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Kent Faulcon ... Kent Faulcon is an American actor, director, and writer. ... 2000, Rude Awakening, Henry, "Three Men and a Womb", "Truth Don't Fail Me Now".
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Enter. ----------------- ©1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 , 2010 , 2011, 2012, Donald Faulcon.
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LITTLETON, N.C. - John Dallas "JD" Faulcon, 69, father of Donald Faulcon of Newport News, died Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2004. Arrangements by Robinson Funeral Home, Littleton, N.C.
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Freedom THROUGH religious Deprogramming WELCOME PAGE ©-1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by : Donald Faulcon
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Donald Faulcon; Donald Faulhaber; Donald Faulk; Donald Faulkenberry; Donald Faulkner; Donald Fausey; Donald Faust; Donald Fauth; Donald Fauver; Donald Faux; Donald Fava
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-----ACE -BUILDING--SERVICE ----- 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 By: Donald Faulcon-----
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Adolphus Faulcon Company: Aaron's Systems Integrators; Dana Faulcon Company: Sebastian Fugmann; Don Faulcon Company: International Bus Mchs Corp; Felicia Faulcon
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... Lisa Faison, Raleigh, NC Tia Faison, Raleigh, NC Wilbert Faison, Raleigh, NC Demetria Falana, Raleigh, NC Joi Falana, Raleigh, NC Tonya Farris, Raleigh, NC Donald Faulcon ...
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Donald F Faulcon; Full Report Nicole Ann Falcon: 40: Prairieville, LA; Belle Rose, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Baton Rouge L*a, LA; Port Allen, LA; Walker, LA
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Don Faulcon: Jonathon Faulcon: Opal Faulcon: Wm Faulcon: Donald Faulcon: Jordan Faulcon: Ora Faulcon: Woodrow Faulcon: Donna Faulcon: Jorge Faulcon: Orlando Faulcon
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... Qekifg Fadegh, Weldon, NC Brandi Fairbee, Weldon, NC Brandi Fairbee, Weldon, NC Dann Faircloth, Weldon, NC John Faison, Weldon, NC Maurice Farnham, Weldon, NC Donald Faulcon ...


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TLAW Founding Member Connie Clark Appointed To Tennessee Supreme Court
... chapter plans on a short program to honor women leaders such as Judge Bernice Donald ... mie Lynn Ramsaur (general crimes and asset forfeiture), Mercedes Maynor-Faulcon ...
Sandra A. Murray
Williams, S., Donald, C., Faulcon, L., Cooke, D. III, and Murray, S.A. The Effect of Dibutyryl 3'-5' Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (DbcAMP) Treatment on Connexin 43 (a1 ...
Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint Field System
AUTHOR(S) Sprinkle, Danny R.; Obara, Clifford J.; Amer, Tahani R.; Faulcon, Nettie D.; Carmine, Michael T.; Burkett, Cecil G.; Pritchard, Daniel W.; and Oglesby, Donald M. 7.
... 10/09/61 835 West 3 rd Street, Plainfield, N.J. Distribution of CDS 4-3-2008 Donald Young 04 ... age 26, Plainfield, NJ (possession w/intent to distribute CDS) 22) Keith Faulcon, age ...
One (1) 'Maxell' cassette tape with the tape recorded statement of Detective Donald ... Robert Faulcon did relate to Sergeant Dugue', in response to questioning, that he had ...
(12) Police Officer Donald Haynes m, black male, date ofbirth January 14,1977, whose address ... Officer Faulcon aiso had 'Mossberg', 500,.12 gauge shotgun, bearing serial # S244788.
... Louise Dawson Brian and Kelly DiSabatino Drs. Clarence A. and Jacqueline B. Faulcon Mr ... and Golden Jones Dayle and Michael Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Jumps Mrs. Donald C ...
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New Orleans Police Problem
By: Jordan FlahertyIt began as the story that no one was interested in. No one in the media wanted to believe that officers of the New Orleans Police Department had murdered unarmed civilians and then engaged in a massive and wide-ranging conspiracy to cover it up. And no one wanted to pursue evidence that revealed a department plagued by systemic corruption.In a remarkable chain of events, the story that no one wanted has become the story that everyone knows. After nearly four years of media silence and official neglect, a combination of grass-roots activism, independent journalism, and federal intervention shoved the truth out. Federal investigators opened at least eight investigations, are pursuing criminal charges against more than a dozen officers and have accepted plea deals from several more, with additional cops implicated seemingly every week. And as high-ranking officers admit to manufacturing evidence, their confessions bring doubt to scores of other cases they have worked on. Public support for changes in the department has never been so high, and even Mayor Mitch Landrieu has said that, "a complete transformation is necessary and essential."Last week, Mayor Landrieu and his new police superintendent, Ronal Serpas, released a 65-point list of steps they are taking or have taken to rebuild the NOPD. While some have lauded the mayor for taking proactive steps, critics have said that the mayor is trying to institute small changes to avoid a full federal take-over of the department. "This is lukewarm reform," complains Rosana Cruz, the associate director of VOTE, an organization that seeks to build power and civic engagement for formerly incarcerated people. "This is reaching the lowest possible bar that we could possibly set."The Storm and AftermathIn the days after Hurricane Katrina, rumors and panic ruled the streets. There were stories of snipers and mass murder, and armed gangs controlling some neighborhoods. CNN reporter Chris Lawrence commented that there were no "normal" people left in New Orleans, only armed ones. As he said this, images of black people at the Superdome flashed on the screen. City officials helped fuel the panic with exaggerated reports. Police Superintendent Eddie Compass told Oprah Winfrey; "We had little babies in there [the Superdome], some of the little babies getting raped."On Sept. 2, 2005, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco announced that National Guard troops had arrived in New Orleans. "They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded," she warned. "These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so if necessary, and I expect they will." Witnesses from the NOPD have said that Warren Riley, who was then second-in-command of the New Orleans Police Department, added to this dangerous atmosphere by telling officers that they had permission to shoot and kill as many "looters" as their conscience allowed: "If you can sleep with it, do it." Riley denies the claims, although he does say that he "may have said" that officers needed to "take back the city."Reporting conducted by investigative journalist A.C. Thompson for ProPublica, The Nation and later, the PBS television show Frontline revealed a disturbing pattern of police complicity in the killings of black men during and after Katrina.On the same day that Blanco made her threat, Henry Glover, 31, an African-American resident of New Orleans' Westbank neighborhood, was shot by one officer and then was apparently taken hostage by other officers who either killed him directly or let him bleed to death, according to published reports. His burned remains were found weeks later in the back of a car with a bullet wound in his skull. Sometime between the discovery and the coroner's report, the skull disappeared and the case was not flagged by the coroner's office as a potential homicide.Also on September 2, Danny Brumfield Sr., a 45-year-old man stranded with his family at the New Orleans Convention Center, was deliberately hit by a patrol car then shot in the back by police in front of scores of witnesses as he tried to wave down the officers to ask for help.Two days later, seven officers killed two unarmed New Orleanians and injured several more in a hail of gunfire on the Danziger Bridge. This bridge crosses the Industrial Canal, connecting New Orleans East with the rest of the city, and was one of the only routes survivors from that part of town could travel to escape the floodwaters.Amid a hail of police gunfire on the bridge, a mentally challenged man named Ronald Madison was shot in the back by officers. According to Thompson's reporting, Madison was shot by officer Robert Faulcon. Officer Kenneth Bowen then rushed up and kicked and stomped on him, apparently until he was dead. One of the other civilians who survived had her arm shot off, another was so badly injured he now requires a colostomy bag.The officers involved arrested Madison's brother Lance under false pretenses and later had secret meetings at which they conspired to invent a cover story, including planting a gun, hiding evidence, inventing witnesses, and writing coordinated statements, rewritten multiple times to be believable. Lance Madison spent months in jail facing charges that officers now admit were based in fiction.Vigilantes began patrolling the city, apparently having received the same message that killing suspected looters was now officially approved. A young black man named Donnell Herrington was shot by a gang of armed white vigilantes in the Algiers neighborhood. Neighbors reported hearing the white man who shot Herrington, Roland Bourgeois Jr., 47, promise to shoot anybody with skin "darker than a brown paper bag."Even many who evacuated found no safety. In Baton Rouge, about an hour away from New Orleans, police were under orders from their supervisors to make the city inhospitable to displaced New Orleanians. In the weeks after the storm, the behavior of the Baton Rouge police was so blatantly discriminatory, violent, and illegal that state police from Michigan and New Mexico, who had come to Baton Rouge as volunteer reinforcements, left after just two days, lodging formal complaints with the city. As many observers noted at the time, it takes serious crimes for fellow police to break what is known as the blue wall of silence.In their complaints, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the out-of-state police described widespread beatings, search and seizure, spraying of mace, and arrests-all of which were apparently random and unprovoked. One trooper complained that "Baton Rouge officers referred to black people as animals' that needed to be beaten down." Another state trooper reported that "Each time [Baton Rouge Police Officer Chad King] would make contact with a Caucasian person he would be friendly and pleasant. But when he spoke to a black person he was very loud, rude and demeaning." A Michigan cop reported that officers offered to let him beat a prisoner as a "thank you for helping out with relief efforts."These stories were open secrets. Chilling reports made it into interviews with survivors, independent media like the program Democracy Now!, and a 2006 People's Tribunal convened by People's Hurricane Relief Fund, a Gulf Coast coalition. But the corporate media, including New Orleans's own daily paper, all but ignored the story. The U.S. attorney, the city district attorney, and the coroner-every check and balance built into the system -all failed to investigate. Police Superintendent Warren Riley said he never even read the report on the events at Danziger Bridge.Finally, Thompson, writing for ProPublica and The Nation in December 2008, documented the shooting of Herrington and the deliberate killing of other black men fleeing the storm. According to Thompson's reporting, the men were killed by those vigilantes with the endorsement and even the participation of local police. Thompson had been urged by writer Rebecca Solnit to investigate the story. Solnit, in turn, had heard about the accusations of vigilante violence-and the lack of an official investigation-from community activists such as former Black Panther Malik Rahim.In 2009, working with a team of reporters from the Times-Picayune and Frontline, Thompson documented at least 10 shootings by police in the aftermath of Katrina. In every case, local police mounted little if any investigation into the incidents. Police told the family members of Matt McDonald, a young man who was killed by an officer, that their son had been killed by a civilian. His parents didn't find out a New Orleans cop had killed their son until a reporter called them in 2009.The post-Katrina killings have also led federal investigators to further scrutinize the NOPD. The feds have announced that they are looking into incidents that occurred in the summer before Katrina and in the years after.Madison's family members and the families of the others shot that day kept the case alive for years while the media dismissed them. When the Justice Department became involved in 2009, they found evidence of fraudulent investigations conducted so openly that one officer, Sgt. Arthur Kaufman, reportedly felt comfortable shouting out to a room full of cops, "Hey, somebody give me a name," as he invented a witness and testimony on the spot. In response, another officer shouted back, "Lakeisha."Endemic ViolenceA coalition of criminal justice activists called Community United for Change has asked for federal investigations of dozens of other police murders committed over the past three decades, which advocates say have never been properly examined. Activists named a wide range of cases, from the death of 25-year-old Jenard Thomas, who was shot by police in front of his father on March 24, 2005, to Sherry Singleton, who was shot by police in 1980 while she was naked in a bathtub. Her 4-year-old witnessed everything.Several parents and other family members of victims of police violence have joined in protests and community forums sponsored by CUC. The parents of Adolph Grimes III, who was shot 14 times by cops on New Year's Day in 2009, are among those who have spoken out. "We want those officers incarcerated, so they can live with it like we live with it," Grimes' father told The Root.Justice Department officials have indicated that they agree on the need for federal assistance. "Criminal prosecutions alone, I have learned, are not enough to change the culture of a police department," Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez told TPM Muckraker.While some form of federal supervision of the department seems likely, Malcolm Suber, a longtime police accountability activist who is also project director of the New Orleans chapter of American Friends Service Committee, doesn't think federal oversight is enough."I don't think that we can call on a government that murders people all over the world every day to come and supervise a local police department," Suber told The Root. For Suber, federal control will not offer the wider, more systemic changes needed in other aspects of the system. While Suber wants more federal investigations of police murders, he wants these investigations to go hand in hand with community oversight and control of the department.While activists may disagree on the role they see for the federal government, one thing community members agree on is that the problem runs deeper than police department corruption. They say any solution needs to reach beyond the department to other facets of the system like the city's elected coroner, the district attorney's office, the U.S. attorney and the city's independent police monitor, who many see as limited by not having the ability to perform its own investigations.Organizers have put forward a range of proposals for the reforms they would like to see, including institutional support for community-led programs like CopWatch, the incorporation of a system for language interpretation, and a more powerful independent police monitor. But they all agree that not just the department, but the entire system needs fundamental change, and that change needs to come from outside of city government. "How you gonna get the wolf to watch over the chicken coop?" asks Adolph Grimes, Jr. "It's the system itself that is corrupted."Jordan Flaherty is a journalist based in New Orleans and author of the book Floodlines: Community and resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six.
Former Sgt. Gerard Dugue, accused in Danziger Bridge cover-up, takes stand
"I don't know those guys," he testified ... but only one of the men on trial did: former Officer Robert Faulcon, who was accused of murdering Ronald Madison, a mentally disabled 40-year-old whom he shot on the bridge. Faulcon was convicted ...
New details emerge in pizza delivery robbery case
“They said that she 100 percent identified Mr. Faulcon and he was in a police car two cars ahead of me and not one time did I see the car move. I don`t see how she could identify him,” says Smith. As for the gun and clothing found during the ...
Solomon's layup lifts Broadneck
I think everyone on this team is good, and we don't have downfalls ... Jackson 3 1-1 7; Ball 6(1) 3-4 16; Faulcon 1 0-0 2; Brookins 1 0-0 2. TOTALS: 30(5) 13-21 78. GLEN BURNIE 74, SOUTHERN 49: Brandon Spain totaled 18 points, five steals ...
Uganda: Living Within Your Means
Cathy Faulcon Bowen, an associate professor who compiles tips on ... come up with a concrete plan on how you are going to adjust the areas you feel need adjusting- don't just talk about spending less on clothes, define how you are going to do this exactly.
Bob Falcone - News, photos, topics, and quotes
It’s a classic tale—man conquers Wall Street; wife enters New York society; the ... The rules don’t apply to me.
Anthony Villavaso - News, photos, topics, and quotes
Now I'm supposed to change my story or something because they don't f----- believe ... Hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans, Friday, Aug. 5, 2011. Former officer Robert Faulcon ...
Crystle Stewart - News, photos, topics, and quotes
Donald Trump (C) poses with Miss Universe Beauty Queens (L-R) Flaviana Matata, Angela ... called C-Sports Now with his pals Joseph (Jason Olive) and Richard (Kent Faulcon).
Hurricane Katrina - News, photos, topics, and quotes
... Social Security accounts, Hurricane Katrina, Harriet Miers, Tom DeLay, Donald ... Former officer Robert Faulcon, Sgts. Robert... View Photo » AP Photo 1 month ago
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