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Francisco D Olazabal

PR, Pueblo Viejo, Urb Gdns Hills, 922


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Francisco Javier de Olazabal and Quinta do Vale Meao - RJonWine ...
Jun 24, 2010 ... Dinner and Tasting in Oporto with Francisco Javier de Olazabal, former Ferreira President and current producer of Quinta do Vale Meao Port ...
Pagina nueva 1
Tirso Julián Francisco José Ramón María de Olazábal y Lardizábal, primer conde de Arbelaiz, título creado a su favor por el pretendiente carlista Carlos VII, ...
16 Mar 2010 ... Aqui vemos al Obispo Danny Ríos a la izquierda con el Obispo Kittim Silva, frente a la Lapida de Pionero Evangelista y Francisco "El Azteca" ...
La casa solar de Usandizaga, sita en la villa de Azpeitia, es tal casa solar de ... de la casa solar de Olazabal en Azcoitia (Guipúzcoa), hija de Francisco de ...
Francisco Olazabal | Facebook
Sign Up Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. ... Francisco Alva de Olazabal
Manuel Diez Canseco Corbacho - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
... de mayo de 1841, con la dama arequipeña Gabina de Olazábal i Abril de Diez Canseco, de cuyo matrimonio fueron sus hijos: María Mercedes Diez Canseco Olazábal; Manuel Francisco ...
A la izquierda el Pastor Daniel Madrigal y a la derecha el Obispo Danny Rios. Ambos estan frente a la tumba de Francisco "El Azteca" Olazabal, fundador del C...
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Ambos fueron vecinos de Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa) y padres de: II.- Francisco de Olazabal Yanci, nacido en Hondarribia, en cuyos padrones figura como vecino concejante en ...
Margot Olazabal - San Francisco Omate - YouTube
Recepcion de la misa del año de Don Carlos Olazabal Zeballos. Fecha: 5-9-10.
Francisco Olazabal | LinkedIn
Francisco Olazabal. VP - Wealth Management at Smith Barney Location Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Industry
Asamblea de Iglesias Cristianas, Inc. :.
En mayo de 1934 el evangelista mejicano Francisco Olazábal, celebró una poderosa campaña bajo carpa, de evangelización y sanidad divina, en el pueblo de Rió ...
Francisco Javier de Olazabal and Quinta do Vale Meao -
Dinner and Tasting in Oporto with Francisco Javier de Olazabal, former Ferreira President and current producer of Quinta do Vale Meao Port and dry red wine
Martín Pérez de Olazábal fue General de la Carrera de Indias-, Juan A. de Olazabal y Emparan, Ayudante de la Escuadra de don Francisco Messía; Juan José de Olazabal ...
Blog Archive » Félix de Olazábal
Nació en Buenos Aires el 20 de noviembre de 1797, siendo sus padres Benito de Olazábal, natural de Irún, en la provincia de Vizcaya y Matilde de San Pedro Llorente, porteña.
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Información sobre la quema de la parroquia de Santa María de la ...
en compañía de Juan Francisco de Olazabal, su yerno, y a las 5 de la mañana empezaron a tocar las campanas de la iglesia a rebato y fueron hacia allí. Este ...
The River Page 2 The History of Wine Production along the Douro ...
v.l.: Dirk Niepoort, Francisco Olazabal, Cristiano van Zeller, Miguel Roquette, ... Where it turns off to the west near the town of Barca d'Alva, you will find the ...
organero antequerano Francisco Pérez de Valladolid para que restaurase el órgano ...... Francisco José de Olazábal y Olaizola, chantre de la Catedral y vicario ...
MEM - Ministerio de Energía y Minas
o Local : Club Circuio Social Punta de Bombón o Dirección : Av. Francisco de Olazábal s/n al lado izquierdo del camino a la playa e Día : 25 de enero de 2011 ...
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Find hidden profiles and photos for Francisco D Olazabal across MySpace, Facebook and 40+ networks.


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Gay Softball Team Disqualified for Not Being Gay Enough
In 2008, a San Francisco softball team came to Seattle to compete in the Gay Softball World Series. The team, named D2, made it all the way to the championship game. And that's when people started asking questions. Now the players are suing, because they were disqualified for (allegedly) having more than two heterosexual players.
A night in the life of the twin 8-m "Very Large Telescopes" in Chile - UT 3, 4 & The Milky Way [video]
FROM THE FILM: SIDEREAL MOTION 1,159 thirty-sec exposures spanning more than 10.5 hours. The irregular galaxies Small and Large Magellanic Clouds (SMC and LMC, respectively) are visible towards the middle of the time-lapse sequence. Very Large Telescope, Paranal Observatory, Atacama Desert, Chile, 23-24 Aug 2009 (Nikon D700). © 2009 José Francisco Salgado, PhD 26 Nov 09: Explore #2 07 Dec 09: 5,000+ views 10 Dec 09: 10,000+ views 14 Dec 09: 25,000+ views 29 Dec 09: 50,000+ views
Google Earth: The California Bay Area Now 3D!
If you’ve never been to the California Bay area, now is your chance… at least virtually. Google announced today that it has rolled out tens of thousands of new, user created buildings for Google Earth and Google Maps, covering central California, from San Jose up to San Francisco. Included are such famous landmarks as the Golden Gate bridge, the Ferry Building and yes, the Mountain View based Googleplex (In order to view these links, you need to have the Google Earth plugin for Google Maps installed).
New Digg CEO, take note: How social media companies respond to irate users
Days after launching a major revision to its social-news website, Digg has appointed Matt Williams, a former manager, as its new chief executive. And man, does he have some work ahead of him. The overhaul of Digg, which shifts the focus from a page edited by the masses to a personalized news feed, has angered some of its most loyal users. Many Diggers have been very vocal about staging an exodus to rival news site Reddit. Of course, these types of rumblings seem to happen just about any time a large site has its formula tinkered with. Twitter saw backlash recently when it released a feature called Retweet. A loud group that included the service's creator, Jack Dorsey, criticized Retweet for not letting users add a short note to those messages. The small music website TheSixtyOne heard angry chants when it unleashed a simpler version of the service. And such revolts make up practically a bimonthly tradition for Facebook. So how should social media website owners, who find the cries are loudest on their own pages, deal with the attacks? The Times talked to some of those administrators and looked to examples from the past for clues as to how Williams might want to handle the indignation he's inherited. Twitter has millions of passionate and observant users who will notice every time a new button is added or a new "promoted" thing shows up on the site.The San Francisco company provides guidelines for businesses using its social network, and when prompted for Twitter's own philosophy, a spokeswoman highlighted a line from that Best Practices page: "Listen regularly for comments about your company, brand and products -- and be prepared to address concerns, offer customer service or thank people for praise," she quoted. In other words, don't ignore the negativity. Facebook, with 500 million active members, knows push-back perhaps better than anyone. Sometimes the Palo Alto, Calif., developers lose (see: Beacon). Sometimes they win (News Feed).But judging by Facebook's reactions in the past, these issues are usually handled as such: The company lets things stew for a bit and eventually finds either a mountain or a molehill. Molehills disappear rather quickly. Mountains normally get addressed through company blog posts, often by Chief Mark Zuckerberg. Those messages have offered an excuse, some reasoning or an unusual alternative. (To ease privacy concerns, Facebook said users could vote on a sort of Bill of Rights. Few opted to participate, and so the program mostly fell by the wayside.) Beacon, a veritable Everest,resulted in a $9.5-million settlement. Reddit may have benefited the most from Digg users' revolt this week, but the small company has had to deal with tantrums of its own in the past. Though, comparedwith Digg's,"We've never had anything quite like that,"Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian said in an interview with The Times. But Ohanian seems to think Digg is scaling its mountain reasonably well. "It's important to remember that you're still running the site, and you're responsible for doing what's best for it," said Ohanian, who is no longer involved in Reddit's daily operations. "It's impossible to please everyone. And it's important to be wary of the silent majority, who will never let you know how they feel." Digg's response aligns with Ohanian's advice and that of Facebook. Founder Kevin Rose, who was filling in as interim CEO until Tuesday, wrote a blog postaddressing many complaints and offering fixes in the future. A Digg spokeswoman declined to comment for this story. While Rose maintains a great deal of influence at Digg, those decisions may ultimately fall on the shoulders of the new chief. "Introducing change is never easy, and bringing something as radically different as Digg version 4 was bound to generate a strong reaction," Rose wrote in a statementannouncing the hiring of Williams. "We are absolutely listening and really value everyone's feedback as we take Digg in new directions." So Williams will have plenty to mull over as he reshapes the fast-changing company. Rose offered some thoughts in an interview with AllThingsD about Williams' new role: "It's a pain in the ass and something I would never wish on my worst enemy." Have fun, Matt! -- Mark Photo: From left to right, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp, Digg founder Kevin Rose. Credit: Tony Pierce / Los Angeles Times
Dying on the Job: The Numbers
After the deaths of a pair of San Francisco firefighters, SF Weekly pored through labor statistics to learn just how often tragedies of this sort occur. The answer: a lot less often than you'd think.
A Lawyer's Battle Against Porn Pirates
The scary letters started coming for Alex last fall, at his childhood home on a quiet suburban street about an hour north of San Francisco. He'd been sued in federal court, the letters said—in Dallas, of all places—for illegally sharing a pornographic film on a website called
EA’s EA2D Studio Now ‘BioWare San Francisco
EA’s EA2D Studio is now ‘BioWare San Francisco’! Electronic Arts made the announcement confirming that it is now a division of BioWare and confirmed the new name.
San Francisco Time-Lapse in 3D
This new 3D time-lapse video has me so pumped! A tribute to the lovely city of San Francisco, it features scenes from in and around the bay including a cameo by typewriter remix artist Jeremy Mayer in the beginning seconds.
Dear Disney, Please Quit Vandalizing Our City
We knew there'd be trouble when the Disney Company lent its characters to street wear giant The Hundreds last year. Since the collaboration, the San Francisco streets have been sticker-bombed with more images of the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell than one can count. And while the city rips them down, new stickers just keep popping up.
M.A.D.E. San Francisco Non-Profit Hopes to Build Game Museum
The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) is currently hoping to raise funds in order to build a video game museum in San Francisco. The non-profit organization is aiming to earn $20,000 in order to preserve and showcase the medium as an important art form. MADE has already achieved 30% of its goal and will be promoting itself at GDC this year...
Sportsday Live - Monday 23 January
Think you'd do better than Martin Johnson ... or offshore bonuses which parties had no intention of declaring for tax" 1446 TENNIS: Jose Maria Olazabal finds himself one of the beneficiaries of a decision to increase the field for this week's Abu Dhabi ...
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Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (sports club)
Ahumada, Pedro Olazábal, Arturo Silveira, ... Julio Llanos, Ignacio D. Irigoyen, ... Bárcena, Enrique M. Curh, Francisco Alconada, Alberto ...
History of Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (football)
Ahumada, Pedro Olazábal, Arturo Silveira, ... Julio Llanos, Ignacio D. Irigoyen, ... Bárcena, Enrique M. Curh, Francisco Alconada, Alberto ...
List of Spaniards
A–D : Image:Cervates jauregui. jpg | Miguel de Cervantes ... José María Olazábal (born 1966), winner of 2 major championships. Motor sports ...
1953 Carrera Panamericana
57 | TS | 278 | Carlos Battilana Olazabal | ARG Carlos Battilana ... 144 DNF | S+1.6 | 18 | Francisco Ibarra | MEX | 1934 Francisco Ibarra ...
1954 Carrera Panamericana
26 | T+3.5 | 124 | Baja California | MEX | 1934 Francisco Ramírez ... 98 DNF | TS | 328 | Carlos Battilana Olazábal | ARG Carlos Battilana ...
List of governors in the Viceroyalty of New Spain
Governors of : Jan 1802 - 18 April 1804 Francisco de Ixart ... Governor-Intendants of Chiapas : 1802 - 1807 Manuel de Olazábal. 1807 Mariano Valero ...
List of male golfers
D style"width:200px. FRA | size 20px ... ESP | size 20px José María Olazábal HoF | 1966– | SCO | size 20px Andrew Oldcorn | 1960– | ...
1984 in sports
Golf : British Amateur - José María Olazábal U.S. Amateur - Scott ... Tennis : Silver – Francisco Maciel Bronze – Jimmy Arias and Paolo Canè ...
July 2005 in sports
Jan Ullrich at +6m 21s, Francisco Mancebo at +9m 59s, Vinokourov ... Olazábal , Woods eventually cruises to a five-stroke win over Montgomerie. ...
Our Father (Dexter)
as Teegan Campbell Jason Manuel Olazabal as Ramon Prado Kaleigh ... the San Francisco Chronicle s Tim Goodman wrote that "the whiff of ...