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Kacey Gallagher | Facebook
Kacey Gallagher is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Kacey Gallagher and others you may know. Facebook gives ... Kacey Gallagher (Kacey Downs) ...
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Join Facebook to connect with Kaycee Downs and others you may know. ... PEAK PHYSIQUE: Body by Casey, Determination by YOU, Sanctuary Spa and Salon ...
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Casey Anthony's Father Admits Suicide Attempt, Denies Molestation
Jun 29, 2011 ... On the stand today, Anthony admitted attempting to take his own life and then broke down on the stand. Casey Anthony did not react as her ...
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Fall 2009 - Getting Through the Holidays - Ideas
how it is OK to peel away and have some down time without offending your guests ..... Kacey Lynn Tenhoff passed away on August 20, 2009, ten days before her ...
Jul 10, 2012 ... 409 KACEY LN. BUILDING. 6/7/2012. BASEMENT FINISH. ARTHUR .... 426 COUNTRY DOWNS DR. PLUMBING. 6/29/2012. WATER HEATER ...
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Quickies: Kacey Jordan Is A Combination Porn Star/Babysitter
Kacey Jordan, porn star pal of Charlie Sheen, claims she aborted a pregnancy a couple of years ago. Guess who the would-be father allegedly was? Kevin Federline, after his divorce from Britney Spears. Yes, the only way this story could get better is if it involves K-Fed. [The Superficial] Kacey Jordan also told "Good Morning America" that Charlie Sheen wanted her to babysit his kids. But Denise Richards will have you know (via Twitter) that no "adult film actresses" would be babysitting her children. [TMZ, TMZ] Denise Richards is also apparently turning down oodles in tell-all money. Good for
ANTM: Furstenberg is Fabulous!
ANTM: Furstenberg is Fabulous! is a post from: Celebrity News | Celebrity Gossip | ANTM: Furstenberg is Fabulous! is a post from: Celebrity News | Celebrity Gossip | Greetings Gasmii! P-Baby here with this week's installment of America's Next Top Model or as we've come to see Tyra's It Girl Who Goes On To Obscurity/VH1 Reality Show. And to all the naysayers who claim, "But P-Baby, plenty of Top Model girls have gone on to find success," I have this to say. The day I can refer to an ANTM girl by her first name only without the Top Model disclaimer, a la Cindy, Linda, Naomi, Christy, and Claudia, then maybe Tyra will get a pat on the back and a cookie. But for now, she gets nothing. NOTHING! (Side note: I mean, girlfriend really did it to herself. If she had named her show something less egotistical, such as America's Next Random Face in JC Penny's Catalogue, then maybe my expectations would be lower.) So this week, the girls cruise around Venice Beach being all touristy and small town, amazed at the sight of people on bikes and walking dogs. Anamarie is not impressed because she sees dogs and bikes and homeless people all the time, making her a worldly traveler. Anamariebelieves her own hype, telling us her New York attitude makes her awesome. The girls walk in contrived groups of four and coincidentally run into each other on the boardwalk or whatever it's called at Venice Beach. I grew up going to the Ocean Cities of New Jersey and Maryland so it's a boardwalk. They annoyingly greet each other like long lost sorority sisters and immediately start getting harassed by the Taliban. Lucky for them, they live to see another day as it's not the Taliban but rather a Venice Beach icon named Harry Perry who just wants to play them some music and show them the way to their new digs. Turns out they are standing right in front of their shiny new glass house. Commence shrieking for next ten minutes as the ladies run around utterly euphoric at the sight of mediocre twinbeds and a bunch of Italian Vogue magazine covers. This is ridiculous for two reasons. 1. The only people who should be ecstatic with joy is Kayla because poor girl slept in a sleeping bag until 13 and Kendal who just informed us of living in a mobile home. You know Jane's Ivy League ass is already on the phone with Daddy drawing up plans for construction of her own private wing of the house. 2. None of these girls will ever be on the cover of Italian Vogue. Ever. Period. As usual, Tyra has plastered her image all over the house as well. I will not screen capture this because that's exactly what the beast would want. Other features of the house include a runway in the living room and another room on the top level full of sand. While fun and interesting in theory, I feel as though the sand room's initial charm will wear off when the girls inevitably start drunk peeing in it after a Franzia Friday binge. Chris and Ann head to the roof for an impromptu girl chat session where Chris finds out Ann has a very specific type of man she wants to sink her claws into. Well, Ann, now I'm intrigued. Tell us more. Exactly how many hobos have you notched onto your bed post? I kid, Gasmii. Ann hasn't fucked 60 hobos. In fact, 60 is just her age limit for potential mates. See, that's perfectly normal. What's not normal, however, is that on top of being 60, he's got to be a fire-spitting warlock who can also make sushi. More bonding in another part of the house as Sara, Anamaria, and Jane sit on the beds and talk about weight issues. It seems Anamaria used to be "thicker" at 135 and now weighs 110 pounds. If bitch is measuring 5'7", that still puts her 13 pounds under the minimum weight for her body, and this isn't the short model cycle, so she's gotta be taller than that. In conclusion, Anamaria is too skinny and if she wasn't such an entitled twat, I'd offer her some of the Halloween candy I have sitting in a pumpkin shaped candy dish on my coffee table. Anamaria's explanation is that she is on a "calorie restricted" diet. You and your rib cage don't fool me. In these here parts, we call that anorexia. More getting to know each other and I'm ready for the photoshoots, hair, and make up to begin. Christ, girls. Don't you realize you have an entire season to bore us with your inanities and vapid melees? Kayla asks if there are any other gay people in the house and the answer appears to be no, though Kendal's wheels may be spinning. The first piece of Tyra Mail arrives and all the models squeal like tweens waiting for that shitstain Bieber to make an appearance. Don't worry, though. We'll get a cameo from another annoying tween star later in the episode. The mail cryptically informs the girls that their "rise to the top begins in Hollywood. Fuck off, Tyra." Well, it really says Love, Tyra, but since she seems to sever ties with every winner of every cycle, it may as well say fuck off. More screaming and I'm convinced now more than everthese girls are paid to act like morons. The challenge puts the group at the Hollywood and Highland Center where they link up with Jay and Miss J, who are both looking fabulous as per usual. Jay tells the girls they will be walking in a Diane Von Furstenberg runway show which is pretty awesome and a big name for a challenge so early on in the season. Miss J. tells them this season has raised the stakes even higher and directs their attention to the runway located four stories above their heads. And, you guessed it..shrieking ensues. Pardon my salty mood, Gasmii. It's just that between the meeting on the boardwalk, the big house reveal, the Tyra Mail and now this death trap runway, I'm all tapped out on squealing, screaming, and shrieks of any kind. I just want to see sexy Nigel, some pretty pictures, and a weepy chick eliminated. Is that so much to ask? The girls are given one hour to change and do their own hair and make up. Let the hot mess begin! A Top Model episode wouldn't be complete without a little product pimping so we get to hear how great this Instyler thing is which is a straightener, brush, hair curler thingamabob all in one. I saw an infomercial for it once and though amazed by the results, didn't buy it then. Which means having appear on a crappy reality show is also not going to make me buy it. Nice try Banks. Foiled again! As the primping continues, Sara tells us that she wasn't aware that they were going to be strapped to harnesses for their four story walk down the runway and if they fell, they just died. Jay pep talks the group as the prepare to take the runway but Chelsey seems preoccupied as she's probably hoping Ann doesn't mistake her for a mystic Sorcerer who shits fortune cookies. The Jays go out to introduce the show and it's time to do work. Ann is up first and before she takes off down the runway, she tells us that even though she is 6'2, it is ironic that she's afraid of heights. No Ann, that is not ironic. It's acrophobic and understandable but ironic it is not. Anyway, Ann sucks hard on the runway but I don't think ill of her as I lose my shit climbing a ladder. Lexie is next. Guys, I'm not feeling Lexie. Haley is probably relieved,because now she isn't the ugly one. Chelsey seems to understand it's a pretty big deal for their first runway show to involve Diane Von Furstenberg's name in any way and rocks the runway. I think she is definitely one to watch in this pack. Also, I'd just like to mention as one of my readers pointed out, Chelsey bears a striking resemblance to Sookie "Sook-eh" Stackhouse of True Blood fame. Chris doesn't get a voiceover and one on one with the camera prior to her walk so nothing significant to report here either. Anamaria is up next and lets us know that none of the other girls are even close to being competition for her. She glides down the runway and looks pretty despite her clavicle poking me in the eye. The whole thing would have gone off without a hitch if the bitch hadn't keeled over from lack of nutrients at the end of the runway. She played it off as tripping but I know better. Sara takes her turn and while I find Sara pretty ho hum in her confessionals, she always looks killer on the runway and pictures thus far. She is one that will definitely benefit from the makeover and will hopefully get rid of her 1989 Bill and Ted Wyld Stallyns stringy mall hair permanently. Nothing significant to mention for Jane, though her make up is a little Memoirs of a Geisha for me. Kacey is up next and apparently without her glasses, she is blind as a bat. Which is great for her as she is about to walk out onto a platform four stories high. Jay instructs her to use the pink lights on the runway as her guide and she nods along swimmingly. Kacey then informs the viewing audience that all the lines are blurred together. We may have our first Top Model death tonight folks. Against all odds, Kacey turns it out and does one of the best walks of the night. Rhianna goes next and does ok but the nagging little Chinese woman that lives inside my conscience wants to yell at her to get the hair out of her face. Liz's turn follows and Liz is starting to grow on me. I like her androgynous look. Esther walks after Liz and I'm just glad Esther's jubblies didn't propel over the edge. Terra walks next and looks as if she has soiled herself. Terra is probably unhooking her harness and planning a jump as Kendal walks after her and kills it. Kendal may be a small town semen hating gal but she's got some basic instinct when it comes to modeling and will probably do well for herself despite the outcome of this cycle. Kayla brings up the rear and tells us she was scared for her life. But she's not afraid of heights. She does some cheesy pointing at the end of the runway but since her personality is still so likeable, I give her a pass on the douchebaggeryness. The runway walking is over and Anamaria's synopsis is that everyone has a busted walk. Fuck. More Tyra Mail. This time the message reads, "Ever been bullied? I sure was. Let me tell you about the time they said my forehead was big and I'd never be successful. I showed them. I showed ALL of them. Anyway, get your bony asses ready and be prepared to spill your inner emotional pain so I can get you to cry on camera. Gotta love me, Tyra." The girls sit around discussing getting made of in school. Chelsey was made fun of for being pale. Kayla was severely tormented for her sexuality and Ann was constantly called a giant.Cheap EasyJoke Time. The girls take a bus to Smashbox studios where they are greeted by Jay, the fairest maiden in all the land. Jay tells them the focus of the day will be on teen bullying and his shirt depicts what he was bullied for in high school. JayClark Kent's us, ripping off his Band Geek shirt and reveals his true persona underneath. I got it now! The girls will be posing in bikinis today and having their hurtful word painted on their body along with a word that strengthens them and kick's their hurtful word's ass. Today's photographer is Deborah Anderson and to her credit, it appears that she has photographed some pretty famous mugs like George Clooney and Elton John to name a few. I seriously want to know who Tyra blew to get all these people on her show this season. Hair and make up starts and Lexie observes that Anamaria is emaciated. I observe that Anamaria bears more than a striking resemblance to a one meat-wearing pop princess. Tyra shows up to receive her daily worship fest from her chosen minions. She blathers on about having a big forehead for the 10,634th time and her sob story is skating on paper thin ice. If I were her, I'd be more concerned about my tank ass and fly me home arms than my forehead which appears to be a normal size as of late. She reveals that her shirt underneath says Narcissist and lets the girls kiss her ass for awhile. Then she prompts them for the names they were bullied with. Better than dick sucking lips that my still jock minded guy friends call the same feature. Tyra pegs Ann next and asks her the last time she cried about it. Ann says high school even though homegirl is about to lose her shit in the next three seconds. Ann, being a giant is awesome. You get to look at the top of everyone's heads, save cats out of trees, and have very good odds of giving birth to a meal ticket NBA star. Cheer up. And in my favorite scene from the night, hairstylist Damien Carney tells whoever he is working on to STFU because big hair is what she is getting and sprays half a can of something onto her head. I want him to be my BFF immediately. First up with her demeaning words and enormous fun bags is Esther. Esther does well but she loses points for lack of originality on her bullying and power words. Weirdo? Really? My parents used to call me that when I insisted on wearing my socks inside out. Rhianna goes next and has a heart to heart with Tyra revealing that a teacher once called her stupid. Well, as far as list of idiotic and gross things to do as a teacher, calling your students stupid is just a step above seducing and sleeping with them. Lexie's turn to pose and methinks that if Elf Ears is the worst you were called in high school, you were probably busy giving BJs to the football players after games. I highly doubt Lexie is a victim of bullying and actually seems capable of a little bullying herself. Side note: Lexie seriously reaps the benefits of professional hair and makeup tenfold. Chelsey is next. Chelsey, you were never made fun of in high school. You've been modeling for years. Now, I kind of like your personality so just own the fact that you've been gorgeous since birth and leave me alone. Kacey is up next. Gotta run to the kitchen and grab a snack. In between all these pictures, Tyra has time to sit down with Kayla and find out that Kayla's bullying word is queer. I can almost see how physically pained Kayla is to say this word and I'd be able to take the whole thing a lot more seriously if Kayla didn't say "Like" every other word in between squeaking her second syllables. In a nutshell, I hope she achieves long term happiness but find her outlook dismal seeing as she is currently starring on the 15th cycle of Tyranian Gladiators. Kendal's picture time and I'd just like to say Kendal's bullying word would be taken as a compliment if ever bestowed upon my decidedly unlanky frame. Girls, the grass is not always greener. Jane's bully word is big face and chooses big square head as her power word. Jane may be in the midst of an ivy league education but I'm not sure if she understood the concept of this challenge. Big square head doesn't really seem that much better than big face and now I am losing a battle of wanting to call her SpongeJane Squarehead for the rest of the recaps. Terra poses after Jane and is decidedly terrible. She knows it too and has a complete meltdown. I blame Deborah. Nigel would never let this happen on his watch. Liz is up next and kicks butt. Liz is definitely beginning to stand out for me, along with Chelsey and Kendal. I also love those mixed races too, seeing as I am one. Never claimed to be unbiased. Sara is tagged as manly and changes it to athletic. I'm meh on Sara so let's just get to her picture. Meh is above the hatred of Sara and her rapping last episode so at least she's moving in the right direction. Ann joins Lexie's club of girls that should value the invention of make up. Ann cleans up well and I'm hoping that her chompers along with her face and hair get a little lift because if so, she could be a sleeper finalist in this whole competition. Chris follows Ann and Chris joins Kendal's club of bullying words that P-Baby considers complimentary. Maybe if Anamaria would quit making clothing out of her food and actually eat it, she would be so motherfucking skinny. Kayla finally faces her bullying word of queer and nails her picture. So between the sleeping bag and the queer bullying, Kayla officially wins the sympathy vote. The photoshoot comes to a close and as the ladies are standing around waiting to be shooed off to another location, who should appear but...Demi Lovato? She babbles about her platform being teen bullying and that she used to be called a slut. Well, lady, next time try not whoring around with a Jonas Brother and maybe that slut calling will be reserved for your other Disney brethren. Transition to the panel and guess who I've finally laid my bedroom eyes upon? None other than noted fashion photographer and P-Baby sex slaved Nigel Barker! Swoon. Tyra has decided to once again spare us from the crazy and busted out another little black number for the elimination festivities. Tyra introduces the panel of judges. Here they are in no particular order: Diane is so happy and enthusiastic to be there and is definitely invited to hang out with me, hairdresser Damien, the Js and sexy Nigel whenever she wants. In fact, everyone is invited except you know who. Tyra reviews the prizes but I pretty much just want to see the pictures and call it a night. Let's get to it. Lexie: Guys, I don't know what is happening but somehow Lexie goes from being just horrendous in person to gorgeous on film. It's like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry had that girlfriend who was really pretty in certain lighting and just terrible when the lighting changed. I guess only time will tell with this particular brand of hose beast. Oh, the judges like her picture too. Kacey: Kacey is pretty enough but the judges think that rather than a model, she just looks like an athlete that is gorgeous. I may be in the minority here, but I think I'd rather be that gorgeous athlete. I'd have lots of money, a bunch of sweet work out clothes, probably some hot athlete boyfriends and best of all, I could actually eat food. Jane: Andre is excited by Jane's face and it appears she has some of the most natural potential. She's just got to take it to the next level, whatever that means. Kayla: Kayla's picture is gorgeous and she squeaks out another explanation about how hard it was being called queer. She cries again too which is beginning to become tiresome but she's had a hard life and has one more episode to pull herself together. Liz: The judges all like Liz in person but think her photos could stand for a little improvement. Overall, good marks for Liz. She better stay away from Nigel. Esther: Esther looks sexy by default because of her ears (haha, just kidding) and the judges let her know as much. Hey Esther, make my man bat his eyes again at your G's and your ass is grass. My A's will take your G's any day of the week. Kendal: Everyone thinks Kendal is fabulous in person and better than her picture. Diane says she would book Kendal instantly for a fashion show which is a huge compliment. That Kendal is definitely going places. Sara: Sara's picture kind of sucks and her hand placement is terrible. Speaking frankly, Sara is just filler and will probably be gone in the next 3 or 4 episodes. Goodbye Sara, we hardly knew ye. Terra Terra's picture isn't terrible considering the meltdown we witnessed. Tyra gives a few valid pointers that would have improved her photo but see Sara above for Terra's inevitable fate. Chris: Chris's picture is better than Terra's but the judges want to see her commit more to her pictures. Filler ala Sara and Terra. Chelsey: Surprise, surprise. Chelsey's picture is great. Next. Rhianna: Well, Posey McPoserson from the premiere lost her fire as her photo turned out less than stellar. Hopefully she'll get it back as she is intriguing to look at. Anamaria: Anamaria's best shot was chosen because her skeletor body was hidden. Anamaria doesn't want to hear what the supermodel, elite designer, Vogue head honcho, and noted fashion photographer have to say. She thinks she looks great and wants to see her abs in the mirror. Those aren't abs, girlfriend. Those are ribs. Enough said. Give this girl a pizza and send her on her way. Ann: Solid picture and kind of looks like a 70's European model, like Andre suggests. I wish Ann well in her future endeavors, and while I think she could benefit from a few Hostess Cupcakes, I don't think her weightis forced as say, Anamaria and her "calorie restricted" diet. So, after intense deliberation and Diane being her wonderfulself, Ann wins best photo followed by Kayla. I kind of like seeing these underdog girls come out on top. No, P-Baby! Don't get sucked in! Anyway, the final two standing are Terra and Anamaria with Anamaria given the heave ho because she only weighs two pounds and was easier to throw out the window. Good riddance, Anamaria. We've got bigger fish to fry anyway. Next week, Christmas comes early in the form of....MAKEOVERS!!! >
Kacey Jordan Interview Video - Reveals all!
What went down at Charlie Sheen's house between the actor and a bunch of porn stars? Let's ask one: Kacey Jordan, seen here.
CumFiesta Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan - Good times Added: October 19, 2010 The cum fiesta welcomes Kaciy over today. Shes a pretty skinny girl with a hell of a surprise down stairs. This lil firecracker has one BIG taco that Jmac is more than willing to pound away at. Dont miss out on this one, its hot. Hotfile: Sharingmatrix: Netload:
Kacey Barnfields Nudity Shocks the Croc in Lake Placid 3 Pics
The incredibly hot Brit actress Kacey Barnfield, whom some of my UK audience may recognise as Neil's sexy older sister in the brilliant E4 comedy series 'The Inbetweeners', is certainly making her stamp in the horror relam of late. She recently played Crystal in zombie sequel 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' but not before getting down right and dirty in some fully frontal nude scenes in new croc-attack sequel 'Lake Placid 3'. Griff Hurst's made for TV follow-up stars Yancy Butler, Colin Ferguson, Mark Evans and Michael Ironside. You can check out Barnfield in all her topless glory as well as a swee
Jenna Haze - Biography and movies
Jenna Haze Jenna Haze (born February 22, 1982) is an American pornographic actress. She entered the adult film industry in 2001 at the age of 19. Between 2002 and 2005, she was a contract girl for the film company Jill Kelly Productions. During most of her time at the company, she performed exclusively with women, out of loyalty to her then boyfriend, an industry cameraman. She returned to working with men in the 2006 multi-award winning release Jenna Haze Darkside, produced by Jules Jordan. Haze herself has won numerous adult industry awards, including the 2003 AVN Award for Best New Starlet and the 2009 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year. Film career Haze's first scene was for The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8 with her agent Slim Shady (Dez) and his best friend, Moorehead. It was intended to only be an oral scene, but in the heat of the moment she had intercourse with both. The next day she shot a scene with Miles Long in Joey Silvera's Service Animals 4. A few months later, she realized that she did not need an agent and started to represent herself. For just over a month, Haze dated Simon Dope from the nu metal band Dope. They met in 2002 on the set of Taste of a Woman, her first feature film and her first lead. She briefly followed his band on tour until the relationship ended. In February 2002, Haze appeared in a scene for Jill Kelly Productions (JKP), directed by Jill Kelly herself. Kelly was impressed by her performance and JKP offered Haze an exclusive performing contract. This was soon followed by offers from other companies, but in April 2002 Haze decided to sign with JKP, as they offered the extra flexibility she needed to make money and build her career. The company to her was more than just a business, but a family too. She also enjoyed the idea of having a group of girls around her and working for a company run by a woman. Soon after signing with JKP, she formed a serious relationship with an industry cameraman and began a three-year period of performing exclusively with women. At the 2003 AVN Awards ceremony, Haze was named Best New Starlet and her masturbation scene in Big Bottom Sadie was awarded Best Solo Sex Scene. In 2004, she appeared on the HBO show Pornucopia, a six-part documentary on the pornography industry in California. Haze became a free agent in April 2005, after deciding not to renew her contract with JKP, partly because Jill Kelly had recently left the company. After leaving JKP and splitting with her boyfriend, Haze returned to working with male performers. The April 2006 release Jenna Haze Darkside featured her first boy-girl scenes in over three years, along with her first interracial scene with Mr. Marcus. The film was produced and directed by her new boyfriend Jules Jordan. Later in the year, she began writing a sex advice column for the pornographic magazine, Fox. She also started feature dancing, represented by the agency Lee Network. The first achievement in her feature dancing career was a nomination for Best Feature Entertainer at the 2007 Night Moves Awards. Her film work was also rewarded in 2007, with AVN Awards for Best Oral Sex Scene (Video) and Best Group Sex Scene (Video), as well as a nomination for Female Performer of the Year. In April 2007, Jenna Haze Oil Orgy became the first adult movie to be released on Blu-ray format. Meanwhile, in the same month, her official website was launched by Premium Multimedia. In the 2007 mainstream comedy film, Superbad, Haze made a short appearance in the role of Vagtastic Voyage Girl #2. She was also among the adult stars featured in the erotic photography book Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry, published in November 2007. The special edition of the book included a fine art photograph of Haze signed by the photographer Michael Grecco. In January 2008, her scene with Manuel Ferrara in Evil Anal 2 won the AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene (Video). In August 2008, Haze achieved the first feature dancing award of her career winning Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year in the 11th annual Adult Nightclub and Exotic Dancer Awards. On January 10, 2009, Haze and Belladonna hosted the 2009 AVN Awards, and Haze won Female Performer of the Year. Haze made a short appearance in the action/thriller film Crank: High Voltage as a porn star on strike. more on Wikipedia Videos: Jenna Haze: Amazing Small Ass Jenna Haze Gets Her Ass DE-STROYED JENNA HAZE - The Blush Exclusive Interview! Filmography: Bad Girls 3 (2010) Monster Dicks for Young Chicks 6 (2010) Meow! (2010) Sexual Blacktivity 2 (2010) This Isn't The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - The XXX Parody (2010) Naughty Book Worms 19 (2010) Rebel Girl (2010) Teachers (2009) Sunny's Slumber Party (2009) Spin the Bottle (2009) This Ain't Star Trek XXX (2009) Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze (2009) The Office: A XXX Parody (2009) Teagan vs Jenna (2009) The Brother Load (2009) It's a Secretary Thing! 2 (2009) The F!ve (2009) Top Ten 2 (2009) This Isn't Twilight: The XXX Parody (2009) Pornstar Workout (2009) Performers of the Year 2010 (2009) Cum-Spoiled Sluts (2009) Anal Academics (2009) Rawhide 2: Dirty Deeds (2009) My Dad's Hot Girlfriend (2009) Glamour Girls (2009) Naughty Nanny 2 (2009) Pump My Ass Full of Cum 2 (2009) Fly Girls (2009) Sexual Blacktivity (2009) Cum-Spoiled Brats (2009) This Isn't 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon': The XXX Parody (2009) Girl Crazy (2009) Suck It Dry 6 (2009) Addicted 5 (2008) This Ain't the Munsters XXX (2008) Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (2008) Fallen (2008) Not Bewitched XXX (2008) Cums in Her Mouth Not in Her Hands (2008) Cheaters Caught or Not (2008) Fantasy All-Stars 8 (2008) Addicted 4 (2008) Ass Stretchers POV (2008) Full Streams Ahead (2008) Watch Your Back (2008) Bet Your Ass 6 (2008) Pretty as They Cum (2008) Alexis Texas Is Buttwoman (2008) No Swallowing Allowed 15 (2008) Fetish Fucks 2 (2008) Control 10 (2008) Apprentass 8 (2008) Top Shelf (2008) Open Ended (2008) Cum Buckets! 8 (2008) Jenna vs. Courtney (2008) Gape Lovers 3 (2008) Secretary's Day 2 (2008) Sporty Girls (2008) Performers of the Year 2009 (2008) Slutty & Sluttier 5 (2008) Oil Overload (2008) Finger Licking Good: Volume 5 (2008) XXX Box (2008) Jenna Haze & Naomi: Battle of the Sluts (2008) Nurses (2008) Load Warriors (2008) Meet the Fuckers 8 (2008) Anal Asspirations 8 (2008) Anal Cavity Search 6 (2008) The Creamery 3 (2008) Spunk'd 8 (2008) Stoya: Atomic Tease (2008) Massive Facials (2008) Jesse Jane: Kiss Kiss (2008) Evil Pink 4 (2008) Teagan: Video Nasty (2008) Flying Solo (2008) POV Cock Suckers 8 (2008) Pure Sextacy 3 (2008) Operation: Desert Stormy (2007) Fantasy All-Stars #5 (2007) The Predator (2007) Broken (2007) Fantasy All-Stars 4 (2007) Apprentass 7 (2007) Playgirl: Heavenly Heat (2007) Kick Ass Chicks 48: Brunettes (2007) Hand to Mouth 5 (2007) Spunk'd 7 (2007) Real Female Orgasms 7 (2007) Bikini-Clad Cum Sluts (2007) Screen Dreams (2007) Celebusluts (2007) Girls Will Be Girls (2007) Suck It Dry 4 (2007) Control 8 (2007) Big Wet Asses 12 (2007) Pussy Cats 2 (2007) Filth Cums First 3 (2007) Face Invaders 2 (2007) DreamGirlz (2007) Gobble the Goop 3 (2007) Lex the Impaler 3 (2007) Evilution 3 (2007) 1 on 1 (2007) Ass Stretchers POV (2007) P.O.V. 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Americas Next Top Model Karolina Kurkova | - American Idol, Reality TV, pop culture, Dancing with the Stars. Results, Fans, Spoilers, Video, MP3, Pictures | Americas Next Top Model Karolina Kurkova Highlights: - The girls do some bonding with some Q&A with each other courtesy of Kacey (who everyone hates) - The 2nd street tunnel in L.A. is closed for the challenge shoot with the male models again (!) on conveyor belts (!) in heels. - Kacey won the challenge. Hmmm. Im beginning to hate her. LOL She won jewelry. - Karolina Kurkova visits the model house and makes the girls some smoothies. You are what you eat. - Kacey and Lexie are fighting in the house, then Liz gets pissed off at Kacey. Haha. Poor Kacey. Photo Shoot with Mexican Wrestlers! Oh no, Ann breaks down under the pressure of three straight best pictures. Oh well. However she took a stunning picture! The other great pics were from Chris and Kayla. Results: Ann wins best picture four times in a row! WOW! Go Ann! Chris was runner up best picture. And the girl no longer in the running to be Americas Next Top Model is: Lexie. Boo. I wanted the Kacey vs. Lexie fued to continue.
Baby Girl on the Way for Mike Eli
Mike Eli, lead singer of the Eli Young Band, has been the first of his bandmates down the path of love, marriage — and now baby carriage. Eli and wife Kacey — who celebrate their second anniversary Tuesday — found out the good news on New ...
Mike Eli Baby News: Eli Young Band Frontman to Be a Dad!
"[Kacey] and her mom got me a couple books that I am reading ... But it's a pack we're guessing will expand soon, given the guys are all settled down now. "We've been on the road for so long and love playing shows, but I think all four of ...
Lady Tiger golf earns state-qualifying leg, boys 4th at Alamo Invite
"I was real pleased with Kacey. She had a couple of hiccups, but finished the round strong," Alamogordo head coach Tommy Standefer said. "And she's going to get better, it was up and down (for her) today. It wasn't real smooth, but that's fine.
Lady Cougars roar
and were promptly sent to the outfield for a single and a double by Cecilia's Taylor Fontenot and Kacey Latiolais. But Arceneaux settled down, getting a called third strike and a fly-out to escape the inning. She was not seriously threatened ...
Supernatural' Recap: Castiel Returns And Sam Breaks Down In 'The Born-Again Identity
Still, even with his organs failing, his nails breaking and his hair falling out from sleep deprivation, Sam's first instinct was to help a fellow patient, Marin (sympathetically played by the excellent Kacey Rohl ... somewhere down the line -- though ...
STM, Cecilia battle for top spot
Neither one, though, is concerned about being bogged down with details. They're too busy chasing ... Champagne is starting four freshmen, including second baseman Kacey Latiolais and shortstop JeanneMarie Angelle. "She (Angelle) played third ...
Anderson wins Small School Cubs Classic; Cheridan Hawkins strikes out 104 batters over two days
Cleanup hitter Chelsey Holley then ripped a double on the ground down the left-field line, scoring Hawkins and giving the Cubs a two-run cushion. Holley was caught stealing at third, and Kacey Pokorny struck out to end the inning. The Cubs ...
Smiley's slam lifts Johnston City over Anna-Jonesboro
Teammate Kacey Pogue gets some of the credit for making it happen ... After a fielder’s choice cut down pinch-runner Kelsie Nagrodski at the plate, Smiley jumped all over a 2-0 pitch down and in, lofting it into the barren trees way above the left ...
Too many siblings for Sisters & Brothers
On to (3): Sarah (Kacey Rohl) is an angst-ridden teen with zero respect for ... Ratner touchingly captures the schizophrenic’s constant Sisyphean struggle up into self-awareness and back down into utter turmoil. As he does, the ever-patient Louise ...
Five-run sixth sends Lakeshore to victory
Kacey Freeman singled to put runners on first-and-second ... I honestly didn’t know it was over the fence until I heard coach (Paul) Beebe scream, yell and jump up-and-down,” Hernandez said. On the mound, Hernandez allowed three runs, while scattering ...
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and Honey Edwards (Kacey Ainsworth and Emma Barton ), and sees the birth of his children, Janet (who has Down's syndrome ) and William . ...
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two failed marriages and having a daughter born with Down's syndrome . ... Morgan (Kacey Ainsworth ), his business partner in a cleaning company. ...
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(Jessie Wallace ), Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth ), and Zoe (Michelle ... they've had their ups and downs, Kat deeply regrets pushing Charlie away. ...
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