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James L Munyon

MA, Berlin, 11 Highland St, 1503


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Find hidden profiles and photos for James L Munyon across MySpace, Facebook and 40+ networks.


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When Twitter Marketing Goes Wrong:
As Twitter has become a legitimate source of news, opinions and even a place for television pitches, movie studios have warmed to its other feature: Promotion.The latest is How Do You Know, the James L. Brooks dramedy scheduled for release next month. Too bad that particular promoted hashtag isn’t going as well as Columbia Pictures probably hoped.
Rap Manager (Allegedly) Linked to Tupac Attack, Arrested in Drug Investigation
James Rosemond, a.k.a. Jimmy Henchman, alleged to have had a role in the 1994 attack on rapper Tupac Shakur that set off the East Coast-West Coast rap wars of the '90s was arrested in New York this morning by federal agents who claim he is the leader an L.A.-to-NYC coke ring.
The History of "The Simpsons" from Those Who Know it Best [Video]
The Simpsons is discussed by many Archive of American Television interviewees including Dan Castellaneta, James L. Brooks, Ron Howard, and more.
The Evolution of “The Simpsons”: From Tracey Ullman to 500 Episodes [Video]
How did The Simpsons skyrocket from short reels to record setters? In his 2003 Archive Interview, Executive Producer James L. Brooks discusses The Simpsons rise from bumpers on The Tracey Ullman Show to the stand-alone, half-hour program that debuted on December 17, 1989.
Bond cars that would cost a bundle on car insurance
Aston Martin DBS, Lotus Esprit and BMW 750iL are just some of the James Bond cars we've dreamed of driving, but would you want his car insurance bill?
Medical Marijuana Patients Propose L.A. Regulation Solution
​James Shaw, director of the Los Angeles-based Union of Medical Marijuana patients, on Tuesday announced an alternative to a ban on nearly 400 local medicinal cannabis dispensaries which was proposed by City Councilman Jose Huizar last month.
The Republican case for ratifying New START
Five former secretaries of state—Henry A. Kissinger, George P. Shultz, James A. Baker III, Lawrence S. Eagleburger and Colin L. Powell—on why the treaty should be ratified.
All There is to Know About 'The Simpsons' Producer James L. Brooks [VIDEO]
Producer Brooks discusses writing for The Andy Griffith Show and producing classic shows like Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, The Tracy Ullman Show, and of course, The Simpsons.
You Are LeBron James. What Do You Do?
Option 5) L.A. Clippers: LeBron going to the Clippers would be like\r\nMegan Fox marrying Donnie Wahlberg. Right house, definitely wrong\r\nbrother.
Obama’s Order Not To Rescue Hostage Confirmed by NSA
Stung by the widely circulated “SEAL pals” account of what really happened in Somalia (discussed here last Friday), the Obama administration had National Security Advisor James L. Jones and a number of anonymous Pentagon sources give their side two days ago in a Washington Times exclusive. Their mission, according to reporter Bill Gertz, was
Salem County real estate transactions
Heritage-Cobbs Mill Estates L.P. to Daniel Krecharczuk and Colleen Scheeler, Lot 6, Block 110, Kristine Court, $360,000. • 1,000 Park Avenue Investment LLS to James G ... Bishop and Robin Bishop to Elber Munyon, Lot 28, Block 2901, Morton ...
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Sales management
Rosann L., Gregory A. Rich, and William J. Stanton (2008), Management of a Sales Force, 12th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston, pp. 134-137. 1.Munyon, Timothy
Terry Austin (politician)
Terry L. Austin (born October 16, 1955) is an American politician from Virginia. A member of the Republican Party, Austin is a member of the Virginia
Mark Keam
Richmond, Virginia. In February 2010, Keam and fellow freshman delegate James LeMunyon, a Republican, authored an op-ed in The Washington Post about their
Brenda Pogge
up of parts of James City and York Counties. Virginia House of Delegates; Brenda L. Pogge "Virginia House of Delegates; Brenda L. Pogge". Retrieved
Jeff Campbell (politician)
Jeffrey L. Campbell is an American politician from Virginia. A member of the Republican Party, Campbell is the member of the Virginia House of Delegates
United States House of Representatives elections, 1924
Republican 1923 Retired Republican hold Lloyd Thurston (R) 62.5% Le Roy Munyon (D) 37.5% Iowa 9 William R. Green Republican 1910 Re-elected William R.
Dave LaRock
incumbent Delegate Joe T. May in the Republican primary. He then defeated Mary L. Costello Daniel, the Democratic candidate. LaRock owns a construction company
David Bulova
David L. Bulova (born May 6, 1969, in Fairfax, Virginia) is an American politician of the Democratic Party. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Virginia
Virginia state elections, 2011
in the House: Bud Phillips (D-2), Bill Carrico (R-5), Dave Nutter (R-7), James Shuler (D-12), Bill Cleaveland (R-17), Clay Athey (R-18), Adam Ebbin (D-49)
Charniele Herring
Charniele L. Herring (/ʃɑrˈnɛl ˈhɛrɪŋ/ shar-NEL HERR-ing; born September 25, 1969) is an American politician. She has served in the Virginia House of