people via effects on blood sugar or insulin "locking away" fat. Insulin is necessary to store fat, but is not the main hormone regulating fat storage. That would be leptin. My reading of the anthropology and ethnology literature, as well as my current understanding of biochemistry and metabolism, lead me to see the human metabolism as a multi-fuel stove, equally capable of burning either glucose or fatty acids at the cellular level depending on the organ, the task and the diet, and equally capable of depending on either animal fats or starches from plants as our dietary fuel source, depending on the biome (biological environment) we find ourselves born in or that we migrate to.  We are a highly adaptable species. It is not plausible that carbohydrates as a class of macronutrient are toxic. Diabetics need to avoid high carbohydrate intake the same way those with gall bladder disease need to avoid fat, but carbohydrates do not cause obesity or diabetes and fat consumption does not cause gall bladder disease (in fact low fat diets may contribute to gallstone formation via stasis)  Here's a one-page explanation and illustration of Jaminet's program: Several places in the book and on Jaminet's blog ( he specifically warns against the danger of a very low-carb diet (defined as less than about 300-400 calories per day (~100 grams) from so-called "safe starches"--taro, plantains, yams, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice and berries) because less than this leads to the risks, including:  1) "insufficient production of mucus in the digestive tract" leading to dysbiosis I have not looked into that claim enough to comment in detail, but it seems plausible.   2) vitamin deficiencies (he particularly mentions Vitamin C and glutathione   Yes I would agree with that. Whites and sweets are loaded with ascorbic acid. on pages 253-254)In particular he emphasizes these calories need to come from "safe starches and berrries" and "don't count vegetables as as a carb source (because) they are a fiber (and therefore a fat) source" (page 45). My list is white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice and bananas. If more exotic fare like plantains and taro is available to you, that is fine, too. Except for white rice, these are all whole food starch sources with good mineral and micronutrient content that have been eaten in good health for thousands of years in many environments by genetically diverse populations. Many of these plants have spread far from their biomes of origin and serve as staples for populations who have adopted them with success over just the past few thousand years. These starchy plant organs or vegetables are like night and day compared to most cereal grains, particularly wheat. One can eat more than half of calories from these safe starches without the risk of disease from phytates and mineral deficiencies one would have from relying on grains. White rice is kind of a special case. It lacks the nutrients of root vegetables and starchy fruits like plantain and banana, but is good in reasonable quantities as it is a very benign grain that is easy to digest and gluten free.  I think consumption of quality animal products is the sine qua non of a healthy diet.  Once you have that, then eating starchy plants is more important for nutrition than eating colorful leafy greens - the veggies that are high fiber and low starch. (Some green leafy vegetables are good sources of folate and along with some fruits are sources of flavonoids that may benefit you via hormesis.) I view most non-starchy fruit with indifference. In reasonable quantities it is fine but it won't save your life either. I like citrus now and then myself, especially grapefruit. But better to rely on starchy vegetables for carbohydrate intake than fruit. Primitive populations practicing horticulture or hunting and gathering do not eat a lot of big green salads with lots of variety, but they do eat healthy starchy plant organs with monotony on top of their foraged animal foods. Eating a very low carb (VLC) diet for a period of time can be a good fat loss maneuver, acting via the effects of ketosis on appetite suppression. I also like to see people limit themselves to two or three meals a day with absolutely no snacking, and it may give benefits via hormesis for longer periods of fasting (24 hours or more) once in a while. But a long term VLC ketogenic diet is not a good idea. It does not mimic the ancestral diet in general, even if some populations have tolerated it when they had to. There is no need for most people to do it to lose fat, as food reward effects are more powerful. I would advocate long term ketosis in those with neurodegenerative brains diseases like Alzheimer dementia and Parkinson disease, and a 10 day water fast followed by long term ketogenic diet is worth trying if you have cancer.  But I would not recommend VLC ketosis as a long term way of life the way I would not recommend running a half marathon every day, or lifting weights to failure on a daily basis, or taking chemotherapy drugs when you don't have cancer. Ketosis probably stresses the body and works via hormesis. But the clean up and repair response cannot happen if there is no rest from it.  A recent post he wrote for cancer patients revealed his recommendion of obtaining 400 to 600 glucose calories a day, mainly from these safe starches. He says it is important to avoid a glucose deficiency, since glycosylated proteins are the means of intercellular coordination, and defects in glycosylation are characteristic of the cancer phenotype. My arguments are based more on ethnography and anthropology than some of Paul's theorizing, but I arrive at pretty much the same place that he does. I personally eat around 30% carbohydrate now and have not gained an ounce from when I ate 10-15% (and I have eaten as high as 40% for over a year also with zero fat gain) If anything I think even wider ranges of carbohydrate intake are healthy.  One can probably eat well over 50% of calories from starchy plant organs as long as the animal foods you eat are of high quality and micronutrient content.  Grass fed ruminants, pastured butter and eggs and wild caught cold water fish are the kernel of a healthy diet, but the fuel source can be larger than the kernel on a caloric basis if the kernel is high quality and consistent. He notes, "You don’t want to aggravate this with a self-induced glucose deficiency." I'd like to write a blog post about this topic of "safe starches" to help my readers understand fact from fiction and will quote from your response.  THANK YOU! If you cannot assist me, then please let me know so I ask someone else to contribute. I've given you plenty to quote from, Jimmy. Go for it!
Paul Jaminet’s Response To The Critics Of His ‘Safe Starches’ Concept « Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog
NOTE: I don’t usually allow guest blog posts on my blog, but today I’m going to make an exception. Last week I wrote a long blog post featuring responses from members of the Paleo and low-carb community about the concept of the so-called “safe starches” that are included in plans like The Perfect Health [...]
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