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In addition to providing a simple way to express your gratitude to fellow lawyers ... Illinois, Active And Authorized To Practice Law, 1972, 10/20/2013 ...
Janet DeMars | Jaywalker Lodge
Janet DeMars, MS, CHES Jaywalker U Director Prior to joining Jaywalker U in September of 2012, Janet DeMars worked for 19 years in the field of higher educ.
Sep 1, 2012 ... Official clip from "Rêve de mars" title " Sauvage" ... Making of video- clip" Sauvage - Rêve de mars" part DEE JAY RUBIO154 views; 3:17
Letter From Jaywalker U Director, Janet DeMars | JaywalkerU
Today I was privileged to watch the young men at Jaywalker U do their grocery shopping. I bet you are wondering why this was a privilege? Prior to their s.
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Part 18 - University of Lethbridge
Peter Haney, B.A.. Coordinator, Documents and Systems Support. Jay De Mars, B.Ed. Coordinator, Recruitment. Barbara Williams, B.A.. Student Recruitment.
June 2013 - Western Swing Society
Jun 6, 2013 ... Guests: Don deMars, Jay Ri- ley, Eddie Burr. SECRETARY'S REPORT: The January minutes were presented and approved. TREASURER'S ...
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in agro-ecosystems. Craig A. DeMars a,*, Daniel K. Rosenberg a,b, Joseph B. Fontaine a,c ..... Western Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma californica). CAVI + FOR(800).
Oct 2013 Acolyte Schedule
Oct 1, 2013 ... Terri Colburn. TOR: Kathleen Demars. TOR: Terri Colburn. BEL: Mike Koechner. BEL: Mike O'Malley. BEL: Jay Swope. BEL: Greg Wolgamott.
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Find hidden profiles and photos for Jay Demars across MySpace, Facebook and 40+ networks.


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Raptors remain a puzzle
TORONTO You dont get a medal for the pre-season champs, Jarrett Jack was saying, referring to the Toronto Raptors 51-point victory over the Phoenix Suns in his teams pre-season debut. Theres no ring ceremony or nothin. He was saying this because pre-season is essentially, in his words, a trial-and-error period. And as trials go, the Raptors have one on their hands. Before training camp, there was one sure starter Andrea Bargnani, at either power forward or centre on this team. Nearly two weeks in, there is one sure starter the Italian fellow who has a lot to learn about being double-teamed on this team. As he enters his second full season as an NBA head coach, Jay Triano has a lot of useful players but almost no exceptional ones. So ask Triano if the situation remains fluid, and get ready to see him nod. Extremely, Triano said, nodding in agreement. And weve talked to players about that. I think its really important for them to understand their roles. Were still at the stage where were defining roles right now. And these guys have the opportunity to shape what their role is going to by what they do in pre-season games. At point guard, there remains the unsatisfactory marriage between Jack and Jose Calderon, which served neither man well last season; at shooting guard the options include Sonny Weems, DeMar DeRozan, and Leandro Barbosa; at small forward, Weems will compete with the bruising touch of Linas Kleiza; at power forward, the upside of Amir Johnson and the newly slimmed Reggie Evans and, eventually, rookie Ed Davis. So who is best, and who fits best? Calderon can outshoot Jack; Jack has more confidence, and is a better defender. Weems is becoming a deadly mid-range shooter with athleticism; DeRozan can get to the free-throw line, at least theoretically, with his athleticism; Barbosa can just flat-out score. Kleiza is tough and big with skill; Johnson is long and springy and gets in foul trouble; Evans is a rebounding machine with hands of stone. Add it up and its quite the Rubiks Cube the Raptors have to solve. Of course, but here we have a number of guys who can play, a number of guys who are vying for four positions, Jack says. And minutes just arent thrown one persons way. You cant just say that guy should be playing 40 minutes. On this team, you cant really say that. And it may fluctuate from game to game to game. When asked if defining roles was his most pressing concern, Triano chuckled and said, No, there are so many other issues. But even though this coaching staff is three-quarters of the way through installing its defensive and situational coverages, and maybe halfway through installing the offensive stuff, figuring out how best to stitch his disparate roster together is no small task. Its not brain surgery, but its so much easier for the head coach when you have those situations, says lead assistant P.J. Carlesimo, who has been a head coach in Portland, Golden State, and Seattle, and an assistant under Gregg Popovich San Antonio. And unfortunately, usually you have it on those teams that dont have superstars. If you have a couple superstars, everything falls in place. When you dont have that, its very difficult, and usually the reason its difficult is because youve got a common level of talent. You have a lot of guys of relatively equal ability. No two players are exactly the same, but its like going back to high school debate: you can sit and argue either side. You can make a case for this guy or you can make a case for that guy, and youre both right, because theres no right answer. With us its not just a question of who does better or who does more, its a question of putting together a five-man starting unit that functions well together, and then figure out what were going to do off the bench. Carlesimo pointed to Boston, where the starting five is set in stone when everyones healthy; to the Lakers, to San Antonio, to the leagues brighter lights. Its not even just the starting five that matters its in what order players come off the bench, what combinations work, and who finishes. For Triano, this year is another chance. In his first full year on the job, he couldnt hold last seasons crew together; maybe Chris Bosh checked out, and maybe Hedo Turkoglu never checked in, and maybe its impossible to construct a working defence that includes Hedo, Bargnani, Calderon, a rookie and their departed all-star. Maybe last season wasnt really Jay Trianos fault. But he didnt exactly propel them to overachievement either, and if this team is going to band together and coalesce and overachieve, then Triano has to be the man who puts the right puzzle pieces in the right places. He has to create an architecture that makes this something more than a pile of players with ability and flaws in nearly equal measure. And it wont be easy. Thats why I told the players, Its difficult for us, Triano says. Keep making it difficult for us. Dont put yourself in a position where you make it easy for us to decide how many minutes youre going to play. Make it so we have to have you on the floor. Filed under: NBA, Posted Sports Tagged: Jay Triano, Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Jan 10
Toronto Sun DeMar has the ability to be aggressive even when Andrea is on the floor, Raptors head coach Jay Triano would begin post-game as his team tipped off a three-game homestand with a much-needed win. I think they can learn to play off each other as well. Perhaps they can, but one will have to become more of a presence in the post because an inside game is one of many areas that has to be addressed. Against smaller defenders, DeRozans athleticism allows him to operate in the paint. The same applies to Bargnani, who can play on the block when hes sufficiently motivated and not pron
CANADIAN CONTENT: Steve Nash visits T.O.
Captain Canada is in Toronto for the LG Lifes Good film fest as a judge for the HD short film contest in the Sports category. Ive read around Twitter, that he was spotted in Toronto hanging out with his good friend, Jay Triano and Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan. In addition, Steve has also completed filming his documentary on Canadian icon, Terry F
Mental lapses, inexperience cost Raptors
Hawks 104, Raptors 101 Box Theres good and bad in this game, but lets start with the blame: Jay Triano Why would you not put your strongest defensive lineup out on the final possession of the game? Why is Jose Calderon in the game and why is Julian Wright not defending renowned Raptors-killer Mike Bibby? Amir Johnson: Three fatal errors. 1) Crucial illegal screen late in the game, 2) Did not communicate on the switch with Jose on the Bibby three, 3) Fouled Jamal Crawford on a three for no reason. DeMar DeRozan: Horrible decision to drive the ball right at a shot-
Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Sept 30
Toronto Sun Triano said he will likely not even begin playing with consistent line combinations until the team gets to Vancouver this weekend. We put a bunch of plays in Tuesday but as far as who is in the lineup and who is on the floor with each other we are just going to let that evolve. We just have a mix right now and I cant see us putting together any kind of starting five or anything until we get into Vancouver. Theres no need. Were not in a hurry to do that and we want a lot of guys to be able to play with a lot of other guys. We dont want to pigeon-hole guys into positions. Toronto Sun These guys to me the players I have worked with over the summer and the past few weeks are delightful guys. I dont see any issues at all. Ive been involved with some teams, particularly years ago, where handling the players was a big concern or a big part of the job. I dont think this team is like that. Im serious. Our guys are delightful. Easy to work with, they show up on time and their attitude has been very good. Carlesimo said for now, Triano is just looking for as many opinions from his staff as he can get. I think he wants me to tell him what I see and draw on my own experience much like the other guys on the staff, he said. The staff is very diverse. Its a very good staff so I think Jay wants he was very clear on this he doesnt want someone to just sit there and nod their head. He wants you to say what you see, make suggestions, agree or disagree and then hell say OK, this is the way we will do it. Its the way Gregg Popovich worked it in San Antonio the five years Carlesimo was with him and the best way he knows how to make sure the team develops. He wants you to challenge him, Carlesimo said. I havent been here this long, closing in on four months, but the thing I really like about Jay and the thing I really enjoyed in working for Pop was he wants to know what you think. Having sat in that chair, you do want that. Toronto Star If guys do conditioning for the sake of doing conditioning, its not the same, said the coach. We factor it into all of our drills, the speed at which we do drills and the length of time that we run a drill for. That gets these guys in better basketball shape. We dont want them to run marathons, we want them to be in excellent shape to play intense basketball for 48 minutes. The Raptors have just two practices Thursday and one Friday left on the Toronto portion of training camp. And when they convene in Vancouver to start workouts Saturday, it will be a welcome break. Its just change the environment and where we are, said coach Jay Triano. Itll be fun to go with one practice a day. The Raptors will have four workouts at the University of British Columbia before opening the pre-season on Oct. 6 against the Phoenix Suns. Toronto Star Weems has become something of a cult hero to young fans of the team for his willingness to interact with the public. He and DeMar DeRozan, practically inseparable off the court, have made it a point to use social networking skills and their out-going personalities, to connect with the people. Its not because they seek the fame; its because theyre both 20-something and dont want to be hermits. If we were trying to get attention, wed be walking around downtown Toronto all day trying to get attention because everyone knows who we are, said Weems, who turned 24 in the summer. Were not trying to do that, were just trying to help the neighbourhood. People of Toronto dont ever see the Raptors. Its just kind of us trying to let everybody know out there were regular people like everybody else. If you come up to us, were going to speak to you, we dont have no bodyguards, we dont have any of that. NetDugout DeRozan didnt have to wait long for his opportunity. With Chris Bosh heading to South Beach over the Summer to form the Super Team in Miami, DeRozan will now have a chance to show off his incredible athleticism that allowed him to begin dunking in the 6th grade. He is as explosive as they come, has a 40+ vertical leap, a polished mid range game, gets to the rim at will, and plays good defense. The only question is his intensity. He seems to play at a lackadaisical pace at times. It will be a season of ups and downs, learning processes and losses for the Raptors. But DeRozan should put up quality numbers and many Wow! moments throughout the year. I can see 16pts 6reb 1 stl with good percentages. NY Daily News With the Nets deal for Carmelo Anthony dead, at least for now, the Toronto Raptors are again trying to land Charlotte forward Boris Diaw, one of the key players in the proposed Anthony blockbuster. The Raptors thought they had finalized a deal for Diaw over the summer, but Charlotte owner Michael Jordan reportedly nixed it at the 11th hour. If Diaw ends up going to Toronto, that means the Nets would have to find another team in a revised multi-team deal for Anthony. The Raptors are strictly opposed to helping the Nets, an Atlantic Division rival, obtain an elite player such as the Nuggets star forward. National Post DeMar DeRozan spent a lot of last year trying to suppress the feeling. He just did not want to admit it. "At first I was denying it. But after the season, I said, Yeah, I hit that wall. I hit it," DeRozan, the Raptors sophomore swing-man, said yesterday. "You could really tell. I really got fatigued at one point." The wall in question was the dreaded rookie wall. DeRozans self-assessment is accurate, too. His rookie season was, well, unspectacular. Outside of the occasional free-throw binge, incredible dunk or heady defensive play, DeRozans first year in the NBA was fine, and that was about it. He certainly did not validate the Raptors using the ninth pick in the 2009 draft on him immediately. However, after he had an excellent summer that included all-tournament honours at the Las Vegas summer league, DeRozan is one of the reasons to hold out hope that this will not be a nightmare season for the Raptors. National Post Alvin Williams will still serve on Trianos coaching staff this year. But thanks to a promotion last week, he will also be an executive, the teams director of player development. Williams looked the part of the latter yesterday, nattily attired with a strapped suitcase that one reporter deemed to be the dreaded "European carry-all." "Alvins in a dual role now. He went from practice to a board meeting," Triano said. "Were trying to get him one of those clip-on ties so he can just do it a lot quicker and snap it on before he goes." Toronto Sun Head coach Jay Triano wasnt particularly happy with the teams focus on its second day of camp. So rather than beat this head against a wall trying to teach sets and schemes to the half of the team that was able to pay proper attention, he gladly turned them over the Cuzzolin. It was a tough workout but something we need to do, said Triano. This is training camp. You have to set a standard for the work we want to accomplish. Today our attention span wasnt as good. The guys coming in after being away all summer in the first day its exciting. But today theyre probably a little sore and our minds started to wonder and we had to cut it short and do some conditioning. Because as much as Triano needs a well-drilled team, he needs a well-conditioned one just as much. As much as they wanted to run last year and score off the fast break, last years makeup just wasnt fit to play that kind of game or perhaps werent willing to. And while it remains to be seen if this years team is any more capable theyre going to have to be exponentially better defensively to be able to run effectively Triano has put a new premium on conditioning. We didnt do this as much last year, Triano said. We werent in shape to do it. TSN As it would pertain to the Raptors, Dampier would immediately start at center for the club and his impact would be felt across the roster. First and foremost, his ability to defend, rebound and block shots would address three key areas of need for the Raptors. Right now they have no one who can bang against the bigger bigs in the NBA, they have pedestrian rebounding in the frontcourt and they have questionable talent at protecting the paint against drives. Dampier would be able to immediately step in and provide a serviceable solution in all of those areas, and the trickle-down effect would be substantial. The Samsquanch Now that I have blown off that steam from the nixed trade I guess Ill focus on this team. This team has 3 glimmers of hope and they are Bargnani, Weems and DeRozan. This hope lies on the potential you have here with these 3. You hope that Bargnanis finally learned enough from his previous half decade in the league to string together the skill set necessary to make him look like a legitimate NBA center and give us 20 pts and 8 rebs. Then you got the young guns who look like they have the athletic tools to become the next superstars on this team ala McGrady and Carter, (hopefully minus the selfishness and douchebaggery). But they havent done anything outside of this past summer league. The rest is all garbage. All garbage parts other teams didnt want any part of. I love Jarrett Jack but hes not a starting PG on a contending team. Not consistent enough. But hes capable of bringing his level up. Weve seen it before. Hes also capable of disappearing but thats what sets him apart from the rest of the team cause he could still bring his level up. You cannot tell me that any other player on this team would be a coveted player by the likes of championship contending teams cause if they were, they wouldnt be here. Theres a reason why no Raptor ended up on the USA dream team. Theres a reason why none of them have even been at the selection camp. Bosh is the only one and hes left town. That provides enough proof to me that the Raptors talent pool is gutter level. Nobody even wanted to look at any of them to potentially join the world championship team. So when you look up and down our roster it has 3 players on it and theyre not even proven. So i will not waste my money to watch them get dismantled over and over by teams like OKC who a few years ago, the Raptors used to trounce but now have turned the tables around so much that I wouldnt bother to venture to the ACC. New Leisure Blog Work ethics. I will give credit to certain players on this team. They work hard. DeRozan, Weems and Davis have all been working out before the season starts. So did Amir and Jarret Jack. Hard work usually pays off, especially if you have talent. These guys do have some talent. 4) Cap situation. The Raptors do have some cap room to play with in a season or two. If Barbosa do opt out, they will have even more. Of course they still have a huge exception if they choose to use it. So its not like the Raptors are capped out and cant be flexible. They have some flexibility here. Fan590 The Raptors can offer Dampier the same amount of money that he would have made (presumably BEFORE the Skinner deal) in Milwaukee but T.O. can certainly offer more playing time. Damp would almost certainly start in the middle for the Raps. Milwaukee papers were reporting on Wednesday morning before the Skinner signing that Dampier was scheduled to visit with Bucks GM John Hammond and then fly to Toronto to meet with Bryan Colangelo and company as well. Ive heard the same story that Dampier could be in town to meet with the Raps this week; in fact that meeting may be as early as Thursday. Well see. The 14-year veteran has averaged 7.8 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1.5 rebounds per game for his career. He spent the past 6 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks and his best year as a pro came in 2003-2004 when he 12.3 points and 12.0 rebounds. Dampier turns 36 in July 2011.
Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Oct 3
Toronto Sun At no time during his brief run as head coach has Triano been given such a clean slate to establish his principles and mentality. In the past, there was always some agenda at play that worked against Triano. Mind you, there always remains the possibility of GM Bryan Colangelo making yet another move to upgrade the roster, but the stage has been set for Triano to leave his mark. How he handles the upcoming season will determine how many additional seasons Triano will oversee the team as its head coach. Triano was swarmed on Saturday in a session that was more about nostalgia than any on-court strategy or development. Hes under the spotlight, but it has nothing to do with his days at SFU or his past connection with the Vancouver Grizzlies or whether this market is NBA-worthy. This is Trianos time and regardless of the losses that are sure to be produced, he and his staff have to show Colangelo that progress is being made, that players such as DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, Amir Johnson make inroads, that the team develops more of a defensive edge, that capitulation doesnt even become an option. Triano is more than capable. Oddly, so much can be gained when so little is being expected. Toronto Star for Jose Calderon, who has seen his fair share of far-flung training camp locales in his six seasons with the Raptors, the reasons for loving this excursion are far simpler and more personal. Nature. And the whales. Every camp has something different but Vancouver, I think, cannot compare with the other ones, the 29-year-old Spaniard said after Toronto went through its first workout here Saturday. There is water, mountains. Youve got a little bit of everything, whatever you want. Theres diversity here. I love all natural stuff. I love the mountains, I love the whales. I hear we are very close to the whales. Its got to be one of my favourite cities, for sure. I want to come here and go up to Alaska and all that stuff. Calderon fancies himself some kind of nature buff and was hugely excited about the chance to explore the local scene. Having been in St. Catharines, Europe, Waterloo and Ottawa twice on these end-of-camp forays, hes never had a chance to indulge in his passion. Yes, he got to stay at his home in 2007 when the Raptors ended camp and played an exhibition game in Madrid, but even that didnt have what Vancouver can offer. I love whales, he said. Killer whales, humpbacks, beluga, whatever. And now is a good time for killer whales and humpbacks. Trouble is, that pesky basketball stuff might keep him from really getting out and seeing things. We have no time but I am trying to do it. The problem is its like a four-hour trip. You have to go out there, wait, come back. We practise at noon every day and its tough. If we go after practice, its already three and its night at six. Lets see, maybe I can find a helicopter or something. Toronto Star One of the major questions to be answered at training camp for the Raptors is who will start alongside Andrea Bargnani in the frontcourt. If coach Jay Triano has any idea who that might be, hes not letting on. Hes lauding every possibility. We think theres a couple of guys, he said after the Raptors worked out at the University of British Columbia on Saturday. I think that Reggie (Evans) is a very good player with him on the floor, I think that Amir (Johnson) is a very good player with him on the floor because they set good screens, they roll hard to the basket, the dont demand the basketball a lot but they still find ways to come up with it. I think we can have (Linas) Kleiza on the floor with Andrea, too, that will create another shooter and if teams are even thinking about double-teaming, its not going to happen. Triano said hes not about to worry about figuring out specific starting units yet because he has other issues to deal with in the final three practices before Wednesdays pre-season opener against the Phoenix Suns. For the most part, its cleaning up our offence and adding a few more plays, he said. This is only practice No. 7, we have to keep adding, do different (defensive) coverages and drilling them. Globe and Mail Surrounded by a bevy of reporters in front of a backdrop sporting both the Raptors and UBC Thunderbirds logos, the 52-year-old said it was nice to be back in B.C. When (general manager) Bryan (Colangelo) had mentioned it a year and a bit ago, about the potential of coming here, I was very excited obviously, said Triano, whose team opened camp in Toronto on Tuesday. To be able to come home and be around friends and some family members here, its an ideal situation for me. Triano said there are still plenty of basketball fans in the Vancouver area, though the departure of the Grizzlies for Memphis in 2001 didnt help. The Raptors were a fierce rival while the Grizzlies were still B.C.-based, but Triano said he could see some fans discarding past allegiances and cheering for Toronto. I know that there are some basketball fans here still, he said. Our games do go across the nation on a lot of broadcasts and its fun to have so many people see them live. Washington Times 2010-2011 Outlook: A year ago, the Raptors suffered the heartbreak of missing out on the post-season by one game. There will not be any drama like that this season as Toronto will be battling for the worst record in the NBA and hopes of landing the top pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. To put it bluntly, Torontos starting line-up looks like a second string unit for a title contending team. Andrea Bargnani now goes from being Boshs wingman to the number one option. Kleiza and Barbosa will provide some scoring punch while the Raptors will hope Demar DeRozan will take a major step during his second season. Toronto might have the worst collection of power forwards in the league so replacing Bosh will be even more difficult than anticipated. The point guard situation was a bit of a mess last season. Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon split time in the starting line-up but neither real cemented themselves as the guy. Calderon saw a dip in his production and was almost traded this summer to Charlotte. Expect the Raptors to try and dump his remaining two years, $20.3 million deal on someone this season in hopes of clearing up cap space for next off-season. Looking Ahead to Next Summer: Toronto will have a pair of first round picks next season (their own which figures to be in the top five and the Heats which will likely be in the late 20s) so that will help the re-building process. If Leandro Barbosa opts out of the final year of his deal, the Raptors could have somewhere around $20 million in cap space. The problem is Toronto is not exactly on the wish lists of any major free agents meaning the team will either have to overpay to land a big name or possibly swing a trade to take on a star players expensive contract. The Province Although Triano has lived in Toronto since becoming a Raptors assistant in 2002, those closest to him, like Stewardson, remain fiercely loyal: "I live and die with the Raptors. I can feel what is in his stomach and what is in his guts because weve been there together. I was so upset with (former Raptor Hedo) Turkoglu last year. I was livid looking at that guy with all the talent he had just going through the motions, because he was hurting Jay." Adds OBrien, whose Ontario-to-B.C. journey mirrors that of his mentor: "If I hadnt left Ottawa, Id be working in the government or something and never seen the things I have or doing what I am doing for my profession. Jay was the best man at my wedding and I met my wife here and I have two beautiful girls. Sometimes I think about it. Eighteen years ago we were having lunch at the pub on campus and now were at a party at the W Hotel in Phoenix on all-star weekend. Im just thinking to myself, Whats going on? When did this happen? All of my success in life came down to a decision to want to be led by a guy like Jay." Raptors Digest Amir Johnson is set to assume more of a leadership role for this franchise as he is now part of the blocks the Raptors franchise will attempt to build around. Amir Johnson has always had tremendous potential but this year at 23, might be the year this so-called NBA veteran puts it all together and maximizes the opportunity afforded to him by Bosh leaving the Raptors for the Heat. The most enticing parts of AJs game is his defensive ability in both rebounding and blocking shots as well as his ability to crash the offensive boards quite successfully. His athleticism and explosiveness on both sides of the ball will endear him to Raptor fans AJ has been working tirelessly on his offensive game and has added some range to his shot, he has also been working closely with Hall of Famer Alex English in an effort to further develop his game for an expanded role this season. Amir Johnson is brimming with potential, lets all hope he can realize it in short order.
Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee October 1
Toronto Sun Wright, still just 23, played well as a rookie for the Hornets before taking a step back the past two seasons. The personable native of the Chicago area said the coaching staff and players have helped him fit in quickly. Wright feels he can bring something. Im energetic, bounce around the floor, able to get points off rebounds, run the floor, Wright said in describing his game. I just want to be counted on in a lot of ways. (Im) working on being more aggressive, taking it to the hoop. Wright said former teammate Morris Peterson had good things to say about Toronto, but he wasnt able to get in touch with the popular ex-Raptor recently for more of a heads up. Toronto Sun The Raptors had until Halloween to pick up DeRozans option, but they did so a month early, in part, to make a statement about DeRozans importance to the club going forward. I wasnt expecting (general manager Bryan Colangelo to tell him now), it came out of the blue. Im happy. It shows that Im really liked here. Hopefully Im here for a while. When asked whether more guaranteed money would change his hard-working approach at all, DeRozan said it wont have any impact. Not at all, this is for the love of the game, he said. I love this game, and everything else that comes with it Im thankful for, but overall, Im in it for the game. DeRozan added that he is feeling far more comfortable compared to his first taste of NBA training camp last fall. Last year, everything was new to me, I had to learn everything on the go. Second year, I know what to expect coming in, (which) makes it a lot easier. DeRozan said he is anticipating the clubs trip to Vancouver this weekend. Ive been there (before), looking forward to it, getting back on the Pacific Time, said the native of Compton, California. Toronto Star Erick Dampier, a free-agent centre looking for an NBA job, met with Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo and is expected to make a decision on a contract offer shortly. He sat and watched the second practice of the day with team officials but was not available to the media. According to NBA sources, the Raptors and Houston Rockets have the best chance to land the 35-year-old Dampier, who was waived this summer by the Charlotte Bobcats after they acquired him from the Dallas Mavericks. Dampier, 6-foot-11 and about 265 pounds, appeared in 55 games with the Mavs last year, averaging six points and 7.3 rebounds. Because of NBA salary cap and roster restrictions, Dampier is only going to be in line for a veteran minimum salary, which is just over $1.3 million U.S. Toronto Star The Raptors arent exactly taking Vancouver by storm. The team will hold its annual open scrimmage at the University of British Columbia on Sunday afternoon. The gym seats 3,000, but only about 1,000 people have made the $15 donation to charity for a ticket. Toronto Star if they dont shore up their defence and find a system that suits their personnel, any chance of being even a mildly surprising team in the coming NBA season is gone out the window. It is the topic as training camp drones on, the one thing that coach Jay Triano and his assistants are more worried about than any other. One, youve got a number of new guys who are going to be in the rotation so thats immediately a challenge, said assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo. Two, you dont have a lot of continuity. Even though you could say its Jays third year, its at least a second, if not a third, different roster so its not like hes had two years to install his system and the same guys are playing his system. The good news is you have some young guys with some quickness and enthusiasm. The bad news is you have young guys and inexperienced guys. What the Raptors want to do defensively sounds so simple: They want to apply pressure as much as possible, take away outside shots, force turnovers and score off their defence. Id say were more aggressive, said Triano. Last year we had a tendency to sit on boxes (in the low post) and elbows (at the top of the free-throw lane) and protect the paint and the house and all that. This year, were just out and guarding guys. Thats where the teaching comes in. Each day, they go through a series of defensive footwork drills that are aimed not so much at allowing players to single-handedly stop the men theyre covering but to make sure theyre in position to guide an offensive player where they want them to go. They find it nearly impossible to teach quickness, but they can teach technique and thats a big step. The real definition of quickness is just that: How quick they can move their feet and get from spot to spot? said Carlesimo. Its not how fast they can run. Its how quick they can get from point to point. To some extent, I think you can drill it and improve it, but you cant take somebody whos not quick and get them there. You can drill to the point where the fundamentals are good. The Sports Inquirer Coaching: I dont know much about Jay Triano and Im not sure that the Raptors do as well. He took over as head coach during the 2008-09 season and has been the main man ever since. We have to see what he can do now that the Bosh distraction is finally over. This section must also include general manager Bryan Colangelo, who is in the last year of his deal and is under pressure to win as well. He has had an OK track record but has also struck out with some long-term deals, especially the Turkoglu situation. The Province With NBA television ratings being where they are in this country, you cant blame the Toronto Raptors for trying to increase their footprint in Canada, and former Grizz territory is a pretty reasonable approach. That appears to be the Raptors reason for holding their training camp 3,000 kilometres from the epicentre of the universe, a city Chris Bosh certainly wanted no part of particularly when given the option of whatever it is going on in Miami. Obviously if the Raptors train out here and generate a little more interest as they head into their season, their ratings may rise and as such improve the revenue generated from their national telecasts. And clearly they would love to step into this Rogers Arena gold mine that the Phoenix Suns have been exploiting for some years now, playing an exhibition game up here and generating a nice hunk of revenue while freeing their long-suffering fans from having to take an extra preseason game on their season ticket package. We get all that, although surely it wont be long before Francesco Aquilini finds a partner and thinks NBA again for this town. But there may be a more sinister reason the Suns and Raptors are here as well. The people of Vancouver might be the only types so starved for the NBA that theyd even consider buying such rubbish taken on the road by two teams that generate very little interest this season. Globe and Mail When the team is not winning I hurt on the business side and I hurt as a fan, Peddie says. I dont like sitting through a game when were getting blown out, I dont like sitting through games in April that mean nothing. Why would he like it? Each losing April means no home playoff dates which would generate about $3-million each in revenue, most of it profit. Winning generally translates to richer broadcasting deals, more lucrative luxury-suite contracts and more merchandise sales and outside of cashing in on the playoffs, MLSE doesnt miss many opportunities. Consider that the Zamboni slush from the final game at Maple Leaf Gardens was put into clear plastic pucks and sold for $50 each. This notion MLSE doesnt want to win is bull, says Brian Burke, the president and general manager of the Leafs. Burke is 22 months into a six-year, $19.5-million (U.S.) contract, awarded with the expectation that hell deliver a Stanley Cup to Toronto as he did with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. They gave me complete support and independence and have given me the resources to fix it, Burke says. If we cant turn this thing around, you can blame me. Its the best-run company Ive ever worked for. Im proud to work for MLSE, Im proud to work for Richard Peddie. National Post Clearly, anybody involved with the team had to leave the season with regrets, at least a few. Head coach Jay Triano had some right away. "Do I have to demand more discipline from these guys who maybe arent going to be professionals and act in a professional manner every single game? Absolutely," Triano said the day after the Raptors finished their season last April. "I have to make adjustments just like players have to get better in the off-season. I have to make adjustments as well." Just a few days into training camp, Triano is trying to right the wrongs he believes he made last year. He is still a player-friendly coach he has said many times that he wanted to spend more time working on relationships with the players and less buried in a playbook but he is, perhaps, accentuating his rough edges a little more. "Hes definitely been a bit of a stickler for a lot more of the little things this year, not letting these little things build up and letting a [mole hill] become a mountain, so to speak," point guard Jarrett Jack said. "He seems like a coach who thinks things through," new Raptors swingman Julian Wright observed. "He doesnt stop too much, but when he does, hes ready to say something. He just wants everybody to buy in. Im still obviously trying to get used to the coaching staff, but they have no problem explaining things to me, and they expect you to pick it up fast." It makes sense that Triano is trying to assert himself a bit more this year. There is no Bosh to lead by example, no Turkoglu to talk about his accomplishments with Orlando. The more experienced players on the team Jack, Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans do not have a whole lot of winning on their resumes. Leandro Barbosa does, but he is new to the team and exudes more of a happy-go-lucky attitude. At least to start, the intensity, the seriousness, might have to come from the coach. National Post The worst part of the Toronto Raptors training camp is over. Three straight days of two-a-day practices ended yesterday. "Oh boy," point guard Jarrett Jack said with a wide smile. "God is good." In the morning session, Raptors coach Jay Triano and his assistants have been focusing on teaching. In the evenings, there have been scrimmages. "This is what it takes," DeMar DeRozan, pictured, said. "Two-a-days, body sore, you get used to it. Its good for us. I think its helpful. I hated it in college though they run you to death. It was way harder in college." Opposing Views They had done nothing forever with Chris Bosh, so I dont see his loss as any sort of backbreaker. Hedo Turkoglu definitely wasnt working out for them, so trading him for speedster Leandro Barbosa makes sense (although waiving the attached piece, Dwayne Jones, was a bad decision). Re-signing PF Amir Johnson at $7 million per for five years seems crazy, but I think hell surprise people. Dont take that as my ringing endorsement of its length and worth because a) its too much of both, and b) Im still curious how many minutes everyone in the frontcourt is getting. Draftees Ed Davis and Soloman Alabi should both help the interior defense eventually, which was sorely lacking last year. Signing versatile F Linas Kleiza away from the Greek league was a great move, although its gotten so much praise, hes almost become overrated before even showing up. Toronto also traded for F Julian Wright and C David Andersen to help fortify the paint a little, although keeping Jones definitely should have been a part of that. All in all, not too bad if the Johnson and Kleiza contracts dont muck things up in the future and they figure out how to play all these big men, which will be tough to do. Grade: B-
Raptors done with two-a-days (for this year, anyway)
The worst part of the Toronto Raptors training camp is over. Thursday marked the final of three successive days that the Raptors will go through two-a-day practices. Oh boy, point guard Jarrett Jack said with a wide smile. God is good. In the morning session, Raptors coach Jay Triano and his assistants have been focusing on teaching. In the evenings, there have been scrimmages. Jack said he understood why two-a-days were necessary. DeMar DeRozan went a step further. I definitely look forward to it because we play 82 games, the Raptors shooting guard said. This is what it takes. Two-a-days, body sore, you get used to it. Its good for us. I think its helpful. I hated it in college though, Im not even going to lie. I hated it in college. They run you to death. It was way harder in college. *** Speaking of DeRozan, the sophomore pro received some good news on Thursday. The Raptors picked up the third-year option on DeRozans contract, ensuring he will be with the club through the 2011-12 season (assuming a lockout does not wipe out that season). I wasnt expecting it. It just came out of the blue and [Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo] walked over and told me, DeRozan said. But Im happy. It shows that Im really liked here and hopefully Im here for awhile. *** Julian Wright is one of the unknown quantities on this Raptors team. Acquired from New Orleans in a trade for Marco Belinelli, the small forward has not made much of an impact in his first three years in the league. So, here is Wright on himself: Highly energetic, bouncing on the floor. I think coaches can see that. Getting points off of offensive rebounds, running the floor. I just want to be counted on a lot of ways. Follow Eric Koreen on Twitter: @ekoreen Filed under: NBA, Posted Sports Tagged: DeMar DeRozan, Jay Triano, Julain Wright, Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Sept 29
Toronto Sun For Sonny Weems, Tuesday was not just the first practice of a new season, it was the first of a new beginning for the Raptors. "It was a great thing to start a whole new era for the Toronto Raptors, the after-Bosh era," Weems told reporters Tuesday. "Its an exciting journey that were ready to embark on." Weems is looking forward to playing in a balanced offence that will rely more heavily on each player than it did when Chris Bosh, the most efficient but also most ball-dominant player was on hand. "He was one of the superstars of the league so you had to throw it down there," Weems said, before adding that without Bosh there will be increased ball-movement. Toronto Sun Triano said he wont have a problem playing Barbosa in a backcourt with DeMar DeRozan and Sonny Weems instead of only with point guards Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon. When hes on the floor, were not necessarily going to make the other guy a dominant ball-handler, said the coach. A lot of things we are going to be running this year are going to involve two guards being on the floor A lot of the European teams (at the World Championship in Turkey), they had three guards on the floor. Triano said Barbosa will get a lot of dribble and post-rebound hand-offs and the opportunity to race down the court. Not surprisingly, Barbosa approved of that plan. I love to have the ball in my hands, if that happens for me, that will be great, Barbosa said. I love to keep everybody going, get everybody involved. After years of success with the veteran-laden Suns, life is very different for Barbosa these days. But hes not complaining. Its all about having fun, he said, admitting having so many youngsters around was weird for me. Barbosa picked up on the positive chemistry in the room on Day 1 a staple in Phoenix and said he believes the Raptors will be fine, despite their overall youth, since so many on hand have experienced success internationally. Personality-wise, Barbosa is the antithesis of Hedo Turkoglu, the man he was traded for. Instead of sullen, withdrawn and under-motivated, he is jovial, welcoming and dedicated. And that, perhaps as much as anything he does on the court, will benefit the Raptors greatly. Toronto Sun Reggie Evans has been around far too long to let having to return to Toronto after being all-but traded to the Charlotte Bobcats get him down. The personable veteran, who thanked Toronto fans via Twitter this summer when it appeared he had been dealt to Charlotte along with Jose Calderon, only to see the deal evaporate at the last minute, has no qualms about returning to Canada. Hey Im not bitter about it, Im not bitter at all, it is what it is, Evans told the Toronto Sun on Tuesday. It aint like Im mad, Im not mad at BC (general manager Bryan Colangelo), its a business, I respect the business aspect of it. That doesnt stop me from doing what Ive got to do on the court or from being professional to my teammates. Im still going to be like whats up BC? I dont really think about it. A year ago, the hard-nosed Evans was talked up as a crucial addition to a team that was maddeningly soft. But a foot injury ended a strong pre-season and kept Evans out of action all the way until February. Now, on a retooling squad Evans role other than to be one of head coach Jay Trianos leaders is highly uncertain. Evans would like to play but is fine with whatever comes his way. If the minutes present itself, cool, if (they) dont , I just have to take the pressure off (young big men like Ed Davis), something like that. Toronto Star The Raptors are using training camp to figure out just how to use the 27-year-old Barbosa. He is a prototypical combo guard, adept at handling the ball and taking his man off the dribble while equally comfortable playing the off-guard position. Coach Jay Triano, without an offensive stud to build a system around, is trying to find different ways to use Barbosa. A lot of dribble handoffs . . . well give him the ball, said the coach. When hes on the floor, were not going to necessarily make the other guy a dominant ball-handler. Would that be okay, Leandro? More smiles. Oh, I love to have the ball in my hands and if that happens for me, thatll be great, he said. I love to keep everybody going and make everybody involved. Kind of like that other guy, the one out in Phoenix with the silly shooting drills and strong abs. Toronto Star The Raptors got a bit of a bonus when rookie big man Solomon Alabi was able to get through the first workout. The second-round draft pick suffered a hamstring injury during informal workouts the week before camp and was questionable for its start. Among the things the Raptors have to figure out is precisely where to use all the players. Linas Kleiza, for instance, is comfortable at either forward position, which gives the coaching staff some options. Not knowing what to call himself doesnt bother Kleiza in the least. I consider myself a basketball player. Positions to me dont matter, he said. Im pretty versatile I can play a couple of positions and for my career it gave me more opportunity to play and get on the court. I really dont put too much emphasis on a three or a four. Whatever that team needs at that time, if I can fill that spot, Ill do it. The Raptors are young and athletic and quick. but it doesnt necessarily mean theyll be some weak imitation of the Phoenix Suns. Controlled tempo is the buzzword. Were not necessarily going to try to be run-and-gun, said coach Jay Triano. I think that weve got enough guys where we can get the ball from one side of the floor to the other and have enough scoring threats out there. Were going to push the ball, but probably about the same tempo we had last year. Dino Nation Blog Jose Calderon in a second unit with Barbosa also makes sense. We all know by now that Jose can not defend his position right? So Barbosa can guard the quick guards that Jose can not stay in front of. Kleiza can be a bigger scoring option in a second unit as well. Ultimately Andrea Bargnani should be playing at the 4. But unless Erick Dampier or some journey man center comes along that is not happening. You could also shift Kleiza to the 4 and give Wright some minutes at the 3 spot if he deems worthy of them. Also he can play at the 3 once Ed Davis is healthy and worthy of minutes. Which being a first round pick he will get unless he is a complete bust. All this talk of what Kleiza did at the World Championships is nice, but this is not that and he is not an NBA starter to me. Besides if you watched Summer League at all, it was really amazing to see what Demar and Sonny were doing on the floor together as a duo. It would be foolish to break that up. T. Jose Caldeford Contrary to popular belief, Andrea Bargnani did not experience a surge in productivity WOB. He averaged 18 pts and 5 reb per game WOB, while shooting 46% from the field (compared to 17, 6, 47% on the season). The rebounding numbers are particularly surprising, and could be a good indicator that we shouldnt expect a bump this season. The Zan Tabak Herald It has become clear that with the absence of Chris Bosh the Raptors will have to find scoring and rebounding from a number of different sources. Many of the Raptor players exhibited great teamwork during the World Championships as well as great scoring touches. Both should help translate into an exciting team. Hopefully points, defense and rebounds also follow. But didnt the Raptors play as team last year? Jose Calderon spoke on the issue of team scoring during media day, We go into the season with great expectations, we can be a better team. I think we have a lot of players who can play, maybe we dont have that star role for somebody, I prefer sometimes its better to have five guys scoring 12, 15 points than to have one get 35. We have to play like that, share the ball more than ever and play like a team. New Leisure Blog There are obvious positives with this move, Dampier is a center which this team doesnt have, and he will be paid veteran minimum contract since thats all they have left. Dampier will get a lot of playing time unlike places like Houston or Milwaukee. In fact, Dampier will probably start for this team. Dampier is a true center too, he can rebound and block shots. When motivated, he is a pretty darn good defender as well. He doesnt do much offensively, but he doesnt have to on this team. Also it doesnt hurt that it would move Bargnani to a power forward. Now, obviously there could be negative as well. For one, it means that Amir Johnson or Ed Davis wont get a lot of playing time. Johnsons foul problems may prevent that from happening anyway, but its crucial to develop a player like Ed Davis for the Raptors to have a good future. You also wonder how would Dampier play for a bad team after playing for a good team in Dallas for so many years. I remember when Dampier played for Golden States, he would show up in about 33% of the games. He only worked hard when he was in his contract year. Needless to say he is not a guy known for his work ethic. He did better in Dallas, as coaches like Avery Johnson and Rick Carlisle pushed him. Here we have Jay Triano who has his issues motivating players to play defense. HoopsWorld When Colangelo introduced big men Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi to the media after the draft, he made it clear that the rookies would see significant minutes this season. After summer league, some free agent signings, and some trades, perhaps things have changed? At media day, Triano confirmed that if Davis had not hurt his knee, "Ed would have had a chance to play a lot." Since the injury is not expected to hold Davis out much past the start of the season, translate that to mean that once Davis returns, he will play a lot. "Solomon is a guy we are going to nurture," said Triano. Translated, this could mean Alabi will have to earn his spot in the rotation or even on the bench. It is becoming increasingly more likely that Alabi could be seeing time in the D-league. Of course training camp and preseason can change that. RaptorBlog At the end of the morning session of day one for Raptors training camp, as his teammates filed off of the practice court, Leandro Barbosa was in the corner going through a shooting drill that required a second look. Hopping on one foot a few times, he would then land on his left foot and shoot an off-balance jumper from the one foot. Immediately a few cracks were made about former Raptor Marco Belinellis unorthodox shooting technique Hey, look! Hes doing the Marco drill but of course, I had to ask the point of such a drill. Not all that surprisingly, Barbosas former teammate Steve Nash was behind it. While we have all been aware of the leadership Nash possesses, after nabbing the spotlight in Phoenix the entire NBA now knows. The praise that Nash gets as a leader isnt accidental. Barbosa off by himself on a new team in Nashs home country, still practising what Nash had preached is another testament to Nashs impact on his teammates, both past and present. Raptors Digest Jarrett Jack is set to take on a leadership role for the Baby Raptors and his close relationship with the Young Gunz is going to show up in the box score. Jack is one of the main reasons DeMar DeRozan is set for a breakout season as JJ will get his boy DD involved early and often in an attempt to ensure DeRozan takes the next step in his development and becomes a focal point of this team on offense. Jarrett Jack is also likely to display some more of his shoot-first point guard tendencies this year without an All-Star in the lineup, however we feel his relationship is good enough with all 4 Young Gunz members that he will not morph into Mike James or Rafer Alston 2.0. National Post Barbosa, perhaps surprisingly, seems enthused to be in Toronto. He was dealt from Phoenix, where he was routinely part of 50-win teams. I think its all about having fun. Im sure that this team is very fun, Barbosa said. I can tell that the chemistry is very good. This is the number one thing right now and if we get going, thats great. Barbosa, of course, brings some Canadian content with him to Toronto. His Phoenix running mate was Steve Nash, with whom he remains close. Nash sang the praises of Raptors coach Jay Triano to Barbosa He also said if he was a coach he would have come back, Barbosa said Nash told him about Triano, referring to the Canadian national team and tried to welcome him to his country. He definitely said when he comes here he wants to see me, the guard said. When he came here, I guess he had a show [during the Toronto International Film Festival], so he put a note on my chair so that was really nice. Were pretty close. TSN To be a running team you actually have to be able to create turnovers, get stops and rebound, and the Raptors arent good at any of that, which could stymie their much-ballyhooed up-tempo attack. They can promise to speed up their offense all they want, but their defensive offering will probably prevent them from actually doing so. The Raptors were 21st in the league last year in rebound rate, and that was with an 11 rpg player in Bosh (whom they have not statistically replaced, as Amir Johnsons rebound rate dropped last year when he was a starter). As has been stated countless times, the Raptors ranked dead last in defensive efficiency, and they forced turnovers at the leagues lowest rate. The teams two worst defenders, Bargnani and Jose Calderon, still have big roles on this club and Bargnanis rebounding is so bad hed need a 12-to-13 rpg guy next to him to help level-off the frontcourts numbers at a reasonable rate (which, it bears saying again, he doesnt have). Toronto Observer If the Raptors wish to throw two-guard DeMar DeRozan right into the action, much like they did a season ago, then he too could have a starting spot all sewn up. But with the strong play of teammate Sonny Weems towards the end of last year and throughout summer league, DeRozan may find himself in a dogfight for a starting role. Along with Weems, the Raptors newest off-season addition, Leandro Barbosa, may also contend but it is remains likely he will be kept as a scoring threat to bring off the bench. Even if DeRozan were to land the starting role, Weems would still be in contention for another spot as the small forward position also remains open. The former Arkansas Razorback will be pitted against off-season acquisition, Linas Kleiza. Former teammates in Denver, both look to impress coaches with their unique skill set Kleiza a dead eye shooter, Weems an athletic penetrator theyre ability to defend, however, may very well decide whom is named to the starting five. Finally, the controversy that seems to plague the Raptors at the start of every season is who will be the starting point guard? In both Jose Calderon and Jarret Jack, the Raptors have two viable options at the one [point guard] and who leads the team in the interim may very well land the starting role.
BCs Golden Boys Knighted
Kings 112, Raptors 118 Box The only reason this one is as close as it was is because Torontos defense was absolutely putrid. In the end the Raptors pulled it out with some very efficient and timely offense from its two homegrown talents in Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan. Sacramento come into the game missing their franchise player in Tyreke Evans, but they really didnt need him as their aggressiveness earned them 14 offensive rebounds and plenty of trips to the line. No matter how much Jay Triano bellowed about playing a lick of defense, it was only at the en
Top-ranked North Star rolls to District 8 championship
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